Programma “Cortona Procarioti” 15

Programma “Cortona Procarioti”
15-17 maggio 2014
Giovedì 15/5/2014
14.00 Applied and environmental Microbiology
Filomena Sannino (Univ Federico II)
Volatile organic compounds from a marine Antarctic bacterium:
development of a novel capture and identification strategy
Gennaro Apuzzo (Univ Federico II)
New alkaline lipase from cold adapted bacteria
Lucia Cimarelli (Univ Camerino)
Detection of potentially toxic Amphora coffeaeformis
Francesca Mapelli (Univ Milano)
Unravelling geosphere-biosphere interactions in volcanic lakes
Carolina Chiellini (CRA-ABP Firenze)
Genomic and high-throughput phenotypical characterization of the
electroactive bacteria Enterobacter sp. EAN3
15.30 Coffee break
16.00 Environmental Microbiology and cross-species interactions
Giulia Spini (Univ Firenze)
Phenomics of the symbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacterium Sinorhizobium
meliloti in response to plant flavonoid luteolin
Claudia Colzi (CRA-ABP Firenze)
Biofumigation against the Meloidogyne incognita infestation of tomato:
impacts on the structure of soil microbial communities
Elena Crotti (Univ Milano)
The potential of bacterial contribution to the physiology of a woodboring insect
Sarah Zecchin (Univ Milano)
Microbial arsenic cycle in rice rhizosphere in relation to water
Stefania Arioli (Univ Milano)
Cooperation between species in the consortium yogurt is affected by
modulation of intracellular pH driven by urease of Streptococcus
Giovanni Emiliani (Univ Firenze)
Living inside plants: structure and functions of endophytic bacterial
communities from medicinal herbs in the search for novel bioactive
17.45 Keynote Lecture 1:
Lenie Dijkshoorn (Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands)
Developments in the study of Acinetobacter, a multifaceted group of organisms
Venerdì 16/5/2014
9.00 Keynote Lecture 2:
Iñigo Lasa (University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain)
Transcription overlapping mediated gene regulation in Staphylococcus aureus
10.00 Functional genomics (Part 1)
Marco Fondi (Univ Firenze)
Reconstruction and modelling of Pseudoalteromonas haloplanktis TAC125's
metabolism: insights into metabolic adaptation to low temperature
Stefano Mocali (CRA-ABP Firenze)
The metabolic profile of Antarctic Pseudoalteromonas TAC125 and TB41
strains at different temperatures through phenotype microarray analysis
Fabio Battini (Univ Pisa)
Molecular diversity of bacterial communities associated with spores of
Glomeromycota isolated from different geographic areas
Matteo Prayer Galletti (LENS-Firenze) Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization (FISH) with single molecule sensitivity in
11.00 Coffee break
11.30 Functional genomics (Part 2)
Elena Perrin (Univ Firenze)
From genome to phenome and back: understanding the high metabolic
versatility of Burkholderia cepacia complex
Giovanni Bacci (Univ Firenze)
Composition and dynamics of the soil pan-bacteriome in mesocosms treated
with cadmium
Simone Puccio (ITB-CNR, Milano)
Comparison of two different computational methods for the prediction of
new E. coli ncRNAs from directional RNA sequencing data
Francesco Santoro (Univ Siena)
Transposon Attachment site (attTn) and Bacterial Attachment Site (attB) of
ICE Tn5253
Emanuele Bosi (Univ Firenze)
Comparative metabolic reconstruction and modeling of multiple
Staphylococcus aureus strains: putative novel drug targets and evolutionary
Lunch break
Molecular microbiology of bacterial pathogens
Andrea Vannini (Univ Bologna)
Blueprinting the Helicobacter pylori transcriptional regulatory network
Sara Carloni (Univ Milano)
Involvement of small RNAs in the regulation of virulence traits in
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Silvia Ferrara (Univ Milano)
Post-transcriptional regulation of the virulence-associated enzyme AlgC by
the novel σ22 (AlgU/T)-dependent small RNA ErsA of Pseudomonas
Roslen Bondi (Univ Roma Tre)
Characterization of the incoherent feedforward loop governing quorum
sensing in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Barbara Sciandrone (Univ Milano)
Identification of new RNA Thermometers in Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
Pamela di Pasquale (Univ Napoli)
Mycobacterium tuberculosis: investigation of the adaptive response
Andrea Castagnetti (Novartis Vaccines) Involvement of a type IV secretion system in bacterial conjugation among
Coffee break
16.30 Biology and genetics of antibiotic producers
Giuseppe Gallo (Univ Palermo)
Unravelling molecular physiology of the lantibiotic producer Microbispora sp.
ATCC‐PTA‐5024 by differential proteomics
Elisa Binda (Univ Insubria)
Mechanism of self-resistance in the glycopeptide antibiotic producer
Nonomuraea sp. ATCC 39727
Pietro Tedesco (Univ Napoli)
Microorganisms from Tibetan Glaciers as source of novel drugs
Carla Palumbo (Univ Salento)
Comparative genomics revealed key molecular targets to rapidly convert a
reference rifamycin-producing bacterial strain into an overproducer by
genetic engineering
Daniela Pasanisi (Univ Salento)
Molecular mechanisms underlying the metabolic and morphological
differentiation in Nonomuraea sp. ATCC 39727
Annalisa Pisciotta(Univ Palermo)
Streptomyces coelicolor: DNA methylation and differentiation
Emilia Palazzotto
(Univ Palermo/Camerino)
A small protein modulates tryptophan metabolism in Streptomyces coelicolor
Sabato 17/5/2014
9.00 Bacterial pathogenicity and antimicrobials
Serafina Guadagnolo (Univ Siena)
Native Outer Membrane Vesicles as powerful vaccine platform
Stefano Travaglino (Univ Pavia)
Studies on the antitubercular drug target MmpL3 and its gene locus
Isabel Maida (Univ Firenze)
Fighting Burkholderia cepacia complex strains using essential oils from
medicinal plants
Gabiria Pastore (Univ Sannio)
Characterization of Rifampicin-resistant mutants in Neisseria meningitidis
clinical isolate
Marco Messina (Univ Roma Tre)
Development of a biosensor for the high‐throughput screening of
anti‐biofilm drugs
Adelfia Talà (Univ Salento)
Serogroup-specific interaction of Neisseria meningitidis capsular
polysaccharide with host cell microtubules and effects on tubulin
Coffee break
11.00 Molecular Microbiology and Microbial Genetics
Giulia Sbarufatti (Univ Milano)
Involvement of E. coli PNPase in recombination and DNA damage repair
Francesca De Maria (Univ Napoli)
Analyses of methylation stress in Escherichia coli
Giuditta Annibaldis (Univ MI-Bicocca) Understanding the role of AsmA and YfgC proteins in the outer membrane
biogenesis in Escherichia coli
Elio Rossi (Univ Milano)
Effects of mutations in genes belonging to the sulphate assimilation pathway
on production of extracellular structures in E. coli
Mattia Benedet (Univ Milano)
Characterization of the lipopolysaccharide transport machinery using an
Escherichia coli/Pseudomonas aeruginosa hybrid system