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31 October 2014
Fondazione Rosselli
Corso Giulio Cesare 4 bis/b
h. 14.20 - 19.30
Workshop of the International Herbert A. Simon Society
Multidimensional Subjective Well-Being
h. 14.20-14.30
Welcoming remarks
Massimo Egidi
(Co-President Herbert Simon Society, and LUISS, Roma)
h. 14.30-14.40
Arthur Stone
(University of Southern California, Los Angeles; Member of the High Level Expert Group on the
Measurement of Economic Performance and Social Progress of OECD)
h. 14.40-15.10
Key speech
(Mis-) Predicted Subjective Well-Being Following Life Events
Alois Stutzer and Reto Odermatt
(University of Basel)
h. 15.30-17.30
Parallel sessions 1
Well-being and its different dimensions (Sala Carlo Rosselli – ground floor)
Leonardo Becchetti, Luisa Corrado, & Maurizio Fiaschetti (Univ. Roma Tor Vergata):
The heterogeneity of wellbeing “expenditure” preferences: evidence from a simulated allocation
choice on the BES indicators
Luca Stanca (Univ. Milano-Bicocca):
The Geography of Happiness: Understanding Cross-Country Heterogeneity in the Determinants of
Conchita D’Ambrosio (Univ. of Luxembourg), Simone Ghislandi (Univ. L. Bocconi, Milano) &
Andrew Clark (Paris School of Economics-CNRS):
Adaptation to Poverty in Long-Run Panel Data
Sustainability, emotions and rationality (Sala Norberto Bobbio - 2nd floor)
Anton Fadin (Zeppelin University, Friedrichshafen. Germany):
The case for reframing sustainability around the concept of human dignity
Nicolao Bonini, Michele Graffeo, Konstantinos Hadjichristidis &
Valentina Perrotta (Univ. Trento):
Peripheral cues and pro-environmental behavior
Andrea Pozzali (Università Europea di Roma):
Emotions and rationality: conflicting, cooperating, or what?
Davide Achille Cecchini (MA graduate in Philosophy and Forms of Knowledge, Univ of Pisa):
Fair Enough: the Satisficing Threshold of the Ultimatum Game. An Analysis of the Ultimatum
Game under the Prospect Theory Framework compared to Experimental Results
Family and Children (Sala Herbert Simon - 2nd floor)
Letizia Mencarini, Marco Le Moglie (Univ.Torino) & Chiara Rapallini (Univ. Firenze):
Is it just a matter of personality? On the role of life satisfaction in childbearing behavior
Francesca Luppi (Collegio Carlo Alberto) & Letizia Mencarini (Univ. Torino):
When the first baby arrives and the second loses chance. Couples’ adjustment to parenthood and
fertility expectations after the first child
Tatiana Karabchuk (National Research Univ. Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia):
Career VS Children: the effects of institutional background on females’ subjective well-being
across Europe
h. 17.30-18.00
Coffee break
h. 18.00- 19.30
Parallel sessions 2
Well-being and gender (Sala Carlo Rosselli – ground floor)
Giulia Greco (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine):
Setting the weights: developing a multidimensional index of subjective wellbeing for women in rural
Paola Iannello & Daniela Villani (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milano):
A Preliminary Investigation About The Relationship Between Psychological Well-Being And
Fertility Status Across The Menstrual Cycle
Anna Maccagnan, Maria Laura Di Tommaso (Univ. Torino), & Tindara Addabbo (Univ.
Modena e Reggio Emilia):
Education capability: a focus on gender and science
Capabilities (Sala Norberto Bobbio - 2nd floor)
Sibylla Verdi Hughes (Univ. Padova) & Davide Pietroni (Univ. Chieti):
Nudge to the future: Capitalizing on cognitive and affective heuristics to foster a long term outlook
in order to improve personal and collective well-being.
Cecilia Boggio & Elsa Fornero (Univ. Torino):
Seven Ways to “Knit” Your Portfolio: Is Investor Communication Neutral?
Job van Exel, Werner Brower, & Willem van der Deijl (Erasmus University of Rotterdam):
What constitutes well-being? Eight views on “the good life” of people from the Netherlands
Trust and cooperation (Sala Herbert Simon - 2nd floor)
Maria Lissowska (Warsaw School of Economics):
The deficit of cooperative attitudes and trust in post-transition economies
Pierluigi Conzo (Univ. Torino):
Trust and Cheating in Sri Lanka: The Role of Experimentally-Induced Emotions about Tsunami1
Arianna Dal Forno & Ugo Merlone (Univ. Torino):
Envy management in supervised work groups
International Herbert A. Simon Society
The Herbert Simon Society brings together cognitive scientists, economists, social scientists and
philosophers aiming to renew the fundamental concepts of rationality and social action. Starting from
the seminal work of Herbert Simon in economics, psychology, computer science, organizational
theory, philosophy of science, the HSS wishes to tackle the current debate about the crisis of economic
rationality, the alternative architectures of mind, the mind-brain relations and the simulation of
Kenneth Arrow (Stanford Univ.); Mie Augier (Stanford Univ.); William Baumol (New York
Univ.); Philip Bromiley (Univ. of Minnesota); Richard Day (Univ. of Southern California);
Giovanni Dosi (Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa); Peter Earl (Univ. of Queensland);
Massimo Egidi (LUISS, Rome); Edward Feigenbaum (Stanford Univ.); Shane Frederick
(Massachusetts Institute of Technology); Gerd Gigerenzer (Max Planck Institute for Human
Development, Berlin); Yuji Ijiri (Carnegie Mellon Univ.); Daniel Kahneman (Princeton Univ.);
David Klahr (Carnegie Mellon Univ.); Kenneth Kotovsky (Carnegie Mellon Univ.); Pat Langley
(Stanford Univ.); Axel Leijonhufvud (Univ. of Trento); Brian Loasby (Univ. of Stirling); James
March (Stanford Univ.); Luigi Marengo (Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa, Italy);
Pamela McCorduck; Richard Nelson (Columbia Univ.); Joseph Pitt (Virginia Polytechnic
Institute); Roy Radner (New York Univ.); Reinhard Selten (Univ. of Bonn); Katherine Simon
Frank (Univ. of Minnesota); Vernon Smith (George Mason Univ.); James J. Staszewski
(Carnegie Mellon Univ., Pittsburgh); Shyam Sunder (Yale School of Management); Raul ValdesPerez (Vivisimo, Inc.); Riccardo Viale (Fondazione Rosselli, Torino, and Scuola Nazionale
dell’Amministrazione, Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri, Roma, Italy)
CO-PRESIDENTS: Jean Paul Fitoussi (Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris) and Massimo Egidi
(LUISS; Rome)
VICEPRESIDENT : Katherine Simon Frank (University of Minnesota)
EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Giovanni Dosi (Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa);
Richard Nelson (Columbia University); Roy Radner (New York University); Oliver Williamson
(University of California Berkeley, Nobel Prize for Economics in 2009)
GENERAL SECRETARY: Riccardo Viale (Fondazione Rosselli, Torino, and Scuola Nazionale
dell’Amministrazione, Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri, Roma, Italy)
DEPUTY GENERAL SECRETARY: Marco Novarese (Università del Piemonte Orientale
Amedeo Avogadro)
Corso Giulio Cesare 4bis/b – 10152 Torino – Italy
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