Bipolar Disorder

Current practice and pathways
for people with a diagnosis of
Bipolar Disorder
A service user perspective
July 2013
 To emphasise some of the key challenges in
developing effective pathways
 To illustrate with service user experiences
 To consider potential solutions
 To learn from those who’ve been through it
 To marvel at their resilience, inventiveness and
Thanks to:• All who have accessed our services
• Lizzie, Valerie, Ruth and Annette
• Sandra George
• Jayne Eaton, Sue Robinson and the Bipolar
Disorder Team here at BSMHFT
• Spectrum colleagues – for furthering research
into helpful resources
Key messages from Lizzie’s story
Early signs and missed opportunities
Asking for help….and not getting it
Survival and coping
Treatments and recovery
Lizzie’s story
• GP’s – more awareness and access to
• Access to bespoke services
• Better knowledge within specialist mental
health care
• Enable service users to effect change
• Improve awareness of early signs within
schools and primary care