Whole Cloth Quilts

Whole Cloth Quilts
Woman’s Boutis 1790 Note: the blue cording inserted inbetween the stitching
One of the earliest known uses of quilting is armor. This campaign vest
from Japan dates from the late 16 century. Back has an appliqué
pawlonia flower.
Fireman's coat dating from the early 20th century. The layers of fabric
would be drenched with water before he began his work.
Sashiko, a style of
Japanese quilting, which
means “little stabs,” is a
unique combination of
quilting and embroidery.
Some patterns have
symbolic significance: the
hexagonal grid repeat
represents the shell of the
tortoise implying long life
and prosperity.
Fine needlework of quilts done in Bangladesh are known as Kanthas.
These quilts are created using simple running stitches and are rich with
the culture of life.
Petassouns were small lap quilts designed to cover and protect clothing while babies
were being fed and changed. This all white version was used for christening and other
special occasions. This Provencal quilt from France includes fine cording between the
stitches and adding tiny bits of additional stuffing through the linen back, as called
trapunto quilts.
Quilts from Wales typically have a central motif set in a series of
borders separated by a a row of quilting. This quilt using cotton sateen
is from 1933.
Quilts form Wales region can be easily distinguished. The designs are
generally more geometric and draw on a particular repertoire of motifs.
Detail of a quilt from Wales with elaborate stitching and featuring a
large cross motif.
Dating from 19th or beginning 20th century
The unique color of Amish Quilts is from hand dyeing the fabrics are
dyed using weeds, berries and bark. The quilting was done on frames
and was a communal activity.
Contemporary Whole Cloth
Dorothy Caldwell 1995
“Field Notes”
Dorothy Caldwell is a contemporary textile artist who integrates
historical work in modern context.
Barbara Todd 1995
“Overlay Deep Blues”
Michael James 1977
Sky I
Barbara Todd 1974
“Night Sky”
Elizabeth Gurrier1983
“The Ladies in the Garden” (trapunto quilt)
Her unusual sculptural quilts typically feature stylized human faces and
large scale floral motifs.
Pat Autenreith 1995
This quilt gives a modern twist to the depiction of the ancient Greek
myth of Icarus.
Martha Borders 1984-86
Best of show National Quilting Association 1986
Made in the spirit of Kantha Quilt
Lynn Setterington 2003
Dianne Firth 2003
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