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Jeopardy Review for Quiz
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Craft and
Craft and Structure– 10
What is the point of view
of The Pearl?
Craft and Structure– 20 Points
Steinbeck describes the news of Kino’s pearl traveling
through the town using a comparison. Read the
following excerpts below and then choose the word that
best describe the comparison?
“black distillate was like loneliness when love is
a) Simile
b) Metaphor
c) Symbolism
d) Characterization
Craft and Structure– 30 Points
In paragraph 2 of the Preface (“If this story is”), the speaker suggests that the
story may be a parable, meaning that…
“If this story is a parable , perhaps everyone takes his own meaning from it and
reads his own life into it” (pg 1).
(A) this story about Kino’s people is in the Bible
(B) the pearl is personified as an evil character
(C) the story teaches a lesson that we can apply to ourselves
(D) the narrative is a tragedy
(E) the story will have an anecdotal structure
Craft and Structure– 40 Points
The main purpose of the Preface before Chapter 1 is to…
“In the town they tell the story of the great pearl-how it was found and how it was
lost again. They tell of Kino, the fisherman, and of his wife, Juana, and of the
baby, Coyotito. And because the story has been told so often, it has taken root in
every man’s mind. And. As with all retold tales that are in people’s hearts, there
are only good and bad things and black and white things and good and evil things
and no in-between anywhere.
If this story is a parable , perhaps everyone takes his own meaning from it and
reads his own life into it” (pg 1).
Introduce the oral storytelling tradition of Kino’s people
explain why the pearl is lost
foreshadow evil in people’s hearts and minds
characterize Kino, the fisherman
emphasize the simple-mindedness of the people
Craft and Structure– 50 Points
In the paragraph that begins “Although the morning was young,” details that
support the theme of deceptive appearances include all of the following
“Although the morning was young, the hazy mirage was up. The uncertain air
that magnified some things and blotted out others hung over the Gulf so that all
sights were unreal and vision could not be trusted…A copper haze hung over
the water, and the hot morning sun beat on it and made it vibrate blindingly.”
(A) “the hazy mirage was up”
(B) “vision could not be trusted”
(C) “the hot morning sun beat on it”
(D) “The uncertain air that magnified some things and blotted out others”
(E) “A copper haze hung over the water”
Characters – 10 Points
Why does the Doctor finally come to see
the baby?
Characters – 20 Points
What are Kino’s plans for the pearl and
what do they say about him as a
Characters – 30 Points
Which quote is evidence of Juan Thomas’ opinion towards Kino
finding the pearl?
a.“But Kino and Juana did not know these things. Because they
were happy and excited they thought everyone shared their joy.
Juana Thomas and Apolonia did, they were the world too” (pg
b.“And Juan Thomas, who squatted on Kino’s right hand
because he was his brother, asked, ‘What will you do now that
you have become a rich man?’ (page 31).”
c.“The news swept on past the brush houses and it washed in a
foaming wave into the town of stone and plaster” (pg 28)
Characters – 40 Points
In the paragraph that begins “In his chamber the doctor,” the details about the
doctor, his meal, his room, and his longing for France reveal that the narrator views
the doctor as all of the following EXCEPT…
“In his chamber the doctor sat up in his high bed. He had on his dressing gown of
red watered silk that had come from Paris, a little tight over the chest now if it was
buttoned. On his lap a silver tray with a silver chocolate pot and a tiny cup of
eggshell china, so delicate that it looked silly when he lifted it with his big
(A) avarice
(B) vain
(C) obese
(D) skilled
(E) hypocritical
Characters – 50 Points
How does the socio-economic status of
Kino’s people effect their lifestyle?
Events – 10 Points
What is the exposition of
the novel?
Events – 20 Points
In the conversation between the doctor and his servant beginning “Have I
nothing better to,” the doctor’s remark that he is “a doctor, not a veterinary”
reveals that
(A) he is too busy to cure animals
(B) he sees the native people as animals
(C) he is a veterinary, not a doctor
(D) he requires an appointment
(E) veterinarians treat scorpion bites
Events – 30 Points
In the paragraph that begins “Kino and Juana came slowly,” the canoe symbolizes…
“Kino and Juana came slowly down to the beach and to Kino’s canoe, which was the one thing
of value he owned in the world. It was very old. Kino’s grandfather had brought it from Nayarit,
and he had given it to Kino’s father, and so it had come to Kino. It was at once property and
source of food, for a man with a boat can guarantee a woman that she will eat something. It is
the bulwark against starvation” (page 19).
I. the traditions of ancestors
II. the pride of ownership
III. the means to provide food
(A) I only
(B) II only
(C) III only
(D) I and II only
(E) I, II, and III
Events – 40 Points
All of the following details support Kino’s suspicion of the devious, greedy
nature of the doctor EXCEPT…
(A) “he could not take his eyes from the doctor’s open bag”
(B) “‘When I have sold my pearl I will pay you’”
(C) “The doctor looked surprised. ‘I had not heard of it [the pearl].’”
(D) “‘Perhaps you would like me to put it in my safe?’”
(E) “He knew the pearl would be buried in the house, and he thought Kino
might look toward the place where it was buried.”
Events – 50 Points
In the last paragraph of Chapter 1, Kino’s bloody split knuckles symbolize
(A) the uncivilized nature of his people
(B) the foolishness of hitting a big gate
(C) his impotence in getting help from the doctor
(D) his likeness to an animal, as the doctor suggested
(E) the evil in his heart and mind
Vocabulary – 10 Points
Read the following excerpt below:
“The news came early to the beggars in front of the church, and it made them
giggle a little with pleasure, for they knew that there is no alms giver in the world
like a poor man who is suddenly lucky.”
Based on the definition of the underlined word, why is there “no alms giver in the
world like a poor man suddenly lucky?”
a.Because Kino can relate to poor people, so he will give his riches to the poor.
b.Because Kino can relate to poor people, so he will not give his riches to the
c.Because Kino will spend all his money, so he won’t stay rich for long.
Vocabulary – 20 Points
Read the excerpt below:
“And they knew the doctor. They knew his ignorance, his
cruelty, his avarice, his appetites, his sins. They knew his
clumsy abortions and the little brown pennies he gave
sparingly for alms.”
In the sentence above, avarice most likely means:
a. Selfish
b. Greed
c. Egocentric
Vocabulary – 30 Points
Which of the following describes the Priest’s character?
Vocabulary – 40 Points
Read the excerpt below.
“In his mind a new song had come, the song of Evil, the music of the enemy,
of any foe of the family, a savage, secret, dangerous melody, and
underneath, the Song of the Family cried plaintively. The scorpion moved
delicately down the rope toward the box.”
In the sentence above, plaintively most likely means:
Vocabulary – 50 Points
Read the excerpt below.
“They knew his clumsy abortions and the little brown pennies he gave
sparingly for alms. They had seen his corpses go into the church. And,
since early Mass was over and business was slow, they followed the
procession, these endless searchers after perfect knowledge of their
fellow men, to see what the fat lazy doctor would do about an indigent
baby with a scorpion bite.”
In the sentence above, indigent most likely means:
Miscellaneous – 10 Points
What type of conflict describes Kino’s
relationship with the Scorpion?
Miscellaneous – 20 Points
Read the following excerpt from Chapter 1:
“Kino heard the creak of the rope when Juana took Coyotito out of his hanging box
and cleaned him and hammocked him in her shawl in a loop that placed him close to
her breast. Kino could see these things without looking at them. Juana sang softly an
ancient song that had only three notes and yet endless variety of interval. And this
was part of the family song too. It was all part. Sometimes it rose to an aching chord
that caught the throat, saying this is safety, this is warmth, this is the whole” (pg 4).
With this description, the author created a feeling of______.
Miscellaneous – 30 Points
From the paragraph that begins “After a moment the big gate” through the end of
Chapter 1, the attitude of the doctor’s servant, who is one of Kino’s race, shifts from
“Kino said, ‘He requires the skill of the healer…the gate closed a little, and the
servant refused to speak in the old language. ‘A little moment,’ he said. ‘I go to inform
myself.’…At the gate the servant opened the door a trifle and looked out at the
waiting people. And this time he spoke in the old language…’The doctor has gone
out,’ he said. He was called to a serious case. And he (the servant) quickly closed the
gate in shame” (pg 15).
(A) peaceful to angry
(B) suspicious to trusting
(C) kind to surly
(D) hopeful to despondent
(E) superior to ashamed
Miscellaneous – 40 Points
In the paragraph beginning “Now Kino’s people had sung,” the motif of the
songs is used to do all of the following EXCEPT…
“Now, Kino’s people had sung of everything that happened and existed. They
had mad songs to the fishes, to the sea in anger and to the sea in calm, to
the light and the dark and the sun and the moon, and the songs were all in
Kino and in his people-every song that had ever been made, even the ones
forgotten” (page 22).
(A) underscore the oral traditions of the natives
(B) provide insight into changing thoughts and emotions of the characters
(C) indicate shifts in tone and mood
(D) serve as a way to unite the natives and the townspeople
(E) reflect the Indians’ closeness to nature
Miscellaneous – 50 Points
What are the songs’ purposes throughout
the novel AND why are there no new
songs being added?
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