2012-13 AGLOA Local Presidents
El/Mid #35-44
Local Presidents Questions
Elementary/Middle Divisions
2012-13 AGLOA Local Presidents
El/Mid #35-44
(6 points) I signed the law making the birthday of
Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. a national holiday. I
also signed the Intermediate Nuclear forces Treaty with
the USSR and survived an assassination attempt in
Washington D.C.
(4 points) During my first term, I became the first president to address both houses
of the British Parliament. I was also the first president who had previously been
head of a labor union. My election changed the party in control of the White House.
(2 points) In my second term, I swapped the jobs of
Donald Regan and James Baker from White House Chief
of Staff to Secretary of the Treasury. I was the oldest man
to be elected president and the oldest to serve our
wonderful country.
2012-13 AGLOA Local Presidents
El/Mid #35-44
(6 points) After being sworn into office, I signed into law the Family Medical
Leave Act that had been vetoed by the two previous administrations and the
Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act that allowed for a five day waiting
period and a background check on people before purchasing handguns.
(4 points) During my time in the White House,
Timothy McVeigh used a car bomb to destroy the
Murrah Federal Building, killing 168 people. Also,
the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski, was arrested by
the FBI, and my secretary of Commerce, Ron
Brown, was killed in a plane crash in Croatia.
(2 points) My wife has succeeded me in political life,
serving as senator from New York and Secretary of State
for President Obama.
2012-13 AGLOA Local Presidents
El/Mid #35-44
(6 points) As a member of the Illinois State Senate, I passed the first major
ethics reform in 25 years, cut taxes for working families, and expanded health
care for children and their parents.
(4 points) During my presidency, I worked with the
Federal Reserve, the Treasury Department, and
Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner to manage
the financial crisis. This included renewing loans to top
automobile makers like General Motors and Chrysler.
However, Ford refused what was called the “government
(2 points) I am the third president to win the Nobel
Peace Prize while in office.
2012-13 AGLOA Local Presidents
El/Mid #35-44
(6 points) I defeated my Republican opponent for the
presidency by the narrowest popular voting margin in
history. He and I met in the first televised debates
between presidential candidates in U.S. history.
(4 points) I met with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
and other community leaders at the White House
to discuss his Civil Rights Bill. This proposed law
focused on voting rights while avoiding equal
(2 points) My courage during World War II
earned me the Navy and Marine Corps
Medal but seriously worsened my already
fragile physical health.
2012-13 AGLOA Local Presidents
El/Mid #35-44
(6 points) Because of a worldwide oil shortage and to reduce American
dependence on foreign oil, I proposed an energy bill with strict conservation
rules and funds for development of new energy sources. I also signed the bill
that created the Department of Energy.
(4 points) During and after my presidency, I
played the role of international peacemaker. I
hosted the peace talks between Anwar Sadat of
Egypt and Menachim Begin of Israel at Camp
David which ended the war between their two
countries. The president after me came from the
opposite political party.
(2 points) I was the first president from the “Deep South” elected since Zachary
Taylor. I served as governor of my native state. I served in the White House after
eight years of Republican rule there.
2012-13 AGLOA Local Presidents
El/Mid #35-44
(6 points) My predecessor in the White House came from the opposite political
party. My biggest obstacles when taking office were how to end the war in
Vietnam and how to improve relations with the Communist government of the
Soviet Union. Less than six months after taking office, I announced a plan to
withdraw 25,000 U.S. troops from South Vietnam.
(4 points) My Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger made two
trips to China, one in secret, to pave the way for me to
become the first president to visit Communist China.
(2 points) The first man walked on the moon
during my first year as president.
2012-13 AGLOA Local Presidents
El/Mid #35-44
(6 points) My Secretary of State Dean Rusk was also my
predecessor’s Secretary of State. He and I believed in the
use of military action to combat Communism, and my
administration escalated the Vietnam War in order slow the
spread of Communism.
(4 points) Upon my request, Congress passed the Revenue Act and the
Economic Opportunity Act, which was in association with my War on Poverty. My
actions set in motion programs such as Head Start, food stamps, Work Study,
Medicare and Medicaid, which still exist today.
(2 points) I became worried about my failing health and was concerned that I
might not live through another four-year term. Therefore, near the end of my
first full term, I shocked the nation when I announced: “I shall not seek, and I
will not accept, the nomination of my party for another term as your president.”
The next president would be a Republican.
2012-13 AGLOA Local Presidents
El/Mid #35-44
(6 points) I nominated Dick Cheney for the office of Secretary
of Defense. He directed the United States invasion of Panama
and Operation Desert Storm in the Middle East.
(4 points) I entered office at a period of change in the world; the fall of the Berlin
Wall and the collapse of Soviet Union came early in my presidency. At one point, I
had a record-high approval rating of 89 percent. However, economic recession
and breaking my “no new taxes” pledge caused a sharp decline in my approval
rating, and I was defeated in my bid for reelection.
(2 points) I lived long enough to see my son become President of the United
2012-13 AGLOA Local Presidents
El/Mid #35-44
(6 points) Donald Rumsfeld was my Chief of Staff. I
later made him my Secretary of Defense and then
made a young Dick Cheney my new chief of staff. I
faced two assassination attempts during my
presidency. They occurred within three weeks of each
other and in the same state, California.
(4 points) The Vietnam War came to an end during my administration. Hundreds
of thousands of refugees came to the United States shortly after the war.
(2 points) I was the only person to assume the presidency without having been
previously voted into either the presidential or vice presidential office by the
people. Shortly after I became president, I pardoned my predecessor of his
crimes during the Watergate scandal.
2012-13 AGLOA Local Presidents
El/Mid #35-44
(6 points) I served in the U.S. House of Representatives for six years and in
the U.S. Senate until I became president. The man I defeated for president
later held that office himself.
(4 points) I am the youngest man to win election to the
presidency. My brother Robert served as my Attorney
General. He later served in the U.S. Senate alongside
our brother Ted.
(2 points) I served less than two terms as president. The most dangerous
time while I was in the White House was the Cuban Missile Crisis. I am often
referred to by my three initials.
2012-13 AGLOA Local Presidents
El/Mid #35-44
(6 points) After college in the Northeast, I served in the Air National Guard in the
state where I grew up. Later, I started an oil company called Arbusto Energy. I also
served as managing general partner of a baseball team.
(4 points) I appointed Condoleezza Rice
as the first African-American woman to
hold the position of Secretary of State. She
moved from National Security Advisor to
succeed Collin Powell, whom I had named
as the first African-American Secretary of
(2 points) I served as governor of a large state for five years until I resigned to
become president. I was preceded and followed in the White House by men from
the opposite party.
2012-13 AGLOA Local Presidents
El/Mid #35-44
(6 points) I went through four Attorneys General during my
administration. The first, John Mitchell (pictured), resigned to
manage my successful reelection campaign. The second,
Elliott Richardson, resigned when he refused to fire the
special prosecutor investigating a growing scandal in my
administration. Then William Ruckelshaus resigned for the
same reason. Finally, William Saxbe filled the position.
(4 points) The reason I wanted the special prosecutor fired
was because he demanded that I turn over audio tapes of my
conversations in the Oval Office. The case went to the U.S.
Supreme Court, which ruled that executive privilege did not
give me the right to withhold the tapes.
(2 points) My first vice president, Spiro Agnew, resigned. My
second vice president succeeded me as president. All the
turmoil in my administration set the stage for a Democrat to
become president.
2012-13 AGLOA Local Presidents
El/Mid #35-44
(6 points) I had a difficult childhood. My father died in an
automobile accident several months before I was born. My
mother remarried to a man who drank too much and abused
her. She’s pictured here with my half-brother Roger. Dealing
with such a chaotic environment helped prepare me for the
rough-and-tumble world of politics.
(4 points) I met my wife at Yale Law School. I served three
terms as governor of my native state. I am the only president
who was born in that state. My first Secretary of State was
Warren Christopher. I made Janet Reno the first female
Attorney General.
(2 points) I defeated the incumbent president to win the
White House. I served two full terms although my second term
was filled with controversy. One of my nicknames used the
word “Slick” in front of a variation of my first name.
2012-13 AGLOA Local Presidents
El/Mid #35-44
(6 points) The greatest scandal during my presidency was the illegal sale of
arms to Iran. Profits from the sale were secretly sent to support rebel farmers
in Nicaragua.
(4 points) I had four children with two different wives.
One of the children was adopted. My daughter Maureen
was active in Republican politics before and after my
(2 points) I was nicknamed the “Great Communicator.” I worked in radio and TV
before my political career. My vice president replaced me in the White House.
2012-13 AGLOA Local Presidents
El/Mid #35-44
#40 Ronald Reagan
#42 Bill Clinton
#44 Barack Obama
#35 John F. Kennedy
#39 Jimmy Carter
#37 Richard Nixon
#36 Lyndon Johnson
#41 George H. W. Bush
#38 Gerald Ford
#35 John F. Kennedy
#43 George W. Bush
#37 Richard Nixon
#42 Bill Clinton
#40 Ronald Reagan