Reteaching Activity 17-3

Reteaching Activity 17-3
Recalling Facts
The South During Reconstruction
1. African Americans, white Southerners
who supported republican policies, and
white settlers from the North
2. Hirem Revels & Blanche K. Bruce
3. Southern whites who supported
Republican policy throughout
Reconstruction – many were
nonslaveholding farmers or business
leaders who had opposed secession
4. They arrived in the South with all their
belongings in cheap suitcases made of
carpet fabric
5. African Americans were told that they
could not leave the plantation; they were
refused land to rent and work. Some
whites also used fear and force
6.A secret society organized to prevent
freed men and women from exercising
their rights and to help whites regain
7. KKK members, dressed in white sheets
and hoods, burned African American
homes, churches, and schools
8. Most white Southerners would not
testify against the KKK
9. They saw education as an important
step to a better life
10. After paying landowners a % of their
crop for the rent of the land, shack, and
equipment, farmers had little or nothing
left to sell. Sometimes there was barely
enough to feed their families