“Hoe down” From The Ballet
By: Aaron Copland
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 Aaron Copland wrote the ballet Rodeo.
Copland was born in Brooklyn, New York.
He studied piano and later studied
composition when he travelled to France.
Rodeo was written in the Modern Period
(1900 –1990)
The ballet was first performed at the
Boston Pops in 1943.
Classified - Internal use
Aaron Copland was one of America’s most
famous composers
The story is about a cowgirl who tries to
impress the head wrangler on the ranch.
The woodblock makes a “clip-clop” sound
of a horse running.
This is Aaron Copland ->
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Facts #2
This is programme music – music that tells
a story.
There are four sections in the work Rodeo:
 Buckaroo Holiday
 Corral Nocturne
 Saturday Night Waltz
 Hoe Down
Hoe Down is one section in this work.
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The Instruments
The instruments used in this movement
include instruments from the Percussion,
String, Brass and Woodwind family.
Here is a piece of music from Hoe Down that
is played by violins.
Classified - Internal use
The Story
 The story is based on cowboy life in America.
 A tomboyish cowgirl, who is trying to attract
the attention of the head wrangler.
 She goes to the Saturday night dance.
 She is invited to dance by both the head
wrangler and the champion roper.
 She chooses the champion roper.
 The music in Hoe Down captures the drama
of this scene.
Classified - Internal use
 The form of this piece is A, B, Link, A.
 The piece starts with the Introduction. This
lasts for 38 bars.
 Section A (from bar 39 to 97.)
 Section B (from bar 98 to 141.)
 The Link (from bar 142 to158.)
 The piece then goes back to Section A. (from
bar 159 to 194.)
Classified - Internal use
Section A
Section A consists of two different
 Bonyparte tune – section 1
 Bonyparte tune – section 2
Bonyparte tune – section 1: This has the
same rhythm pattern as the opening bars
of the tune.
Bonyparte tune – section 2: This is a
completely different rhythm pattern.
Classified - Internal use
Section B
Section B also consists of two different
 McLeod’s Reel 1
 McLeod’s Reel 2
Section B begins with McLeod’s Reel 1. It
then changes to McLeod’s Reel 2 and
then back to McLeod’s Reel 1.
Classified - Internal use
This is the section that sounds like the
“clip-clop” of a horse.
The woodblock is used to make this
The sound is made realistic by using
pizzicato and staccato.
Classified - Internal use
Polyphonic – different melodies are played
all at the one time.
Ascending and descending scales.
Syncopated notes : emphasis on the weak
Dynamics: quite (piano) at the beginning
and loud (forte) at the end
Tempo: allegro
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More feature
Decending notes
Pizzicato and sicato from the wood block
create the sound of a horse
Grace notes
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Listen 
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