Cherokee Indians (Ty, Silas)

Native Americans in
North Carolina
The Cherokee Indians
By: Tiquesha Wright
Silas Piggott
The Foods They Ate
• The woman harvested
• Crops of corn
• Beans
• squash
• sunflowers
• recipes included cornbread,
soups, and stews cooked on
stone hearths.
The men hunted
Deer (ahawi)
Wild turkeys
Fish in the river (atsadi)
Pictures of Their Foods
• Corn
• Beans
Harvest Foods
Cherokee People
The History of the Cherokee
• The Cherokee Indians were farming people.
• The Cherokee tribe spoke 23 dialects of
• They lived in Georgia, S.C, Virgina,
Kentucky, and Tennessee.
Columbian Exchange
• New food and fiber crops were introduced
to Eurasia and Africa, improving diets and
fomenting trade there.
• The Columbian Exchange people started
bringing drugs, coffee, sugar, and tobacco
use to many millions of people.
Drugs that the
Cherokee People Did
• Cocaine
• Marijuana
Coffee, Sugar & Tobacco
• Sugar
Coffee beans
• The Cherokee Indians lived in log houses
with mud and grass to seal the walls.
• They lived in settled villages, mostly by the
Maps of the Cherokee Indians
The map shows the Marches of the
Army Under Col. Andrew Williams
in 1776 against the Cherokee
Nation of Indians.
This is a new & accurate map of the
province of the North and South
Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and