Egyptian Queens

The Egyptian Queens
 Queen Hatshepsut and
 Queen Nefertiti
 By Anna Kralik and Kerry Lyons
Queen Nefertiti
 Queen Nefertiti’s real name is Queen Nefertiti
Famous Relatives
 Queen Nefertiti wasn’t related to anyone royal.
 Her dad was an officer.
Famous Fiends
 King Akhenten was her friend then she later married
 Queen Nefertiti had 6 daughters.
Famous Enemies
 She didn’t have any.
 Everyone loved her in ancient egypt because she was
Important things in her childhood
 Nothing happened when she was a child.
 She was a regular child in ancient egypt.
Good Leader/ Bad Leader
• She was a good leader .
• She helped her husband rule.
 She dressed in beautiful clothes.
 She only did fashion to set an example.
Compare leaders today from
ancient Egypt
 I would compare the first ladies to Queen Nefertiti.
 The first ladies help the president.
Queen Hatshepsut
 Queen Hatshesput ruled 1473 to 1458 B.C.
 She is probably one of the most famous female
Queen Hatshepsut’s Famous Relatives:
 Thumuse I – Father
 Aahames – Mother
 Thutmose III – Nephew/Stepson
 Senmut because he took care of her daughter and was
Hatshepsut’s chief
Hatshepsut’s Enemies
 Thutmose III because he might be the cause of
Hatshepsut’s disappearance, since it was when he took
full control of the throne.
When Hatshepsut Was a Child
 No information was available on Queen Hateshesut as
a child. All information began when she started to
Was Hatshepsut a Good Leader?
 Hatshepsut was an excellent leader because she used
her army to increase trade, (not for war).
Hatshepsut’s Rules
 She encouraged the expansion of trade with other
 Ordinary people were able to live without a major war
during her time as a pharaoh.
Hatshepsut’s Religion
 There were no changes in religion when Hatshepsut
Hatshepsut’s hobbies
 Since Hatshepsut built so many huge buildings, I
would say that her favorite hobby was building.
Hatshepsut’s Most Hated Pharaohs
 Hatshepsut lived in fear that her nephew, Thutmose,
would take control from her. So Hatshepsut decided to
send the army, which he lead, on trade expeditions so
he wouldn’t be a danger to her.
Comparing Hatshepsut and President
 Hatshepsut encouraged trade and President Nixon
opened trade with China.
 Hatshepsut had no major wars and President Nixon
ended the Vietnam war.
 Hatshepsut disappeared and President Nixon was
forced to resign.
 She loved fashion
 She wore men’s clothes.
 She dressed beautifully.
 She also wore a beard.
 She ruled with her husband.
 She ruled alone.
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