Political History Review

Political History Review
Mr. Zacharia
Big Questions
• What is the appropriate role of the federal government? (Liberal vs.
• How effective was President X? What were his successes and/or failures?
• How have voting/political rights been expanded over time?
• How have the major political parties changed over time? What has been
the significance of 3rd parties?
• How have major Supreme Court cases changed America?
• What were pivotal presidential elections?
• What are the origins and basic components of the U.S. Constitution? What
major changes have been made to it?
• What laws changed America the most?
– Socially (esp. for minorities, women, the poor, immigrants, labor, Native
– Politically (voting/elections, structure of gov’t, civil liberties, corruption, role
of gov’t)
– Economically (tariffs, banking, taxation)
Examples AP Questions
• Presidential elections between 1928 and 1948
revealed major shifts in political party loyalties.
Analyze both the reasons for these changes and
their consequences during this period.
• Explain the origins of TWO of the following third
parties and evaluate their impact on United
States politics and national policies.
The People’s Party (Populists), 1892
The Progressive Party (Bull Moose Party), 1912
The States’ Rights Party (Dixiecrats), 1948
The American Independent Party, 1968