 Also
known as: “Destination of the
millennium” and “Land of all Seasons”
 Includes dry desert areas, evergreen forests,
snowy Himalayas, long coastal areas, and
fertile plains.
 India
is rich with NATURAL BEAUTY and
 Bays, beaches, valleys and backwaters.
 India poses a juxtaposition of new and old,
modern and traditional like:
 Medicine- ayurveda and modern
 Family system– joint and nuclear
 Bustling communities and indigenous
Tourists are most welcome in
India because we have the
tradition of honouring the guest
as God- Athithi Devo Bhava.
This wonderful tradition of our
country has become the unique
selling point of the modern
tourism industry in India.
So govt. of India has
introduced “Athithi devo bhava
programme”- a nationwide
campaign to train the
stakeholders, (how to honour
and engage the tourists).
To boost tourism in India,
which would act as a
catalyst for the the growth
of India’s economy.
 To
create awareness about the effects of
 to sensitize people about the preservation
of our rich heritage and culture, cleanliness
and warm hospitality.
 to re-instill the sense of responsibility
towards tourists and to reinforce the
confidence of foreign tourists towards
An over view…
 Last year India had
3.3 million visitors
 Singapore- 7 million
 Thailand- 9.6 million
 Malaysia- 11.5 million
 So, India with her cultural richness and
natural beauty, can attract many more
tourists. Our aim is to increase our numbers
by 100%.
 Often,
in India, tourists are mistreated,
cheated and rudely dealt with.
 So we need to change our attitude towards
those who visit us.
 In spite of the incredible wealth of tourist
spots, cultural attractions, natural wonders,
and destinations for the soul, India still isn’t
among the top 15 tourist destinations of the
can be the reason?????
 “In
Hindustan our manner is very respectful
and our hearts are always open”- An Indian
 Ancient India was the destination for the
enlightened travellers. Now we have to bring
that golden period back.
 and we found the keystone of what we want
to do in our scriptures themselves
 That is “Our guest is blessed, our visitor is
 Thus we initiated the mission called
“Athithidevo Bhava”
 1.
Sensitization-people from various sections of
the tourism industry.
 2.Training and Induction-how to behave and
work in order to satisfy the tourists.
 3. Motivation-awards for the best worker in the
industry etc.
 4. Certification- to ensure standards at various
 5. Feedback- from tourists.
 6. General awareness-for the public
 7. Ownership- the ‘Ad Dv Bv’programme to be
taken up by all the sections of society as their
 Hygiene
and cleanliness-vehicles, hotel
rooms, spots and persons involved
 Conduct and behavior- all the persons
involved like Taxi Drivers, hotel employees
 Integrity and honesty- service providers
 Safety and security- tourists not to be
attacked or robbed, safety from eve teasing.
 PR Road Shows- to sensitise people and to
create interst.
 Mass Media Communication- to involve people
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