Chuck Palahniuk:
An Assortment of Short Stories
Created by Alie Layman
About Chuck Palahniuk
52 years old
Writer and freelance journalist
Transgressional Fiction
Short Stories in Relation to Novels
“Zombie” – Fight Club & Invisible Monsters
• Unnamed Narrators
• “Happy Endings”
• Search for Happiness
• Pop Culture Commentary
• Social Revolution:
• Project Mayhem; Heart
• Kardashians & Baldwins;
Short Stories in Relation to Novels
“Cannibal” – Snuff & Damned
• Religious Commentary
• Characters Act in Modern
Job Market:
Telemarketer; Porn Star;
• Over Sexualization of
• Outcasts of Society
Short Stories in Relation to Novels
“Mister Elegant” – Choke
• Medical Analogies to Further Story
• Both Characters Were Entertainers
• Story Theme of Rebuilding
House in Choke & Troupe in “Mister
• Flashbacks Throughout Stories

Chuck Palahniuk: An Assortment