Grant was unfairly accused of being a drunk,
and Sherman was unfairly accused of being
crazy. Grant was broke before the war and
Sherman had failed at business.
Grant will confront main Confederate Army in
Virginia while Sherman would attack Atlanta.
It becomes clear that Lincoln will win reelection to the Presidency.
He proposes a march from Atlanta to the Sea.
Total war is a war of psychology waged by
destroying everything that could help the
enemy such as its infrastructure, supply lines,
and scaring soldiers into deserting so they
would help their families.
They burned 30% of the city to the ground.
Sherman tells his troops to plunder the
countryside and take anything they need to
sustain the army. The army is living off the
land and will exhaust their supplies quickly if
they don’t take from the Southern people.
There are men over the age of 45 and boys
younger than 18 fighting for the Confederacy.
They began to line the road with land mines
called torpedoes.
Six hundred freed slaves were stranded on the
banks of the Ebenezer Creek with General
Wheeler’s calvary closing in.
He had taken the city of Savannah.
Sherman wants to take South Carolina and
punish her for starting the war.
It was the first state to secede and the place
where the war began.
He valued the lives of his soldiers more than the
city and it helped end the war.
They were worried about what was happening
at home and feared for their loved ones who
were suffering. They had to chose between
being patriotic or taking care of their families.
He marched his army down Pennsylvania
Avenue in Washington, D.C.
In the North Sherman was depicted as a hero
who help save the Union while in the South
people thought of him as a brutal monster.
Answer with at least two sentences.

Sherman*s March to the Sea