What are the basic beliefs of communism?

Do now:
NYC has many billionaires living in fancy
apartments & has homeless people living on the
Does this make our society unfair?
Explain your answer in FULL SENTENCES
 Communism – an economic system in which the
means of production are owned by the government
 Capitalism – an economic system based upon private
ownership of business
 Bourgeoisie [boor-zhwah-zee] – wealthy business
 Proletariat [proh-li-tair-ee-uht] – working class
Based on the writings of Karl Marx’s
book, Das Capital , written in 1843
Basic Beliefs:
1 – Private individuals are too greedy &
exploit (too take advantage of) their
workers, therefore no one owns
business. The government owns all
means of production & treats all
workers fairly.
2 – private businesses must be
violently taken away from owners, if
they resist they will be killed.
3 – The government must control all
aspects of society. Religion is to be
banned, individual rights are taken
away in order to build a peaceful &
orderly society.
 Use the information from the notes to answer the 4
 Document 3: you are to choose either COMMUNISM
or CAPITALISM for each statement & explain if you
agree or disagree
 What are some positives
aspects about communism?
 What are some negative
aspects about communism?