Chapter 18 Section 1

Chapter 18 Section 1
Progressive Era
 Period from about
1890 to 1920
 During this time a
variety of reforms were
enacted at the local,
state and federal levels
What were some of the historical
roots of the Progressive Era?
 Nativism
 Prohibition
 Purity crusades
 Charity reform
 Social gospel
 Settlement houses
What beliefs did most
progressives share?
 They wanted to rid the
government of
corruption and expand
its role to regulate
economic activity and
enhance human
How did Henry George and Edward
Bellamy influence the rise of
 Henry George
 Combat poverty by
charging a single tax to
landowners based on
the value of the land
 Discouraging
 Decreasing poverty
 Edward Bellamy
 Government should
take over the largest
companies and
reorganize them to
focus more on human
needs than of profits
 Journalists that
uncovered wrongdoing
in politics or business
What key role did the muckrakers
play in the Progressive Movement?
 They alerted the public
to wrongdoing in
politics and business
Name 3 muckrakers, the name of their
book, and what they were attempting to
Upton Sinclair
 Wrote The Jungle
 Exposed filthy
conditions in America’s
meatpacking industry
Lincoln Steffens
 Wrote the Shame of
the Cities
 Exposed political
Ida Tarbell
 Wrote The History of
the Standard Oil
 Revealed the abuses
committed by the
Standard Oil Trust
How did Roosevelt both criticize
and praise muckrakers?
 While Roosevelt
approved of the
legitimate exposure of
wrongdoing, he
condemned those who
“earn their livelihood
by telling…scandalous
falsehoods about
honest men…”
 A political and
economic philosophy
favoring public
(government) control
of property and income
 Many wanted to end
capitalism, distribute
wealth more equally,
and have government
ownership of all
How were the Progressives
different than the socialists?
 Unlike socialists and
some more radical
reformers, most
Progressives did not
support huge economic
and political changes.
 They did not want to lose
their high standard of
living and personal
liberties that democracy
and the free market had
given them.
 Progressives desired to
clean up government
and business
 Court orders that
prohibit a certain
How did injunctions affect the
growth of labor unions?
 Courts often issued
injunctions preventing
workers from going on
Identify some Progressive Women’s
groups and their causes.
 International Ladies
Garment Workers
Union- to organize the
garment industry
 National Women’s
Trade Union Leaguefought for labor laws
 National Consumers’
League fought to
outlaw child labor and
protect workers