10 Innovations that built the Roman Empire

• Why is the legacy of Rome so great?
CW: Compare & Contrast
Roman Twelve Tables to Hammurabi
• Arguably, one of Rome’s greatest
contributions to modernity is it’s system of
laws and republican form of government
• The legacy of Rome was no longer vested in
one leader … it could now outlive specific
leaders and endure through turnovers
• REVIEW the Roman Twelve Tables & the Code
of Hammurabi
• DECIDE how they compare – are there
fundamental differences? Similarities? Why?
10 Innovations that built the
Roman Empire
10 Innovations that built Rome
• The Western Roman Empire may have fallen
more than 1,500 years ago, but its rich legacy
of innovation and invention can still be seen
today. The Romans were prodigious builders
and expert civil engineers, and their thriving
civilization produced advances in technology,
culture and architecture that remained
unequaled for centuries. From aqueducts to
newspapers, find out more about 10
innovations that built ancient Rome.
1. Aqueducts
2. Concrete
3. Newspapers
4. Welfare
5. Bound Books
6. Roads and Highways
7. Roman Arches
8. The Julian Calendar
9. The Twelve Tables and the Corpus
Juris Civilis
10. Battlefield Surgery
HW: Hear Ye! Hear Ye! TOP
Innovations that built Rome!
• From your reading and perhaps from this
presentation, headline your TOP THREE
Roman innovations
– You want to make sure your list focuses on how
those innovations made Rome a GREAT empire
• Illustrate your list like a ROMAN NEWSPAPER
• Be creative … be neat …
• DUE: Thurs, 10/17/2013