Comunicato stampa - Concorso Rina Sala Gallo

XXIII Rina Sala Gallo
International Piano Competition
Monza 27|9 – 5|10 2014
Comunicato stampa
Winner of the XXIII International Piano Competition Rina Sala Gallo Firt Prize
Second prize goes to Federica Bortoluzzi, third prize to Japanese pianist Atsuko Kinoshita
The organization published all votes, for each candidate, on the web site home page
Monza, Oct. 6th2 2014 – The italian pianist Fiorenzo Pascalucci wins the 23rd prestigious Rina
Sala Gallo competition, after the final tests with orchestra held on Saturday 4th in Monza.
Pascalucci receives the € 15.000 Prize “Città di Monza” offered by the City of Monza. The
competition’s second prize goes to Federica Bortoluzzi, with a check of € 7.500 offered by bank
Credito Artigiano, while Atsuko Kinoshita, winner of the third prize “Rotary Club di Monza”,
receives a check € 5.000.
Pascalucci, 27, from Foggia, has already debuted in important Italian (Teatro La Fenice, Settimane
musicali di Vicenza, Quirinale, among others) and international venues (France). He has received
the Firt Prize with honors by Major Roberto Scanagatti, during the Winners Concert held in Teatro
Manzoni in Monza, last night, a performance of all three winners extracts of their final test
concertos (Chopin Concerto n.1 in E minor op.11, by Pascalucci and Kinoshita, and Liszt Concerto
n.2 in A by Bortoluzzi) scelti per la prova finale, assieme all’Orchestra Verdi di Milano diretta da
Carlo Tenan.
Moreover, a Bach prize in memory of Emma Sirtori Bonetti has been assigned to Yano Yuta
and a € 2000 Scholarship offered by the Associazione Musicale Rina Sala Gallo and based on
the preferences of the audience to Federica Bortoluzzi.
The winners of the 23rd Rina Sala Gallo competition will be guaranteed concerts and
commitments in support to their carriers. Concerts will be held in the following months for
Credito Artigiano in Monza, Enerxenia, Università Popolare di Monza, Auditorium Fazioli in Sacile,
Serate Musicali in Milano, plus a tour in Fondazione Gioventù Musicale d’Italia’s venues, at Ispra’s
Hauskonzert - Amici della Musica, and more to be announced.
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Annex 1. at p. 3: RSG Competition’s official reply to Mr. Pascal Rogé’s statements
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XXIII Rina Sala Gallo
International Piano Competition
Monza 27|9 – 5|10 2014
Pascalucci Fiorenzo – Italy, born in 1987 – Pascalucci obtains a Conservatory Diploma with G.
Valentini and graduates at Imola Accademy with L. Margarius, A. Kravtchenko and F. Scala. He
now studies with Benedetto Lupo. He has won the Nuove Carriere competition, the First prize at
the FVG International Piano Competition in Sacile, the third and audience’s prize at Grand Prix
International de Piano de Lyon. He holds piano solo and piano and orchestra recitals in national
and international venues. He has attended masterclasses by Vladimir Ashkenazy, Laura de Fusco,
Andrea Lucchesini, Pier Narciso Masi, Franco Medori, Enrico Pace, Riccardo Risaliti, Karl-Heinz
Kämmerling, Andrzej Jasinski.
Federica Bortoluzzi – Italy, born in 1988 – A Maria Tipo’s student, B. studies chamber music with
Andrea Lucchesini and Bruno Canino since 2010. She has been awarded with national and
international prizes, among which the Premio Liszt a the “Premio Nazionale delle Arti” competition
in 2011. She has played in Rovereto’s Stagione Filarmonica, Milano’s Società dei Concerti, Teatro
Grande in Brescia, MITO, “Festival di Cernobbio”, Gioventù Musicale d’Italia, and abroad in
Canada, Greece, Portugal and Austria. She has debuted in 2011 with the ORT conducted by Carlo
Goldstein, in Liszt’s Concerto n.2. She has recorded for Radio Classica.
Atsuko Kinoshita – Japan, born in 1987 – Born in Kobe, she has studied at the Music University
of Kyoto with Hiroko Mukunoki. In 2010 she moves to Mannheim to study at the local University of
Music with OK-Hi Lee and Rudolf Meister. Since 2012 she attends the “Soloist training” classes. In
2011 she was awarded a second prize at ‘Bechstein’ students’ competition. In 2012 she receive
the ‘Nice Côte d’ Azur‘ International Piano Competition’s First prize. In 2013, she wins the First
prize at Johannes Brahms piano competition in Pörtschach. She has performed concerts together
with the TFN Philharmonie Hildesheim and the Orchestre de Cannes (France).
Annex 1. RSG Competition’s official reply to Mr. Pascal Rogé’s statements
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XXIII Rina Sala Gallo
International Piano Competition
Monza 27|9 – 5|10 2014
Press release
Rogé toasts his own voting errors
French pianist’s own marks determine the victory of the pianists he wanted to exclude, and
accuses his colleagues of fraud.
With regard to Pascal Rogé’s statements on his Facebook page, subsequently published on
SlippedDisc, the analysis of the jurors’ marks reported in attachment and explained below, shows
that Mr. Rogé’s votes were prevalently maximum (10.00) or very close to the lowest (3.00 in the 1st
& 2nd Rounds – 6.00 in the 3rd Round) marks.
Regarding the total number (46) of votes in all three rounds, he gave the highest mark 14 times
and the lowest mark 21 times. However, the official rules of the competition, which every juror
received via e-mail, state clearly that the lowest and highest marks, in the first three rounds of the
competition, would have been invalidated. This is also stated clearly on the competition’s website:
As a result, the final outcome, which was based on the combined average of all three rounds
marks, turned out to be entirely opposite to what Mr. Rogé wanted and expected. He thus
managed, in the Third Round, to invalidate the votes he gave to Yano Yuta (10.00) and Yejin Noh
(10.00), whereas his vote to Atsuko Kinoshita (8.50), the candidate whose performance of
Schubert and Debussy he denigrated on his Facebook page to all those who had access to it,
actually facilitated her admission into the Final. Similarly, his intention to exclude Pascalucci and
Bortoluzzi, the Italians he accused to be “favoured” by the “mafia”, by giving them the lowest
marks, produced the diametrically opposite effect. As a consequence, Maestro Rogé preferred to
turn the tables and promptly leaving the competition, discredit the work of his colleagues, who quite
to the contrary, acted in accordance with the rules that they had accepted and signed.
For these reasons, the Rina Sala Gallo Association requires Maestro Rogé to issue an immediate
written apology for failing to fulfill the duties that his position required, i.e. to respect the rules, and
for having abandoned the jury - unilaterally terminating the contract he had signed - divulging
false and misleading information, and discrediting the Competition, which will now proceed with a
legal claim for damages.
Monza, Oct. 6th 2014
The Committee and Jury of the International piano competition “Rina Sala Gallo”
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