Review for JETAA Database
By Alex Svetlovsky
Functionality Overview
Contact Management
 Contact self-registration
 Customisable contact fields
 Export to Excel
 E-mail campaigns
 Extensible and easily interconnected
to other websites
Proposed Organisation
JETAA Database
Other Database
MailChimp, Excel,
JETAA Chapter
JETAA Chapter
JETAA Chapter
Other Approved
Entity (CLAIR,
AJET, etc)
Proposed Organisation
A central SugarCRM server deployed
to store all JET Alumni contacts.
 JETAA Chapter websites connect to
server using existing or custom
 Other entities could access central
server on a limited and as-needed
basis (ex: CLAIR, AJET, Chapters
without web database)
Acquiring Contacts
Contacts currently stored in Joomla,
WordPress, MailChimp or SalesForce
databases can remain there, syncing
automatically or manually.
 Contacts currently stored in Excel or
other spreadsheets could be manually
Acquiring Contacts
AJET and outgoing JETs could
manually add contacts to central
database before they leave.
Using Contacts
Reports outlining new
information can automatically be
shared with interested parties.
 CLAIR could get access membership
lists generated centrally, reducing
workload for individual chapters.
Using Contacts
National/International direct JETAA
communication with membership, no
matter which chapter they may have
moved to.
Benefits of SugarCRM
Open source license allows
 JETAA-hosted allows complete
 Other than (possibly existing) web
hosting fees, no additional fees for
world-wide usage necessary.
Benefits of SugarCRM
Extensible using SOAP, which would
allow plugins for any sort of syncing to
be created.
 Can be hosted in a country with strict
privacy laws, protecting contact data.
 Completely controlled by JETAA, with
not other parties having access to
Drawbacks of SugarCRM
Requires a continually running and
paid-for webhost.
 Potentially high start-up investment in
terms of time, development of plugins.
Given the ability to integrate with
existing websites and databases, the
flexibility, control and lack of any
licensing fees I strongly believe that
SugarCRM would be the ideal choice
for an international JETAA Database.