Hero Journey Project
By: Sina Dailey
Period 2
Mr. Krucli
English 2
The Ordinary world
 The grinch lives at the
top of Mt. crumpet,
were no one likes him
and is scared of him.
He lives there with his
dog (which is his only
Call to adventure
 The Grinch come
down from mount
crumpet only to find
a little girl bugging
him in the postal
Refusal to call
 The grinch gets
nominated to be the
“cheer mister” of the
year. The Grinch’s first
thought was to deny the
offer because it seemed
to good to be true. So he
thought it was just one
big prank and he refuses
the offer.
Supernatural aid
 The supernatural aid in
this movie is Cindy Lou
Who because she is
sort of a protective
figure to the Grinch.
She stuck up for him
when everyone else
was against him. And
she also took the
initiative to find out
WHO the Grinch really
was on the inside, and
not just believe what
she has heard about
Crossing the threshold
 This is when the
Grinch does finally
go down to Who Ville
(as him self) and to
actually except his
award for the “Cheer
In the belly of the whale
 Is when he is at the
award ceremony and
he actually ends up
having a good time
eating, singing, and
The road of trials
 Is when the major of
Who Ville starts making
fun of the Grinch by
giving him a razor for
Christmas present, and
making him look stupid
in front of everyone at
the award ceremony.
This makes the Grinch
feel very embarrassed
and regretful.
The meeting with the
 Meeting with the
goddess in this
movie, is when the
Grinch meets Cindy
Lou Who in the
beginning of the
movie. But later on
she helps him realize
what Christmas is all
Woman as the temptress
 In this movie the
temptress is when he
meets with the Major
20 years later, and
the Major tries to
destroy the Grinch
and make him look
worst then what he
really is.
Atonement with the father
 Is when the Grinch
actually gets the idea
and courage to
attempt to steal
Christmas by
stealing all the little
kids presents and
ornaments on
Christmas night.
 Is when he successfully
steals all the presents in
Who Ville and brings
them all back up on
mount crumpet to dump
it. But right before he
was about to dump it he
didn’t hear crying of little
children, he heard
laughter and Christmas
spirit singing. That’s
when he realizes that
Christmas isn’t about
presents but about
caring for one another.
The ultimate Boon
 Is when he ends up saving
Cindy Lou Who’s life because
she almost falls off of mount
Magic in flight (the chase)
 Is when the Grinch
and Cindy Lou Who
go back down to
Who Ville together,
but on their way back
they almost die
because of the very
dangerous sleigh he
had built could not
brake or slow down.
Rescue from without
 This is when the
Grinch and Cindy
Lou Who are racing
down dangerous
mountain and
cannot stop. So
some of the Who’s
from Who Ville
decide to take
Christmas lights and
save them by
stopping the sleigh.
Crossing the return
 This is when The
Grinch and Cindy
Lou Who made it to
Who Ville from Mount
Crumpet safely, and
Master of two worlds
 This is when every
one down in Who
Ville realizes that the
Grinch isn’t bad at
all, and that he is just
like everyone else.
And that he just
wants to be loved on
Christmas and every
other day.
Freedom to live
 The Grinch apologizes to
everyone and everyone
forgives him. He ends up
getting the girl that he
has always loved and
feasts on roast beef with
the everyone else. And
they did all this with

Hero Journey Project