3, 2013
10:00 a.m. PT– Teleconference
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Toll-Free Access Number: 1-866-439-4480
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Toll Access Number: 1-212-786-7191
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2013 Annual Members Meeting Agenda
Greetings and Roll Call (for Quorum) - Leo Leger, Executive Director
Welcoming Comments and Agenda - Wayne Adams, 2013 Chairman
Motion to Approve 2012 Meeting Minutes – Peter Manning, 2013 Secretary
Announcement of 2013 Board and Technical Council Election Results, and
2014 Board and TC Members - Leo Leger, Executive Director
SNIA Overview and 2013 Annual Update - Wayne Adams, 2013 Chairman
Fiscal Report (2012 Annual Report) - Allan Zmyslowski, 2013 Treasurer
Questions and Answers - Members and SNIA Board Members
Welcome and Approval of 2012 Minutes Leo Leger, Wayne Adams, and Peter Manning
Greetings, Roll Call of Voting Member Companies
Primary Representatives of Voting Member Companies,
please identify yourselves during Roll Call
If you work for a Voting Member Company and do not
hear your primary representative, please identify yourself
during roll call – Proxy representation is Acceptable
Motion for a Vote to approve 2012 Meeting Minutes will
take place if quorum is met – if not, we will do a Roll Call
again at end of meeting. Otherwise, minutes will be later
approved via e-Mail Ballot.
Roll Call: Roster of Voting Companies
And Primary / Voting Representatives
Aniruddh Dikhit, Cisco
Neal Silverman, Computerworld
Tim Hudson, Cryptsoft
Bill Dawkins, Dell Computer Corp.
Wayne Adams, EMC Corporation
Mark Jones, Emulex Corporation
Leah Schoeb, Evaluator Group
Mike Bellon, Flexstar
Al Zmyslowski, Fujitsu America Inc.
Walt Hubis, Fusion-io
Peter Manning, HP
Vincent Franceschini, Hitachi Data Systems
Alan Yoder, Huawei
Glen Jaquette, IBM
Jim Pappas, Intel Corporation
Bill Wuertz, LSI Corporation
Xuyun Song, MacroSAN
SW Worth, Microsoft Corporation
Dave Dale, NetApp
Bruce Backa, NTP Software
Tony Di Cenzo, Oracle Corporation
Garth Gibson, Panasas, Inc.
Skip Jones, QLogic
Mark Pastor, Quantum
Bill Martin, Samsung SSI
Philippe Nicolas, Scality
Molly Rector, Spectra Logic
Swapna Yasaparu, STEC
Kris Rajana, Vedams
Jeff Sosa, Virident
Steve Sicola, X-IO
Notes: IDT was Voting Member, but “Inactive”
Quorum Number Requirement is 16
Announcing 2013- 2014 Board of Directors
Wayne Adams – EMC *
David Dale – NetApp *
Tony Di Cenzo – Oracle
Dave Gimpl – IBM *
Skip Jones – QLogic
Jim Pappas – Intel *
Peter Manning – HP
Molly Rector – Spectra Logic *
SW Worth – Microsoft
Al Zmyslowski – Fujitsu
Non-Voting Board Members:
Leo Leger – SNIA Executive Director
2013-2014 Technical Council Chair (TBD)
* Members Elected to a new 2-Year Term.
Please note that the SNIA Officer elections will take place
on October 13th.
Three (3) Appointed Seats on Board of Directors are Available.
Announcing 2013-2014 Technical Council
Craig Carlson – QLogic
Mark Carlson – Oracle *
Don Deel – EMC
Fred Knight – NetApp
Bill Martin – Samsung SSI *
Carlos Pratt – IBM *
Doug Voigt – HP
Alan Yoder – Huawei
Non-Voting Technical Council Member
Arnold Jones – TC Managing Director
* Members re-elected for a new 2-year term
Please note that the SNIA Technical Council (TC) Officer elections
will take place on October 13th.
Two (2) Appointed Technical Council Member Seats are Available
SNIA: Connecting People, Storage
and Information
Approximately 4,200 Active Members
Some 400 Organizations Comprising
Vendors, Service Providers, End Users,
SNIA Technology Center
SNIA Tech Center, US
Channel and Services
Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Tsinghua University, Beijing, PRC
SNIA Technology Center
Tokyo University, Japan
~ 48,000 IT Users and Vendors Educated
~2,500 Certified Professionals Achieving
~4,500 Certifications *
* Includes 1,000-Plus New “CompTIA Storage + Powered by SNIA” Certifications by Year-end
Staff and Contractors:
Supporting and Coordinating SNIA Activities
Executive Director: Leo Leger
Operations and Business Services
Michael Meleedy, Business Services and
Education Director
Kelli Martin, Business Services
Serena Buckholz, Online Programs and
Web Manager
Kristin Hauser, Marketing Programs and
Design Manager
Jen Bees and Diane Marsili, Program
Consultants (Contractors)
Membership Services and Sales
Marty Foltyn, Business Development
Representative (Contractor)
Lisa Mercurio, Membership Services
SNIA Emerald and KMIP Programs
Dave Thiel, Program Director (Contractor)
Education and Global Programs
Nancy Clay, Education Program Manager
Paul Talbut, Global Education and
Regional Affiliate Program Director
Technology and Technology Center
Arnold Jones, Technical Council Managing
John Malia, Technology Systems and
Support Engineer and SNIA Technology
Infrastructure Manager
Erin Weiner, Project and Operations
SMI Management and Program
Support (Includes F&I Programs)
Tom Mancuso, Senior. Program Manager,
SMI and CSI Program Support
James Rigger, Conformance Testing
Programs Manager
Marilyn Fausset, Senior Technical Writer
and GSI Program Support
Note: SNIA has Contractor Agreements with
approximately 20 additional industry and subject
matter experts in various functions and Forums
and Initiatives (F&I’s)
SNIA Organization Chart
Highlight Activities
October 2012 – September 2013
Cloud Storage Initiative’s (CSI), CDMI (Cloud Data Management Interface), the
first industry-developed open standard specifically for data storage as a service as
part of cloud computing, was designated an International Standard. CSI also
participated in the first International Cloud Interoperability Week which took place
the week of September 16-20.
Green Storage Initiative (GSI), released SNIA Emerald Specification V2.0 which
introduced “hot band” workload testing for storage array testing. GSI also conducted
a SNIA Emerald training session in Colorado Springs for industry stakeholders.
SNIA Certification continues to evolve with programs like e-Courses, which are now
available online or through iPad or Android versions. The certification refresh/rewrite
to Storage Networking Management/Administration (201) and Assessment, Planning
and Design (300) credentials were also completed.
SNIA Tutorials remain popular at industry-wide events with many being videorecorded and available on Website repository.
SNIA 2013 Dictionary continues to be industry resource and 2012 Edition again won
APEX recognition award. SNIA Brazil also publishing a Portuguese version.
Highlight Activities
October, 2012 – September, 2013
Solid State Storage Initiative (SSSI) launched their Workload I/O Capture
Program (WIOCP) which is designed to give statistics on workloads at the user level
to find out what kind of traffic your software is generating
Storage Security Industry Forum (SSIF) is driving industry program for KMIP
Conformance Testing at SNIA Colorado Springs Technology Center, ready for
testing Q4 2013. KMIP is an OASIS technical specification
Data Protection and Capacity Optimization Committee (DPCO) released a new
edition of their DPCO Product Selection Guide
Ethernet Storage Forum (ESF) has adjusted its charter to better address trends in
the market place by redefining its Special Interest Groups to focus on the broader
use of file protocols in datacenter applications, and the continued push toward
datacenter consolidation with the use of Ethernet as a storage network
Storage Management Initiative (SMI) continues to drive storage management with
SMI-S 1.6 and beyond; SMI-Lab, CTP continues on-going efforts to promote
industry adoption of SMI-S
LTFS and N-VM TWG’s readying specs for public release soon. Will create interest.
Highlight Activities
October, 2012 – September, 2013
SNIA Events a Success
Winter Members’ Symposium featured enhanced Member Recognition Programs
Inaugural Non-Volatile Memory Summit took place during the Winter Member’s
Symposium with over 150 attendees – many analysts and media (January)
SNW (Co-owned with IDG) – Santa Clara Fall 2012 and Orlando Spring 2013 include still
popular Hand-on-Labs and significant SNIA content with Tutorials; Record Registration
Inaugural Storage Plumbing and Data Engineering Conference (SPDEcon) met its
attendance (over 180 registrants) and financial first–year objectives (June)
Successful 10th Annual Storage Developer Conference in Santa Clara exceeds its
sponsorship and attendance (400) goals and includes successful SMB2/SMB3, iSCSI, and
Cloud Interoperability Plugfests (September)
2nd Annual Analytics and Big Data Summit attracted nearly 150 attendees with excellent
agenda including three-track breakouts featuring a SNIA Tutorial track (September)
SNIA’s Experts and Representatives Participated in a Host of Industry Events
SNW Europe; SNW China; LISA’13, IDG Roapmaps; Storage Visions; USENIX FAST;
Microsoft Management Summit; Gluecon; IBM Edge; Flash Memory Summit; Intel
Developer Forum
Highlight Activities
October, 2012 – September, 2013
SNIA’s Global Presence Enhanced
Global Steering Committee launched in 2012 and continues to meet monthly with
SNIA Board and Technical Council members often in Delegation Visits and at
Events, e.g., Japan, China, Europe, and others
SNIA Brazil near completion of its “Provisional” Phase with committed leadership
and membership
SNIA China redefining its membership value propositin and evaluating association
management services
SNIA’s Marketing Strategy Poised for Enhancement
New Marketing Steering Committee is launched in August - will Complement both
Cross-Marketing and GSC Teams
SNIA Continues to Manage its Finances Carefully and is Poised for the
SNIA Fiscal Report
* Note – 2011 and 2012 P/L numbers include allowances for bad debt and vacation accrual not included in
prior years. For details, refer to our 2012 annual report at:
2013 was a year of continued financial prudence and performance. We are once
again projecting a “break-even” financial performance or slight surplus.
Despite industry mergers and acquisitions, SNIA has been able to maintain for a
third consecutive year a steady revenue stream of membership revenue
based on new/replacement members and added Forum and Initiative activity.
2013 was an important year as SNIA continued to pursue its strategic programs
to reinforce the value of linking core storage technologies and standards
with upper layers of management functions for data and information
CSI, GSI, SSSI, SMI… and now with LTFS, PCIe and N-V M
2014 will present interesting opportunities for SNIA:
A number of our technical initiatives enter commercial adoption and test-validation phases,
New technology trends such as software defined XXX extend into existing trends for enterprise
big data, cloud, persistent storage memory, and open source,
Our new Technology Center in Colorado Springs extends our commitment to the region and
technical programs wrapped around our specifications. (Move by December 31 st).
We could not do the work of the SNIA without our
passionate and dedicated volunteers, some of whom
will be specially recognized at our January Members’
Winter Symposium in San Jose
The support and loyalty of all SNIA Members, Volunteers
and your Companies is deeply appreciated
Your Feedback is also welcomed.
Thank You...!
We look forward to your participation in SNIA
in the upcoming year...!

Announcing 2013- 2014 Board of Directors