2013 Minutes

Minutes of the SNIA Annual Members’ Meeting: 03 October 2013
Conference Call – 10am PDT
Voting Companies (Present): Cisco Systems, EMC Corporation, Flexstar, Fujitsu America
Inc., HP, Hitachi Data Systems, Huawei, IBM, Intel Corporation, Microsoft Corporation,
NetApp, Oracle Corporation, Scality, Vedams
Voting Companies (Not Present): Computerworld, Cryptsoft, Dell Computer Corp.,
Emulex Corporation, Evaluator Group, Fusion-io, LSI Corporation, MacroSAN, NTP Software,
Panasas, Inc., QLogic, Quantum, Samsung SSI, Spectra Logic, STEC, Virident, X-IO
1. Roll Call (for Quorum)
Leo Leger, Executive Director, completed roll call. Proxy representation is acceptable.
Quorum of 16 Voting Member Company Representatives or their designate was not
initially met and was again not met at the end of the meeting during a second roll call.
Fourteen voting members were represented.
2. Welcoming Comments and Agenda
Wayne Adams (EMC), 2013 Chairman, welcomed everyone to SNIA’s 2013 Annual
Members’ Meeting and reviewed the agenda.
2013 SNIA Annual Meeting Presentation
3. Approval of Minutes
2012 Annual Members’ Meeting Minutes, presented by Peter Manning (HP), 2013
Quorum was not met, so no motion was brought forward to approve the 2012 Annual
Members’ Meeting minutes. Suggestion was to check for quorum at end of the meeting
and if not met, 2012 Minutes would be approved by e-mail ballot or during next meeting.
4. 2014 Election Results
Leo Leger, Executive Director, announced and congratulated the 2013-2014 Board and
Technical Council Election Results and introduced the 2014 Board and TC members.
Board of Directors Election Results: 6 Candidates for 5 Seats
Elected to a 2-Year Term: Wayne Adams (EMC), David Dale (NetApp), Dave Gimpl
IBM), Jim Pappas (Intel), Molly Rector (Spectra Logic)
Not elected to the Board, but being invited to Long Beach meeting for consideration for
an appointed seat: Philippe Nicolas (Scality)
Continuing Board members: Skip Jones (QLogic), Peter Manning (HP), SW Worth
(Microsoft), Al Zmyslowski (Fujitsu)
Minutes of the SNIA Annual Members’ Meeting: 03 October 2013
Conference Call – 10am PDT
Non-Voting Board Members: Leo Leger (SNIA Executive Director) and 2013-2014
Technical Council Chairman (TBD).
Technical Council Election Results: 4 Candidates for 2 Seats
Elected to a 2-Year Term: Mark Carlson (Oracle), Bill Martin (Samsung SSI), Carlos Pratt
(IBM). A tie vote resulted in 3 elected members filling 3 Seats
Continuing TC members: Craig Carlson (QLogic), Don Deel (EMC), Fred Knight
(NetApp), Doug Voigt (HP), Alan Yoder (Huawei)
Not Elected to the TC, but being invited to Long Beach Meeting for consideration for an
appointed seat: Leah Schoeb (Evaluator Group)
Non-Voting Technical Council Member: Arnold Jones, TC Managing Director
Wayne reported that SNIA has often appointed representatives from SNIA’s regional
affiliates, and SNIA is expected to appoint them during the October board meeting.
5. SNIA Overview and 2013 Annual Update (Presenter: Wayne Adams, SNIA
 Education
- 48,000 IT users and vendors have been educated with SNIA tutorials.
- 2,500 certified professionals have achieved 4,500 certifications.
- SNIA keeps up with the need for industry certifications non-vendor specific.
Organizational Structure
- The number of member companies fluctuates with both new members and
acquisitions affecting the numbers.
- Several years ago SNIA moved from contractor to permanent staff model.
- SNIA has 13 direct employees and 20 contractors (listed on the public website), led by
Executive Director, Leo Leger.
- Wayne commented on the low turnover. Kelli Martin was added as Business Services
Coordinator this year. Leo thanked the staff for their dedication and loyalty.
- The SNIA Organizational Chart was displayed. See 2013 SNIA Annual Meeting
Presentation. SNIA has 12 alliances, 7 regional affiliates, 13 committees, 6
forums/initiatives, and 15 technical working groups.
- SNIA continues to examine how it looks at alliances.
- SNIA China and SNIA Brasil are actively developing their organizations.
- New committees: Global Steering Committee, Marketing Steering Committee
- Forums and Initiatives have separate business models. SSIF has a new test program
under development. The Storage Management Initiative (SMI) continues with
development of SMI-S.
Minutes of the SNIA Annual Members’ Meeting: 03 October 2013
Conference Call – 10am PDT
Highlighted activities
- Cloud Storage Initiative (CSI) has held plugfests in different countries, and has
developed the Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) standard. GSI is working
with the EPA, which plans to go live with the Storage Energy Star program, and has
release the SNIA Emerald Specification V2.0.
- Training is being made available throughout the world, including some upcoming
refreshed upper-level credentials.
- Tutorials remain popular. They are managed by the Education Committee, and many
are available on the SNIA website. SNIA is examining new options for tutorial delivery.
- The SNIA Dictionary continues to be industry resource; the 2012 Edition again won
an APEX recognition award. It is translated in Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese.
- Non-volatile Memory (NVM) is an active group within SSSI.
- KMIP Conformance Testing is a new program of the Storage Security Industry Forum
(SSIF) planned to be launched this Fall, with some SNIA staff already trained.
- SMI has added new members, had several successful plugfests in 2013, including ones
held outside the SNIA Technology Center.
- The Linear Tape File System (LTFS) TWG has just released a specification for
membership vote. NVM is expected to do the same soon.
Successful SNIA Events (Leo, Leger, presenter)
- Winter Members’ Symposium included awards.
- Leo received much positive feedback about the inaugural Non-volatile Memory
- SNW (Co-owned with IDG) – Santa Clara Fall 2012 and Orlando Spring 2013
included still popular Hands-on-Labs, had significant SNIA content, record registration.
- The new Storage Plumbing and Data Engineering Conference (SPDEcon) met its
attendance (over 180 registrants) and financial first–year objectives.
- The 10th annual SDC (Storage Developer Conference) exceeded its sponsorship and
attendance (400) goals.
- The 2nd annual Analytics and Big Data Summit (ABDS) piggybacked on SDC.
Non-SNIA Industry Events
- SNIA representatives gave presentations at many non-SNIA events such as company
conferences and international conferences.
SNIA’s Global Presence Enhanced
- Revamped committees aimed to provide better coordination and share best practices.
- SNIA Brasil is obtaining critical mass to move on to the next phase.
- SNIA China is redefining its value proposition, wants to increase technical work.
- SNIA’s Marketing Strategy is poised for enhancement. The New Marketing Steering
Committee was launched in August to focus on a global marketing message, will revise
SNIA materials delivered at conferences.
Minutes of the SNIA Annual Members’ Meeting: 03 October 2013
Conference Call – 10am PDT
SNIA poised for the Future
- SNIA is acting conservatively to manage finances and spending practices. SNIA has
been working with break-even finances.
6. Fiscal Health Report
Al Zmyslowski, 2013 Treasurer, reviewed net assets and annual revenue. Revenue has
been stable since the 2009 recession. SNIA has over $2 million in reserves. In 2012,
SNIA completed the year with a small surplus, per P/L.
Al reviewed the SNIA 2013 Annual Report briefly. He invited members to review the
report in detail and send him any questions. It is available on the Resource page on the
SNIA website.
7. Summary
Wayne stated that 2013 was a productive year and thanked the volunteers for their
participation and support. SNIA will continue to pursue strategic programs in 2014.
Good financial practices have kept membership strong. Several new companies have
joined SNIA.
Standards are being referenced in cross disciplines. SNIA groups are working with each
other to focus on new technologies.
Trends: SNIA researches and determines which ones are relevant and present
opportunities for SNIA.
SNIA's new address: A new SNIA Technology Center will open in December near the
current one. It extends SNIA's commitment to the region and technical programs
wrapped around SNIA specifications. Wayne reminded members that companies can use
the tech center for technical activities.
Wayne projected similar revenue for the coming year as in 2012.
8. Questions and Answers
Kris Rajan, Vedams, expressed interest in conducting educational sessions in India. He
was advised to contact Paul Talbut. Leo will contact Kris after this meeting.
Wayne invited attendees to the Winter Symposium meeting in San Jose, California, in
January 2014.
9. Meeting Adjourned.
Wayne adjourned the meeting.