Interactive Animation Presentation

Chris Norman
How to Cheat at Flash CS5
Came across a chapter about the
bone tool and wanted to use the
dinosaur in some way
Using the deco tool in Flash CS6 I
created two skylines
I looked at images of aircraft on
google as I wanted to have
something fly across the screen
My original idea was to
use the New York skyline
I had done for the
panorama. But this
wouldn’t work because I
wanted the dinosaur to
walk between two layers
of buildings. So using the
deco tool I created two
layers of buildings with
The dinosaur would then walk
through the city and to make
it slightly better I added in a
godzilla sound that played
three times as the dinosaur
walked through the city.
After I had finished my
drawings of aircraft I
grouped them together to
make a tween and had them
fly over the city.
 I think the animation runs very smoothly, especially the movements of
Godzilla, he was very fluid. This made it a pleasure to watch.
I agree and think that the aircraft should have sound, otherwise the appear
to be flying silently through the sky. This, in my opinion will improve the
 I think the animation runs really smoothly especially Godzilla and the planes
which both look great.
The Godzilla sound fit in really well with the theme of the animation, it’s a
fun sound as it kind of contrasts with the funny looking Godzilla and works
really well.
The planes probably should have sound in it but we didn’t have that long to
do these so it’s not that big of an issue.
 In response to my feedback that I received I will be adding the sound of
aircraft to the animation
 If possible I will try to slow the building layers down so that they are
not as blurry