Rocel in 1970
Mum Celine & Rocel (38 yrs later)
25 March 2010
Dear JSHS Class of 1968,
It has been 42 years since the last time
I have seen you guys. It has been my
ardent desire to meet you again and this
time with your own respective families if
I was wondering how life with everyone has
become since. It’s nice to catch up after all
these long years. Surely, there are so many
exciting stories to tell.
I would love to reminisce the past, viz.,
our togetherness during our Glee Club,
Rondalla, Gymnastics, Cultural Dance
Troupe, Maths Club, Lodestar Newspaper group, School representations,
JS Proms, etc.
I would love to know how’s my friend Maria
Lourdes Gular (1968 Valedictorian),
Julie Rabino, & The Sandpipers’ Singing
Group like Belen, & Avelina, & the rest.
I thought I would only be here in
Melbourne, Australia to work but since
starting my own family married to Bert &
with two daughters Leila & Laura, I was
stuck. I got hooked to a different lifestyle,
i.e., being independent.
Definitely, it took a lot of adjustments to
settle down especially being one of the
first few Filipinos to migrate. I have been
here since September 1977.
I am currently a proud grandma to
Nathan, David, & Angelica (1-3yrs
old respectively).
Perhaps, if I’ve fallen for anyone of you, it
would be a different story (joke only!!!).
So far for me, I am still the same person with
same moral values and character. However,
I have acquired a completely different
personality from so many influential people
along the way.
I have realised that Australia is good to us.
Eventually, I was joined in by my mother
Celine, & sister Rocel Bautista (JSHS 1970
Fortunately, I was able to come across only
one schoolmate here, Rene Alinea, who was
once a very popular student then for his
sociability. I was wondering if there is
anybody else that I haven’t bumped into.
Hope to still see you all one day, perhaps
next Reunion.
From Australia with Love,
Zeny Bautista-Lapena
(JSHS 1968 Salutatorian Graduate)
+613 9434 6922
Mobile: +61 409 338346
Email: [email protected]
Both me and my wife are JSHS Alumni
I am Danny Gortayo, JSHS Class 1970
happily married to Angelina Tolentino,
JSHS Class 1971.
We have two grown-up children and
now call Clarksville, Maryland, USA our
It is nice to look back. I can't help but
smile trying to recall those good old days
in the Lodestar, the PMT, the glee club,
teachers, classmates, etc.
Again Congratulations and God Bless!
To all Fellow Alumni of
John Forward High School
(Juan Sumulong High School)
More Reunions to come...
Class 80
I am here in one of the coldest part of
the world, Winnipeg, Canada
God Bless to All!
Greetings from Bournemouth, DorsetUnited Kingdom
We wish for the successful proceedings of
the Joint Cluster Assembly of JSHS
Classes 1965-80 and 1981-90 on March 28,
Hello to all JSHS alumni,
First of all I'd like to give kudos to Leo and
Bermel for initiating this social
It was glad to be able to connect and reconnect with old buddies.
You guys did a good job!
By the way, I am from batch 1976, IV-1
under Ms Vicky San Pedro, and currently
living in New Jersey, USA.
During those days ... they call me JHEE or
GIE. I bet most of you know me. If you're
a guy and came to school with
your shirt loose, most likely, nakatikim ka ng
kurot sa akin.
I dont care kung malaki or maskulado ka pa,
kahit anak ka pa ng teacher ... kurot ang
aabutin mo kapag ang uniform mo ay hindi
tucked-in. ( Terror ano? ) I dont remember
kung si Leo or Bermel ay nakurot ko.
In addition, every year na lang, ako ang
parating ginagawang monitor ng mga
adviser namin. So, kapag maingay ka sa klase
or makulit ka habang wala ang teacher - Watch out!
Tititigan muna kita at kapag hindi ka
tumahimik -- makakatikim ka ng flying
ballpen. Kaya lahat ng classmates ko noon
But kidding aside, I for one is proud to be an
alumnus of Juan Sumulong High School,
I hope you all feel the same.
Thank you to all our advisers and teachers. We
wont be where we are now without your
I believe there are so many activities for today,
tiyak lahat kayong dumalo ngayon ay mag-eenjoy. So have fun and CONGRATULATIONS! to
all, especially sa nag-organize ng event na ito.
God Bless to all,
Gilda de Jesus - Tarlac
Batch 1976