Linear Algebra

Department of Statistics
Course Announcement
Course Title-Linear Algebra (線性代數)
 開課系級:統計一
Text: Elementary Linear Algebra,
Howard Anton, Chris Rorres
 Instructor: Tsair-chuan Lin (林財川)
1. Office: 商 7F14
2. Tel: (02) 26874-6775 (03)327-7568
3. Office Hours: Tu, Th 10:00~12:00 am
4. E-mail: [email protected]
5. Web:
Course Objectives and Description- Students should develop some computational
skills in working with linear functions and the matrices used to represent them.
However, more of the course will focus on non-computational issues, such as
learning to use appropriate terminology and reasoning and constructing proofs.
Matrix algebra and solutions of systems of linear equations, matrix inversion,
determinants. Vector spaces, linear dependence, basis and dimension, subspaces.
Inner products, Gram-Schmidt process. Linear transformations, matrices of a
linear transformation. Eigenvalues and eigenvectors. Some numerical methods
for linear systems-Gaussian elimination with partial pivoting, the iterative Jacobi
and Gauss-Seidel methods.
Grading: Grades will be assigned on the basis of 300 points, as follows:
 1 middle-term exam worth 100 points
 Quizzes and/or homework, 100 points total
 Final exam, 100 points
Your instructor will provide more specific information about grading policies
in your section.
Calculators and Dictionary: Calculators and dictionary will be allowed on all the
Rule for Homework:
 A4 paper, single side written,
do not copy (cheat) from others,
staple together,
write down your name, student number, and homework set number,
etc, on the top of the first page.
due day: 2 weeks after announced day or before the coming test.