Pre-Med Insights with Dr. London and Dr. McClure

Pre-Medical Webinar Series
Medical School Applications
in a Nutshell
Dr. London and Dr. McClure
Moderator: Kyra Young, SCS Program Coordinator
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James T. London, MD
Dr. James T. London is a graduate
of UC Berkeley and received his
medical degree from University of
California San Francisco Medical
School. He was a fellow at the
Mayo Clinic. Prior to going into
private practice he was on the fulltime teaching staff as an assistant
professor of surgery at the UCLA
School of Medicine.
He has been in private practice for
over 30 years and has served as
Chief of Staff at San Pedro
Peninsula Hospital. He was
previously active in The New York
Times Scholarship Fund. Dr.
London is co-founder of South
Central Scholars.
William O. McClure, PhD
Dr. William “Bill” McClure is a
Professor of Biological Sciences at
the College of Letters, Arts, and
Sciences at USC. His research
interests center upon the biological
and chemical aspects of mental
He has published over 150 books,
scientific papers and patents and
trained over 40 graduate students,
who now hold significant positions in
both academe and industry. Dr.
McClure is a recipient of the USC
Associates Award for Excellence in
Teaching and the USC Presidential
Medallion—the highest award given
by USC. Dr. McClure is a board
member and Summer Academy
professor of South Central Scholars.
How do you raise your chances of
getting into medical school? 11 Tips
1) Grades
Grades are still most important factor
Get high grades in required subjects (i.e. Chemistry,
Physics, Biology, Math)
2) Key Courses
DON’T take key courses at same time
DON’T take key courses at community college
3) Summer School
4) Major
Biology is a required prerequisite, NOT a required
How do you raise your chances of getting into medical school?
5) Create a coherent story
Why the major? Why the summer internship?
More important than USMLE
7) Summer Internships
Give back! (community service)
Research  Published (i.e. NSF, NIH)
8) Post-Bachelorette Programs
List of medical schools (no such thing as bad ones;
similar to college applications; apply to popular ones)
11 Tips
9) Letters of Recommendation
Let them be blind
10) Personal Statement
Terribly important; make it distinctive
Everything must be correct: spelling, etc.
11) Practice before interviews
Don’t go in cold!
Practice with SCS
Questions & Answers
Dr. London
Dr. McClure