hcw unified gov`t wyandotte slides

Healthy Communities
Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City
Healthy Lifestyles Forum
August 26, 2011
Establishment of HCW
Basis for the establishment of HCW Kansas Health Institute’s 2009 County
Health Ranking Report.
 Community Health challenges in
Wyandotte County are well documented.
 “Action-based” planning approach
 Grounded in community input
What HCW Heard
Series of three community meetings were
held to discuss the County Health
Rankings Report.
◦ Facilitated by KHI
Priority areas identified were:
Community Relations/Communications
Access to Healthy Food
Health Services
HCW Steering Committee
Mayor Joe Reardon
Bill Epperheimer, CEO
Wyandotte Health Foundation
Dr. Tom Burke, President
Bob Page, President/CEO
University of Kansas Hospital
Pete Zevenbergen, Director
Wyandot, Inc.
Dr. Robert Van Maren,
USD #204
Commissioner John Mendez
Commissioner Mark Holland
Commissioner Pat Pettey
Reverend Tony Carter
Baptist Ministers Union
Mike Dorsey, President/CEO
Providence Medical Center
Dr. Barbara Atkinson,Vice
University of Kansas Medical
Mary Lou Jaramillo, President/CEO
El Centro
Steve Adams, Superintendent
USD #203
Karla Leibham,Assoc.
Archdiocese of Kansas City in
Tom Stibal, Exec. Director
KCK Housing Authority
Deb Ayers-Geist, Director of
Special Services
USD #202
Lisa Garcia, Director of Student
USD #500
Brandi Fisher,Vice President
United Way of Wyandotte County
HCW Action Teams
Established at the Steering Committee
Meeting held on January 26, 2011.
 Total of 5 Action Teams
 The Action Teams membership have good
representation of subject matter experts
and community members.
 Community Health Improvement Plan is
slated to be adopted in December, 2011
HCW Accomplishments
Featured community by Robert Wood
Johnson Foundation
◦ http://www.rwjf.org/pr/product.jsp?id=72092
Unified Government adopted a Complete
Streets resolution.
Sidewalk/Trail Master Plan; Expansion of Safe
Routes to School; Walkability Assessment.
◦ Thank You HCF!
Grant submitted to Kansas Health
Foundation – Access to Healthy Food
HCW Emerging Issues
While not final, there are themes
emerging from the work of the action
◦ Incentive programs to increase high school
graduation and college/vocational training
 3rd Highest Salary ($42,640)
 3rd Lowest Per Capita Income ($27,966)
◦ “Active Living” opportunities
◦ Increased outreach/education/communication
HCW Community Engagement
Community Health Improvement –
planning for the future health of
Wyandotte County.
◦ Understanding that these changes are
◦ The importance of planning/policy.
◦ Value placed on community health.