Catie Simons, Jamie Sowders, Skylar Naefus, Shelby Gordon, Daring Didat, Karissa
Korinek, Kristen Kepley, Kayla Taft
Chapter 5 Summary
Miss Maudie was introduced in the story. She was a widow, and Scout and Jen play in
her yard, but lately Scout has been hanging out with her more. Jem and Dill began
ditching Scout, so she talked to Miss Maudie about Boo Radley and found out his name
was Arthur. One day Jen and Dill decided to put a letter in Boo Ridley’s window.
“What a morbid question. But I suppose it‘s a morbid subject. I know he's alive, Jean
Louise, because I haven‘t seen him carried out yet.” page 43
Dill said, “It's my idea. I figure if he'd come out and sit a spell with us e might feel
better.” p. 47
Chapter 6 Summary
Jem, Scout, and Dill all went up to the Ridley place and looked into a window, and then
Nathan Radley came up behind them and they thought it was Boo. They all ran back
towards their house only to find all the adults standing there talking to Nathan Radley. He
said that he was shooting at a black person or a dog. Jem had lost his pants and Dill said
they were playing strip poker so Attics told his to get his pants back. Since they were at
the Radley’s, Jem had to go up there at 2 in the morning to get his pants back.
 “Every night-sound I heard from my cot on the back porch was magnified three-fold;
every scratch of feet on the gravel was Boo Radley seeking revenge, every Negro
laughing in the night was Boo Radley loose and after us.”
“His white shirt bobbed over the back fence and slowly grew larger. He came up the
back steps, latched the door behind him, and sat on his cot. Wordlessly, he held up his
pants. He lay down, and for a while I heard his cot trembling. Soon he was still. I did not
hear him stir again.” p. 57
Mr. Nathan Radley: he shot into the air because he thought there was a black person
or a dog.
Dill: he had the plan to put the letter in Radley’s window and also helped with the plan
in chapter 6.
Miss Maudie: Scout and Jem used to go to her and house and became good friends,
and she believed that Boo was alive.
Jem: helped with the plan to go to the house in chapter 6 and lost his pants.
Social Implications
Mr. Radley shot into the air because he
thought he was scaring off an African
American or a dog.
Political Implications
Playing any kind of poker wasn‘t
allowed in this time, so Jim lied and
said that they were playing with
matches and not cards so they
wouldn't get in trouble.
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