For The Life of Your Business:

For The Life of Your Business
Free Mentoring, Training, & Resources
for Entrepreneurs
Topeka SCORE Chapter 342
120 SE 6th Avenue
Topeka, KS 66603
Phone 785 234 3049
Why We Are Here Today
We are networking with you today because:
1. We are asking that you consider being a volunteer for
SCORE, or refer us to a friend or family member who
might be interested
2. We are asking for client referrals for our volunteer
organization, who need mentoring in their businesses
(this could be one of you, a family member, or a
3. To explain our organization to you and tell you why
we became members of SCORE (mentoring,
administration, leadership)
What is SCORE?
SCORE is America’s
small business resource
Free & confidential
• One-on-one mentoring in
person & online.
• We help small biz grow
• Workshops, seminars &
events in your community.
• Vera Bradley $288mm rev
• Business tools & templates at
• 370,000 assisted this year
• Jelly Belly $160mm rev
• 9 million served since 1964
We Help Small Businesses
SCORE is a non-profit
resource partner of the
United States
Small Business Administration
SCORE: An Overview
SCORE was formed in 1964 as a resource partner of the Small Business
Administration whose mission is to help aspiring and existing businesses
succeed. Since then, we’ve helped over 10 million people in pursuit of
their business goals.
• 11,000+ volunteer across 340 chapters
• 1 million hours of service donated by volunteers
• Since 2009*:
o 204,680 Businesses Started
o 251,356 Jobs Created
o 238,892 Businesses Increased Revenue
*Source: Gallup & Price Waterhouse Cooper SCORE Client Outcomes Survey 2009 - 2012
Small Business…Huge Impact
SCORE offers
over 340
across the
nation plus
and resources
Small Business…Huge Impact
SCORE offers
over 11,000
mentors with
expertise in
over 62
Small Business…Huge Impact
Of SCORE’s 2012 Clients:
53% were
32% were
13% were
Who Does SCORE Help?
Firms in
Business for a
Year or More
Research &
How SCORE Mentors Help You
Mentors can also help prepare you for new growth.
Confidentially review your business situation
Identify your served markets vs new markets
Assess product portfolio
Assist with SWOT analysis
Identify business options
Develop your growth strategies
Online Resources
Templates.Tips. Blogs. Workshops.
Tools for Business Success Available 24/7
Get access to over1,800 templates & tools, 1,000 blog posts, and 100
English and Spanish language workshops to help you start and grow
your business.
• Templates & Tools - Articles, assessments, outlines, templates, and other resources
that you can use to learn and implement new strategies
• SCORE LIVE Webinars - Live ,1-hour presentations by mentors and partners on a
variety of small business topics and trends
• Online Workshop – A business training module archived on
• SCORE Blogs - Business experts in a number of industries share information on
emerging trends and topics facing today’s small business owner
• SCORE Newsletters - Subscribe to get the latest business information, tips and
resources delivered to your inbox
Online Resources
Entrepreneurs’ Favorite Small Business Tools
60% of SCORE clients
say these SCOREmentored tools are very
important to the growth
of their business.
Source: Gallup SCORE Client Outcomes Survey 2010.
Marketing Plan
Business Plan
Cash Flow Analysis
Financial Strategy
Why SCORE Works
You Don’t Have to Go It Alone
Mentoring provides improved chances for startup and success through
one-on-one business coaching.
Workshops provide training on
critical topics in an environment where
you can learn from experts and likeminded entrepreneurs.
Online Resources can be your
playbook to provide step-by-step
outlines for small business strategies.
Why SCORE Works
You Don’t Have to Go It Alone
Our team of SCORE
mentors offers over 300,000
total years of business
experience in over 60
We’re here for the life of your
business – providing free
advice for as long as you
own your business.
National SCORE Resources
Call or visit us online:
 800-634-0245
Local SCORE Resources
Topeka Contact: 120 SE 6th Ave., Suite 110, Topeka, KS 66603;
phone 785-234-3049; email [email protected]
Manhattan Contact: Fred Willich, phone 785-539-7266
Junction City Contact: Susan Jagerson, phone 785-762-2632
Lawrence Contact: Mark Wolfson, phone 785-843-4664
Monthly Newsletter:
Other Partners’ Resources
Karl Klein, Regional Director, Washburn University Small
Business Development Center; phone 785-234-3235
ext. 258 (workshops, consulting, joint activities
Glenda Washington,V.P. Entrepreneurial and
Minority Business Development, Go Topeka, phone 785231-6048
Susan Jagerson, Economic Development,
Junction City Area Chamber of Commerce
phone 785-762-1976
Thank You