What’s new for spring 2013 and a review of some
common scheduling oversights.
Blended Instructional Mode
A course’s instructional mode is noted on the basic
data tab in Maintain Schedule of Classes.
There are three instruction mode options:
= Class is offered in person. This is the most common
instruction mode.
 OL = Class is offered online.
 BL = Blended, class is a mixture of online and in person
Blended instructional mode is a new option that
departments can now select.
Blended Instructional Mode, Cont.
Select the appropriate instructional mode on the
basic data tab in maintain schedule of classes.
Change to class permissions
Enrollment Services has updated the process for
assigning class permissions.
We are asking that academic schedulers do not
provide permissions for students to register in closed
classes. A class is closed when it has reached its
enrollment capacity. If you wish to raise the enrollment
capacity for a course, please contact Meg Jerabek in
Enrollment Services ([email protected]). It is important
not to give permissions to permit additional students
into closed classes because it can affect the ability to
room the course in an appropriately sized classroom.
Change to class permissions, cont.
If you would like to assign permission for one
particular student to enroll in a class that has
reached its enrollment capacity, Enrollment Services
will be happy to process these requests.
Please email [email protected] with your request.
Reminder about FYE Scheduling Blocks
Reminder about First Year Experience block scheduling
During the Spring 12 semester, the First Year Experience
learning community courses will be scheduled during the
MWF 9 am -11 am block, which will affect space
availability for all courses.
This leaves very limited availability in classrooms during these
Courses with an enrollment higher than 15 should not be
scheduled during this time block.
Courses serving freshmen or expecting significant freshman
enrollment should avoid this time period.
Courses requiring digital presentation rooms should not be
scheduled during this time block, as the rooms that hold 15 or less
do not have technology.
Popular Scheduling Blocks
Over the past few semesters there have been a
handful of scheduling blocks that have become very
Over-scheduling in these particular time slots has
left a large number of courses without classroom
assignments, simply because there are not enough
classrooms to accommodate all requests.
Popular Scheduling Blocks, Cont.
We ask all academic schools/departments to try to
spread their classes out among all available
meeting blocks.
In particular, be judicious in scheduling classes in the
following most-popular time slots:
9:10 am & 10:10 am (FYE scheduling block)
 TR 11:10 am, 2:10 pm
 MWF 11:10 am, 2:10 pm
Popular Scheduling Blocks, Cont.
Historically, Enrollment Services has been unable to
provide rooms to all classes scheduled in these most
popular timeslots. Please be aware that the meeting
time for courses may need to be adjusted in order
for space to be assigned.
Why wasn’t space assigned?
Prior to the start of registration (November 5th for
spring 12), Enrollment Services will complete classroom
assignments and they will be visible in Cardinal Station.
We will notify academic schedulers when room
assignments are complete.
We urge all schools/departments to review their space
assignments at this time.
Some classes will not have received rooms. The
following is a list of the most common reasons classes
don’t receive space assignments:
Reasons why a space may not have
been assigned….
The class is non-conforming and has not received
approval from the Provost.
No primary classroom code was requested for the class.
(If no code is entered, no space will be assigned.)
More than one primary or secondary classroom code
was requested. (If this is done, no space will be assigned.)
There is no room available that fits the needs of the
course. Needs include: the class meeting time, requested
enrollment capacity, and primary classroom code.
(secondary classroom codes are not considered needs but rather requests).
Blackboard updates
We have heard feedback from academic
schools/departments that instructors would like
access to their courses in blackboard further in
advance of the start of the semester.
Enrollment Services is working with CPIT to make this
Our goals are to roll courses into blackboard
earlier to allow faculty to build their online
instructional materials.
Blackboard updates
Our plan is to roll all fall courses into blackboard by
early June; roll spring classes by the first week in
December; and roll summer courses before the end of
We hope this effort will help faculty prepare for their
We ask academic schools/departments not to schedule
classes for a semester which the course is not planned to
be offered, simply to allow instructors earlier access to
the blackboard component.
Clarification on secondary
classroom code
The Secondary classroom code, Close to the Metro,
can only be used for evening and weekend classes.
This code is designed to allow schedulers to note if
a course is primarily offered to off-campus students
traveling to campus in the evening.
This feature should only be requested for courses
that are offered after 5pm during the week or
anytime on Saturday.
 If
this feature is entered for any courses that begin
before 5 pm, it will be removed.
Mark your Calendar!
Important Spring 13 deadlines…
September 27th: Scheduling deadline. This is the last
day to make changes in Cardinal Station.
September 28th: The following are due:
Bound class request forms.
 Back-to-back request forms.
 Any special needs requests should be emailed to
[email protected]
 Accommodation requests for faculty with special needs is
due to the Equal Opportunity Officer.
 No-conforming course approvals must be received by
Enrollment Services.
Mark your Calendar!
Important Spring 13 deadlines…
October 1st: Enrollment Services will begin the room
assignment process.
November 4th: Room assignments will be complete.
November 5th: Registration begins.
January 14th: First day of classes.
January 25th: Add/Drop deadline for session 1.
Enrollment Services will cancel all classes with an enrollment
of zero.
 Comprehensive exam rooming request due at
 Enrollment Services will begin the final exam rooming
If you have questions about any of these changes for the spring
2013 scheduling process, please don’t hesitate to contact:
Meg Jerabek
[email protected]
Or via phone at X5309

Spring 2013 Class scheduling