Registrar Matters Presentation (Bill Haid)

Updates and Topics of
Interest from the Office of
the Registrar at UCSD
Today’s agenda
• Update on major projects
– eCourse
– eGrades
• Topics of interest
– General classrooms
– Class scheduling
• Open forum
Updates on Projects
PPS-to-ISIS Interface
Web-Reg enhancements
• Electronic Course Approval System
– Academic Senate/Registrar
New automated workflow
Development, Summer 2010
Testing, Fall 2010
Currently in pilot production;
– Biology, Economics, History, Math, Structural
Engineering, NanoEngineering
• Campus-wide launch target, March 15, 2011
– Training presentations, February
– Department access sign up, February
• New system for electronic submission of grades.
– Instructor of record will submit grades online
– Grade changes will be submitted online
Specifications workgroup, Fall 2009
Project approval and funding, Spring 2010
Development, Spring 2011
Testing, Summer 2011
Campus launch, Fall 2011?
Department staff role will change
PPS-to-ISIS Interface (CUPID)
• New batch program that integrates instructor
records between PPS and ISIS.
• Core development in support of campus
• Required for eGrades to identify instructor of
• Instructor identification required for schedule
of classes and official reporting
Web-Reg Enhancements
• Workgroup appointed Fall 2010 to review Web
Reg and determine scope of enhancements.
– Class planner/shopping cart
– Interfaced with DARS
– Display of faculty name
– 2-pass enrollment system
• Workgroup meeting, Spring 2011
• Co-chairs Beth Surrell and Cindy Lyons
• Infrastructure for administrative computing
• Required to identify access and authorizations
in administrative systems
• Determined by PPS and DSA
– Instructional faculty, chairs, deans
– TA
– Staff, advisors, MSOs
• Roll out beginning in February, 2011
Topics of Interest
• Classroom scheduling
• Course scheduling
• E-forms
Classroom Scheduling
• 101 General use classrooms
– Academic priority
– Other users, such as Extension, Student Orgs,
University events, etc.
• Improved results with Schedule 25
• Complex effort to meet priorities, preferences,
and enrollment needs
• Limited by available resources of large classrooms
• Lots of give and take
• Scheduling staff available to help
Course Scheduling
• Building schedule of classes in advance
• Largely manual effort
• Combination of scheduling courses and
scheduling classrooms
• Looking at PPM 510 to revise guidelines
• Looking to interface with Class Management
System from Economics
• Additional tools
• All paper forms have been converted to .pdf
• All forms are available online (Tritonlink or
• E-Forms being developed for electronic
– Part-time study
– College Action
– Withdrawal (tba)
Q/A – Open Forum
Questions are welcome