Staff Survey 2013 briefing (Powerpoint)

staff survey 2013
Big Picture briefing
For information and discussion with teams
staff survey 2013
 Vice-Chancellor Julian Crampton and the
Senior Management Team (SMT) will work
with independent survey partner Harris
Interactive to launch a staff survey this
 The last survey ran in 2009, since which
time the university has embraced significant
changes and also published ambitious plans
for the future.
 The survey supports commitments in the
Strategic Plan around sustainable practices
and staff engagement.
staff survey 2013
 The survey will provide a valuable evidence
base for our developing HR and Internal
Communication strategies.
 It should also provide useful data for all
central departments/faculties/schools.
 This will be a supportive survey process in
discussion with managers
 The survey will enable us to build on our
existing strengths and identify areas for
collaboration and continuous improvement.
Key contacts
SMT sponsor
Carol Burns (Registrar & Secretary) but all SMT
engaged with process.
Project manager
Naomi Bonetti (HR)
Project Board
HR Director (Alison-Noon Jones, handing over to
Gavin Wright in September), Anne Boddington,
Sally Boyle, Alan Cowan, Andrew Lloyd, Sara
Rumble, Liz Sanz, Paul Frost.
Project workstreams
Naomi Bonetti & Harris – survey design &
Anna Jones & Sarah Hogg – communications &
engagement champions
Quentin North & Betsy Brewer – IS incl. data
Harris Interactive
Harris Interactive was selected via full tender
The team has extensive experience in
supporting organisations to measure
employee engagement as part of Human
Resource and Internal Communication
In the UK, Harris Interactive is a full service,
consultative custom market research agency.
The company works internationally out of
offices in the UK, Europe and the US.
Activities span public sector, business-tobusiness and consumer markets.
Our commitments upfront
We are aware that staff might wonder if the
survey will lead to anything….
A timetable will be published shortly by
SMT to all staff about when ‘areas to
address’ (and local results) will be
available and how subsequent actionplanning will be implemented.
University-wide themes and areas for
improvement will be shared within 6 weeks
of the survey closing.
Local action plans will be produced by a
clear deadline and will be published on an
online system so that plans can be
supportively shared.
The university will donate £1 per survey
completed to charity (by the survey closing
You can also reassure staff:
The survey will be confidential (and
reporting will be carefully managed so that
individuals can not be identified)
The survey will be online for the majority of
staff (via an email direct from Harris) but
we are also investigating how to reach
staff without access to a computer.
A detailed communications plan is being
developed, key to this will be the use of
staff ‘engagement champions’ to support
activity at local level as trusted contacts.
An intranet site will contain relevant
information and FAQs. A Harris telephone
number will be provided for queries.
Look out for our internal communications.
Any questions in the meantime?
Contact Project manager Naomi Bonetti
(HR) [email protected]