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Dawn, Christina - Sex Positions A Beginner's Guide to Sex Positions for Incredible Couple's Experiences, Boost your Sexual Energy and Become a Master of Kamasutra with Secret Techniques for Men and W-1

Sex Positions
A Beginner’s Guide to Sex Positions for
Incredible Couple’s Sex Experiences, Boost your
Sexual Energy and Become a Sex Master with
Secret Techniques and Tips for Men and Women.
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: The Spirituality of Love
The Difference Between Sex and Love Making
Sexual Compatibility
Chapter 2: Communication and Choosing a Partner
Chapter 3: Learning to Make Love
Sexual Intuition
Fantasies & Fetishes
Chapter 4: Sexual Domination, Sadism, & Masochism
Chapter 5: Carnal Confidence, Flirting, & Dirty Talk
Dirty Talk
Chapter 6: Getting in the Mood
Chapter 7: The Kama Sutra
Giving Mind-Blowing Orgasms
Chapter 8: Sex Positions for Beginners
Chapter 9: Best Positions for Orgasm
Chapter 10: Oral Sex
Chapter 11: Anal Sex
Chapter 12: Less Common Sex Positions
Chapter 13: Sex Positions for Insecurity, Anxiety, and Premature
Congratulations on your purchase of Sex Positions and thank you for
investing in it. This book has been written to help guide those that are
inexperienced in the realm of sex and lovemaking.
I decided to write this book because I grew up in a house that was seriously
lacking in communication. I had no idea what I was doing when I first
started to become intimate with others and it was utterly terrifying. No one
should have to feel this way.
Learning about the difference in having sex and making love is something
everyone needs to know. Becoming aware of a good choice in partners and
what to do once things get hot and heavy is equally as important. I fumbled
through the steps and eventually got it all figured out, but it was a long and
arduous journey.
I decided to share the knowledge I have gained to ensure that men and
women were able to make solid decisions in partnering and have the
confidence and knowledge they need to not only find pleasure in sex but
also provide amazing orgasms to their partners.
There is so much that one needs to learn to become a stellar sexual partner.
From dirty talk to foreplay and sex positions, it is amazing what a little bit
of information can do for you, as well as, your partner. One thing that is key
to remember is, don’t be scared and always be ready to enjoy the ride.
There are plenty of books on this subject on the market, thanks again for
choosing this one! Every effort was made to ensure it is full of as much
useful information as possible, please enjoy it!
Chapter 1: The Spirituality of Love
Love is a subject that is commonly discussed. It is a feeling that some of us
have had multiple times and one that others are still waiting to experience.
It comes in many different forms. Obviously, the way you love your parents
is not the same way that you love an intimate partner. Regardless, love
exists and can be one of the most profound feelings you have ever
Love can be one of the most confusing feelings that people experience.
Whether you are looking for it or not, it is something that we, as humans,
seek out. The world around us helps to shape us to search for love. From the
time we are babies we start to see love, or a lack thereof, from our parents.
We also see the love in things like films, cultures, and influences of it in our
religious or spiritual beliefs.
All of these things depict love a bit differently which is part of the reason so
many people find it confusing. The ideas we gain about love can happen
throughout our entire lives and make it difficult trying to decipher what it
means on the spiritual side of things.
Some find that, to them, love is a simple emotion. Others feel that it is part
of our soul. Next to that, there are people that feel as if it is an addiction that
harms us rather than completing us.
Many religions teach us that when we fall in love with a higher power, it
leads to enlightenment. This enlightenment will allow us to fully accept
love from all around us, into our hearts. However, some teach a different
side of things. If you practice the path of the Yogi’s, it is taught that the
feelings of love should be looked at in a suspicious way. This is due to the
fact that the goal of the Yogi is to move past such feelings into a higher
plane of existence.
As you can see, all of these different ideas about love can be quite
conflicting. Add to all of it that there are different types of love and things
get really confusing. Are people discussing romantic love, spiritual love, a
love of humanity, or unconditional love? The answer is not simple as all of
these types of love are vastly different and they are different based on the
person you are talking to.
In spirituality, love is typically used in three different ways. It is important
to remember that a person’s experience in life can make these thoughts
drastically different. Let’s take a moment and look at each one and how it
impacts us.
First, there is great love. Great love is believed to be the source of all that is
around us. It is the unity of the cosmos. When thought of in this way, love is
the reality that surrounds us. The consciousness that is present inside of us
and the world around us. It is a feeling of pure joy that can be seen and felt
in everything.
While great love is thought to be part of our person, it is also something that
many will only slightly see in their lives. You may find it with a partner,
while out in nature, or while you are in connection with your higher power.
The experience of great love is one that you will never forget.
Great love is a feeling of being truly connected. The impact will have on a
person’s life if profound. Oftentimes, once someone has experienced great
love, they will state that their lives have been forever changed. It will seep
into all the cracks and help to make someone feel complete in their
Next, there is what people refer to as individual love. Individual love is
something that basically every human does. We start to believe that a
specific thing or person is what provides us with the feeling of love rather
than understanding that it comes from within ourselves. The thought that
love is a fleeting thing and that we can only achieve feelings of love for
certain things or people is stunting but exceptionally common of people.
So, where great love is all-encompassing, individual love is based on a
person’s experiences, moods, and the changes they are going through. Our
existence is ever-changing so our brains start to believe that love is, as
well. The human brain separates our bodies from love. It makes us believe
that it is something that is impacted from the outside rather than internally.
Individual love is really just great love with filters. Our lives, thoughts, and
experience are the filters. When we remove these filters and realize that
love is an internal experience, we can actually experience the great love that
is all around us in the universe. Love is a very spiritual thing.
Lastly, there is a love that is used as a practice. When we say practicing
love, we mean the actions and emotions that we use to create a space of
unity to ourselves and those around us. To many, this is the foundation of
their spirituality. Many find that practicing love is much more important
than feeling it.
Practicing love is a great way to give your best self to the world around
you. It is remembering that you aren’t going to like everyone, but you can
be courteous to them. It is also knowing you are not perfect but deserve to
be treated kindly from within, in spite of your shortcomings.
Having the realization that love is a part of you and not something outside
of you, is exceptionally important. It will help you understand and become
aware of how you should act. This is due to the fact that when you take the
time to think about how you would behave if experiencing the feeling of
love rather than whatever emotion you are expressing, it will lead to better
outcomes with the people we care about.
Allowing ourselves to experience the love all around us can be hard at first
but it offers amazing potential. You will find that your life, all the way
around, is more complete. It will be like opening your eyes to an entirely
different reality. Spirituality and love are the same things, you just need to
realize it.
The Difference Between Sex and Love Making
Many people don’t realize that having sex and making love are two
different things. The terms are often used interchangeably. It is important to
know that there is a difference even though the words are mixed up
frequently. The knowledge that you can simply have sex with someone
without loving them is important and can help keep you out of toxic
situations that appear as if they are loving ones.
When people associate great sex with making love it can lead them into a
situation that may not be healthy. Just because you have great sex with
someone does not mean you are meant to spend your life with them. When
we make love with someone the emotion behind it is quite different.
Many people participate in sex to simply relieve the stress or tension in
their life. They are not looking to make love with anyone. This, of course, is
their choice. However, it is a choice you should be aware of if entering into
an intimate act with them as you may be searching for something
completely different.
It is good to remember that if you are making love with someone it
absolutely will involve sex but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is going to
go the other way around. You can be having sex with no feelings or
intentions of love. Here again, that is fine for some people, but you will
need time to take it into consideration so that you don’t end up being hurt
by those that are only looking for sex.
The only true way to know if you are going to bed with someone just
looking for sex or one that has intentions of love is to talk to them.
Communication can be exceptionally difficult; however, at the end of the
day, it is the key element in your ability to protect your heart. Knowing
what you are getting into is half the battle and will allow you to make the
decision for yourself on whether or not simple sex is enough.
When a person enters into sexual acts with no regard to love it is for the
outcome. We, as humans, crave attention and contact. Sex without love is
used to fulfill these needs. It provides you with someone to touch, caress,
kiss, and please all while finding the same things for yourself. It is based on
the outcome that sex usually offers, an orgasm.
When we are making love to someone the feelings are quite different. You
are more focused on your partner and the pleasure you are causing them. Of
course, you should be enjoying yourself as well; however, it is not usually
as selfish as simply having sex. The level of enjoyment and the orgasm that
is achieved is usually much higher.
So, it is pretty simple to see that there are some vast differences in having
sex and making love. Both things can be wonderful in their own right. It
simply comes down to what you are comfortable with and looking for in
your life. It is likely that you may bounce between the two of them
throughout your life. This is what life experience does to a person and that
is ok. As long as there is good communication and expectations are set in
the beginning, have fun, and go with what feels good.
Sexual Compatibility
Now that you have a bit of background on sex and love, we need to discuss
sexual compatibility. It can be difficult to figure out if you are sexually
compatible with another person. Part of the reason for this is that there are
conflicting opinions. Some people stick with the idea that opposites attract
while others feel as if you need to find someone with similar outlooks.
The definition of sexual compatibility is the view of shared sexual beliefs,
fantasies, and needs between a couple. It is the similarities in their
viewpoints on the subject of sex. This includes things like the things that
make you hot and ready to go and the things that turn you off and make you
want to binge out on a Netflix series.
If you want to be satisfied sexually, finding a partner that you are
compatible with is imperative. When you don’t have the same ideas and
wants in the bedroom it can lead to a very uncomfortable time. For
example, a man that likes to be dominant is not going to have a great time
with a woman who is also dominant. There needs to be balanced. This is
why a submissive person and a dominant person will have such a great
romp when they decide to enter into sexual activities together.
The only way to truly find out if you are sexually compatible with another
person is to discuss it with them. As noted, communication is the key to
having a fantastic sex life. If your partner understands the things that you
want and needs to reach climax, it will be easier and more comfortable for
the both of you. So, don’t be afraid to voice what you want, in the end, both
parties will be better off.
Here are some signs to help show you that you are compatible with your
You don’t question your relationship.
You know each other’s secrets.
You love them for who they are, not who they could be.
You both take time for yourselves.
You have similar interests and goals.
You aren’t afraid to disagree with each other.
You take time to figure out the difficult problems that pop up.
You try to be your best self for not only you but also your partner.
You see your future with them.
It is easy to be yourself when they are around.
There is an attraction, both physical and mental, between you.
You put an effort forth in trying to keep things spicy.
They are an integrated part of your friend and family circles.
Chapter 2: Communication and Choosing
a Partner
While we have briefly touched on communication, we are going to look at
it much more closely in this chapter. The level of communication you hold
with your partner, friends, and family members is critical in having a
healthy outcome. Knowing how to communicate and express yourself is
crucial in avoiding toxic relationships.
You will also gain valuable information on how to choose a partner that is
going to be good for you. Finding the right person can be difficult. This is
especially true when you start to think about the volume of people that are
on this planet. You don’t need to be intimidated, instead, you need to be
educated on what it takes to find the person that is good for you. Likewise,
to find the person that you are good for.
Most people understand that for a relationship to be successful you need to
be able to communicate with one another. There will never be a perfect
relationship, they all go through rough periods. Communication can make
these rough patches much easier to deal with. With solid communication
skills, you will be able to build a long-lasting, healthy relationship instead
of one that tears you both apart.
So, what exactly is communication? Communication is the sharing of
information from one component to another. It is what allows us to tell our
partner what we are feeling, what we want, and what we need. It is helpful
in making sure both parties' needs are met and that there is a true
connection within the relationship.
When you are in a relationship you need to be able to talk to each other
about everything. Sure, sometimes it is uncomfortable, but you must
remember that people do not mind readers so, you must tell your partner
what is going on. The truth can be hard to hear sometimes; however,
healthy relationships are built on these sometimes-difficult truths.
You must also remember that misunderstandings happen. To avoid
misunderstandings, you need to think before you speak so that you are
communicating clearly. Misunderstandings in communication can lead to a
person’s feeling of being hurt. It could also cause anger or resentment.
Obviously, these are all feelings that we want to avoid. This is especially
true when dealing with a partner whom you truly love.
Obviously, if you are in a relationship, there are two sides that need to be
addressed. The two of you may communicate in very different ways. This
can be troublesome all in itself; however, spending the time to understand
your partner and how they communicate can make it much simpler. The
communication tactics that you use in every relationship in your life could
be wildly different. You need to practice talking to the people that you love
and allow them to talk to you.
When you are working on communication you want to remember to state
things clearly. It can be hard to understand what people are trying to say. It
can be advantageous to write your thoughts and feelings down prior to
trying to talk about them. This can give you a clear path toward whatever it
is that you are trying to express, and it can help promote understanding
from the other person.
In today’s world, life can be very busy. Between text messages, emails,
children, friends, and family finding the time to devote to talking with your
partner can be difficult. However, it is extremely important to remember to
set time aside that is devoted to communication. Remove the distractions
and focus on the person you are talking to. This means you should shut off
the tv, set the cell phones aside, and make sure you are in a space that is free
from interruptions.
Effective communication will consist of telling your partner how what is
happening around is affecting you. It should be full of “I” statements so that
they can understand your wants, needs, and feelings. You must also
remember to take accountability for your feelings. While no one can tell
you how you feel you do need to understand that sometimes our own heads
get in the way of what is truly going on. So, knowing how your surrounding
affects your emotions can help lead to better communication.
You should also remember that there is a time and a place for everything.
You don’t want to call your partner out in a public situation just because
you are feeling some type of way. If you do, understand that it can lead to
resentment and other ill-feelings toward you from your partner.
Listening is another huge piece of effective communication. You must
always remember it is not only about you but also about your partner.
Setting your thoughts and feelings to the side and being open to what your
partner has to say is critical in great communication skills. This can be one
of the harder pieces to learn. You expect that they are going to hear from
you so, in turn, you need to work on actually hearing what it is that they
have to say.
Communication is not only about the negative things that are going on in
your life or your relationship. Excellent communication will include
conversations about good things. Making sure they understand why you
appreciate them and how important they are in your life is just as important
as letting them know what it is that is bugging you.
You need to keep in mind that when we talk there is more than the simple
words we are saying. The tone of your voice will play a major role in how
you are expressing yourself. If your words are sharp and loud, your partner
is going to think you are angry with them when really you may just be
excited. Taking note of your tone can help keep arguments at bay and
ensure that the communication continues to flow.
The tone is not the only thing to keep in mind. People communicate
verbally, sure, but did you know that we also communicate in a non-verbal
fashion? What our bodies are saying is equally as important as to what our
mouths are saying. This encompasses your posture, inflection, tone, facial
expressions, and more.
For example, if you are entering into a conversation with your arms crossed
in front of your chest, you are going to be appeared to be closed off to what
your partner has to say. This can be intimidating and make it impossible for
your partner to express themselves. Instead, put your arms to your sides and
relax. This will show them that you are open to communication and will
actively listen to what they have to say.
It’s funny, more often than not it is the non-verbal clues that actually show
us what people are thinking and feeling. Our body language should reflect
the things we are saying. If it does not, your partner is sure to pick up on it.
So, it is important that you mean the things that you say and that you pay
attention to what your body language is pushing forth.
People have a really hard time remembering that everyone is wrong on
occasion. It is completely acceptable to not be right all the time. Having the
ability to let things go when they aren’t major problems is important.
Additionally, understanding that sometimes we must agree to disagree is
imperative. We will not always see things eye to eye and that is totally ok.
Active listening is another huge component of communication. When you
an active listener, your partner will be more likely to actually engage with
you. Here are some things to show then you are present and listening:
Maintain eye contact
Lean in toward the speaker
Don’t get defensive
Keep a relaxed posture
Face the person you are speaking with
Stay on the same level as they are, if they are sitting you should be
too if they are standing the same applies
Try not to fidget, it can be very distracting
Do not interrupt
Genuinely pay attention
Maintain awareness of your tone
Don’t be afraid to step away and come back to a difficult
situation/conversation, heightened emotions can break
communication down quickly
Maintaining good communication in a relationship will take work. It does
not come naturally or easily for many people. Be patient with yourself and
the ones that you love. Their feelings matter, as do yours.
If you are someone that struggles with communication or you are in a
relationship with someone who does, there are many things that you can do
to work on it. Learning better communication skills is always worth the
time and will have a positive impact on all of the relationships you are
involved in whether they are romantic or not.
Be aware that while some people are great at listening it does not mean they
are great at talking. It can be very had for some people to find the right
words to express themselves effectively. Some people can only express
themselves with their actions until they start to focus on learning
communication techniques.
If you are trying to help your partner communicate more effectively there
are absolutely some things you can do to help them along the way. Some
things you can do to help your partner communicate are:
Be open and honest with them. Share your thoughts, experiences,
concerns, and ideas. This should be done with an appreciation of
them listening.
Show them affection and praise them when they discuss things with
you openly.
Help them look at the important issues you are both facing. This
includes things like goals, parenting styles, and finances.
Comfort your partner when they are feeling down or if you see they
need it. This type of intimate attention can make communication
seem easier.
Encourage them to talk about what they are feeling on a daily basis.
Sometimes the simple feelings are the best place to start.
These are only a few of the many ways you can encourage communication.
Know that it is a two-way street so, you will also need to work on your
communication skills. When you are committed to someone and want to
sustain a healthy relationship it really all comes down to communication.
Communication can be easier with some people than with others. Part of
good communication is choosing the right partner. Some find that they
don’t really have a choice in who they fall in love with; however, you can
take steps to ensure you are choosing a mate that is healthy for you.
When you are choosing a partner, you should find someone that tells you
exactly who they are as a person. Most relationships go through a
honeymoon period where we try to show our best selves. This can actually
be detrimental due to the fact it is an unrealistic representation of who the
person really is. When you meet someone that lays it all out, in the
beginning, it makes it simpler to know exactly what you are getting into.
When you do find the person, who will tell you exactly who they are, you
need to listen. Never move forward with the belief you can change
someone. People can only change themselves. If you have this mind frame
you are setting yourself and your relationship up for failure.
Finding people that are loving and kind-hearted is always advantageous.
When someone is raised in a household that was full of love, they will have
more love to give. They will be more likely to work through problems with
you instead of ignoring them or letting them blow up your relationship.
You, in turn, need to try and be kind and loving to them, as well.
You will also want to pick a partner that communication flows easily with.
When you first start to talk to someone, it will be easy to tell if you can
communicate effectively with them. Some good signs are spending hours
on the phone talking about both parties' pasts, presents, and futures. If the
flow is good between you, it is likely going to stay that way.
Look for common ground. When you are working through initial
discussions pay attention to what your prospective partner has to say in
regard to what they want out of life and out of their future. From there, ask
yourself if their thoughts align with your own. Obviously, you are not going
to have all of the same ideas and beliefs but the major pieces of what you
want out of life should match up. For example, if you want a family of
seven and they don’t want kids at all, it is likely not going to be fulfilling to
either party. Someone will have to sacrifice a piece of them that may be too
big to ignore or be truly happy with.
You should also look for someone that you are physically compatible with.
We aren’t just talking sex here. The touch of your partner should fill you
with desire. It should be calming and exciting all at the same time. You
should feel more complete when you are in contact with them. A person’s
touch is amazing and holds great power when it comes to someone that you
are truly compatible with.
These are only a few of the signs that you are compatible with another
person. While they are key elements that can help you choose the correct
partner, you should know that there is more to it. Choosing the right partner
can take time and patience but, in the end, it will be best for both parties
that are involved.
Chapter 3: Learning to Make Love
In this chapter, I am going to go over a variety of things. There will be a
discussion on how to make love with your partner. This does not have to be
a hard or scary thing. It simply takes time, knowledge, and practice. You
must also have an understanding that everyone is different and may like
different things than you. Intimacy and romance go hand in hand and can
make the experience exceptionally pleasurable for both parties.
I will also discuss sexual intuition. You have the ability to develop sexual
intuition and it can turn you into a much better lover. This goes for not only
yourself but for your partner, as well. Just like communication, sexual
intuition is something you will need to work on; however, the results can be
mind-blowing for both parties involved.
Lastly, there will be information on fantasies and fetishes. These two things
are completely normal in a person’s life. Understanding them and the power
they can hold in your sex life is advantageous. Don’t be afraid of your
fantasies or fetishes, instead embrace them and find yourself a partner that
will help you experience your true desires.
As previously mentioned, making love with your partner is different than
simply having sex. Many people look at making love as a form of art. It is
not solely based on the outcome of reaching orgasm. It is more about the
connection between you and your partner. You will find that it is all about
emotions and a higher level of romance.
When we are truly trying to connect on an emotional level with our partner,
we are entering the world of making love. It is the major motivation in this
type of sex. You will not only find that you truly want to satisfy your
partner, but you also want to take the time to get to know their bodies.
When you enter into the world of making love you will be connecting your
mind, body, and soul with the person you are with.
The whole essence of making love is different from simply having sex. The
level of communication is more open and honest. While intercourse is a part
of making love, it is only one piece of it. Making love starts before you
have sex and typically doesn't end directly after. Let's take a moment and
look at some tips on how to Make love with your partner.
One of the best ways to make sure you are both in the mood is to make sure
the vibe is correct. Setting the tone of what is about to happen is pretty
simple. Obviously, you need to feel comfortable in your surroundings and
you need some privacy. The ambiance of the situation should show your
partner that your intentions are to make love to them. This can be
accomplished with things like music, candles, and flowers. These things
may seem cliché, however, they are truly helpful. Ladies keep in mind that
lingerie can go a long way in helping to get your man in the mood.
It is critical to remember that foreplay is extremely important. Before sex
ever starts to begin you need to pay attention to this important phase. It is
an excellent way to ensure that your partner is ready to go. It builds
anticipation and makes the whole experience more pleasurable for both
parties. Slowing down and taking the time to explore your partner's body
and enjoy the sensations of foreplay is a great way to start.
The location that you decide and also plays a role. It doesn't matter if you
spend money on a hotel room or you create a beautiful atmosphere inside of
your own home. It really only matters that you set the correct mood. Using
things like a fireplace to your advantage is obviously going to help set a
romantic feeling. Additionally, if you guys are comfortable and have a
secluded space outside it can be truly mind-blowing to experience
lovemaking under the stars.
You want to keep in mind that a huge piece of making love is the
connection you have with your partner. It should be a truly intimate
experience. To achieve this, you want to make sure that you are in positions
that allow for a lot of physical contact. If you're facing each other it will
definitely be more intimate, then if you are not.
Kissing is another major component to making love. During foreplay, it can
help get the sexual tension at heightened levels. In addition, when you kiss
your partner with intensity, they will be able to feel the passion coming out
of you. It is also important to kissing them softly. By using both of these
techniques and putting your hands on each other it shows your level of
caring and how much you want to be passionate and intimate with your
Removing selfishness from lovemaking is also extremely important.
Focusing on pleasuring your partner is one of the most important things.
Sure, they're going to want to please you, as well they should, but don't ever
forget about them and focus solely on yourself. Your priority should be on
the person you are being intimate with. This is due to the fact that
lovemaking is all about the connection it is not simply trying to reach
Regardless of if you are having sex or making love you need to remember
to have fun. While the emotional connection of making love is absolutely
enthralling it should also be fun for both parties. Enjoying the experience
that is happening in being present in the moment will make both parties
more comfortable. With comfort comes enjoyment and truly phenomenal
You should always make sure to cuddle after you make love. Sexual
intercourse is fantastic and feels great for both parties, but the true
connection comes in the contact that we have with each other. By cuddling
after the fact, it extends the level of intimacy and connection that you will
both experiences. So, don't forget to cuddle whether it is for 5 minutes or 25
minutes a solid session is going to be good for both of you.
One last tip on making love is to make sure afterward you let each other
know how you are feeling. Sometimes, finding the words can be difficult
but as previously mentioned communication is key. By letting your partner
know how they made you feel well intertwined in the passions of sex you
will solidify that it was not simple sex for you. Lovemaking offers a deep
connection an expressing that at the end is extremely important.
When you are truly in love with the person you are sleeping with making
love is much easier. Obviously, if you do not have the feelings of love you
will not be able to make love with your partner. The connection is truly
what matters. Obviously, the better you get to know somebody and
understand their wants and desires the easier it will be to participate in a
fantastic lovemaking session.
Sexual Intuition
Now that you have some tips on how to make love with your partner, we're
going to move on. I will now give you some insight into sexual intuition
and how you can develop it. Some people are naturally intuitive when it
comes to sex; However, some people are going to need to work quite a bit
harder. As with all things, it will simply take time in practice.
Throughout our daily lives, we rely on our intuition to help guide us with
many things. This includes the partners we choose to become intimate with.
Intuition is what helps us feel the spark when we are attracted to someone.
In addition, it helps us to understand if we are or are not compatible with
someone. You should not ignore your intuition.
Intuition plays a major role in how we pick our partners, but it should go
beyond that. During the intermittent counters of life, you can unlock your
intuition and find a much more satisfying and erotic experience. Don't be
afraid of your intuition, simply go with it.
People that are known to be great lovers tend to have higher levels of sexual
intuition. They are willing to learn from past experiences and what their
partner has to offer. They also tend to be more passionate and playful while
in the sheets. When you are sexually intuitive you will always work to
make your partner feel sexy.
Being vulnerable can be quite difficult but if you are in tune with your
sexuality, you'll be confident and unafraid of the more vulnerable times.
Many find that there is more willingness to experiment in adventurous ways
during coitus. Additionally, if you hold a higher level of sexual intuition,
you'll be able to not only communicate your needs but listen to your
partner's needs throughout your lovemaking session.
Being sexually intuitive will also mean that you have an understanding that
pleasure takes time. There is no reason to rush through things. By taking the
time you need you will give higher levels of pleasure to your partner and
you will also have more enjoyment while they're pleasuring you. Sexual
intuition also leads to a supportive atmosphere. There will not be judged
over how you or your partner are feeling. You'll be able to be completely
present during foreplay, intercourse, and after a session of cuddling.
The experience will also help you become more intuitive sexually. This is
especially true when you continue to sleep with the same partner. The better
you get to know someone the more intuitive you can be to their wants and
needs. Keep in mind, that you can use your past sexual experiences to help
you with your present or future experiences. When you pay attention to how
your partner is reacting to what you are doing it can help you figure out
what you need to do next.
Building your sexual intuition does not have to be difficult. It mostly
requires you to slow down, communicate, and pay attention to what is
happening around you. You need to work on being present in the moment
and not allowing your mind to drift off to other things. With a bit of
practice, you will find that your sexual intuition grows leaps and bounds.
Fantasies & Fetishes
In the last bit of this chapter, I would like to discuss a little bit about
fantasies and fetishes. These are both totally normal pieces of Saks and
something that you need to be receptive to. It is important to note that many
people are embarrassed about their fantasies and fetishes; however, they
should not be. Again, this is a totally normal thing and pretty much every
person has their own fantasy situation or fetishes regardless of if they're
willing to admit to them or not.
Fantasies can be a part of everyday life. We start to have fantasies when we
are young. Sure, when we are young, they are not typically sexual fantasies
but eventually, they get there. Sexual fantasies tend to start to crop up
around the time of puberty. They can encompass a wide variety of different
Keep in mind that one person's fantasy may be completely different from
another. When your partner trusts you, they will be able to openly
communicate the fantasies that they think about. Some fantasies are thought
about randomly throughout the day while others keep fantasy time for a
while they are masturbating. Opening up about your fantasies can be
difficult so you absolutely need to be non-judgmental toward your partner
regardless of what it is that they have to share with you in this category.
When you start to think about your own fantasies it makes it a bit easier to
understand the ones that your partner may feel embarrassed about. Maybe
they identify as completely heterosexual, but their fantasies always involve
a partner of the same gender. This can be very hard to handle and become
uncomfortable to talk about. Be patient with your partner if you are trying
to talk to them about fantasies and they are struggling with telling you the
It is important to understand that there is a difference between a fantasy and
a fetish. Fantasy tends to be a situation that we think about that helps us to
become aroused. A fetish, on the other hand, is an item that makes us
become aroused. This could be a wide variety of things including certain
clothing, feet, food, or many other things.
People tend to hide their fetishes more than their fantasies as they believe
that they will be judged because of them. Being a great lover will allow you
to be open to the fantasies and fetishes of your partner. Obviously, there are
some fetishes out there that may be a bit repulsive to you, but you should
always be willing to experiment. Keeping an open mind can lead you into a
world of figuring out what it is that you truly love in terms of sex. You
never know what you're going to like until you give it a try. So, removing
the judgment from your initial thoughts on a person’s fetishes or fantasies is
advantageous in helping you realize what it is that really gets you going.
Chapter 4: Sexual Domination, Sadism, &
In this chapter, you gain insight into what some people consider the darker
sides of sex. This will include sexual domination and submission.
Additionally, I will discuss sadism and masochism. These aspects may
seem well outside of your comfort zone, but for many, they are a part of
their daily sexual routine.
Keep in mind, having great sex requires an open mind. You never know
what you're going to like until you give it a try. So, delving into the world
of the darker side of sex may be something you are afraid of, but it might
also be something that truly takes you to heightened levels of ecstasy.
There are different levels of sexual dominance and submission. For some
people, it is a lifestyle and it overtakes every part of their sexual and
nonsexual experiences. A true dominant and submissive relationship well
involves one person being in control of the other.
you must understand that this is not always the case. Some people are
dominant throughout their daily routine but then like to be submissive in the
bedroom. This is due to the fact that they have to be in control all of the
time, so they like to have at least one area of their life where they are not
the decision-maker. So, there are many different levels and styles of sexual
dominance and submission.
Trust is a key element in this type of sexual play. Both parties should agree
to their roles. The understanding and agreement that is made should be held
in the highest regard. Obviously, it's going to be pretty hard too will be
dominant over another person that wishes to be dominant so both people
need to accept their role willingly.
While there are definitely women that take the role of the dominator it is
less common. Most of the time, women prefer to be the submissive partner
in this type of relationship. When a woman is in the role of the dominant,
they are frequently referred to as a dominatrix. Most are paid for their
services; however, this is not always the case.
There are many different types of dominant and submissive relationships.
Sometimes a dominant will have many people that submit to them. Other
times it may be in a monogamist relationship. There may or may not be
love involved as often times this is a fetish that people are fulfilling.
While some people devote their lives to this type of sexual encounter, many
others simply use it as a fantasy. It is an element that can help spice up a
dormant relationship. When you have been with the same partner for an
exceptionally long period of time changing things up becomes imperative
so that the sex does not become stale. For many people, this will eventually
lead to some role-playing in a dominant and submissive situation.
Sometimes the dominant and submissive relationship will all come out in
different role-playing activities. Other times, it will show itself throughout
their daily routines. There are a lot of different elements that play into a
dominant and submissive relationship. It could include things like servitude
from the submissive, humiliation, punishment, bondage, or a variety of
other elements.
As noted, both parties being willing to participate is extremely important.
There are some safety concerns in the relationship between a dominant and
submissive. One exceptionally common thing to ensure that everybody is
having a good time is the use of safewords. A safeword is a word or phrase
that is chosen that would not be typically used during sexual encounters.
The submissive partner can use this word at any point during an encounter
with their dominant partner to stop the action that is happening.
There can be risks that come from entering into a dominant and submissive
relationship. A lot of them can impact your mental health. This is due to the
fact that the dominant person is going to be extremely controlling. In
addition, it can lead to trust issues. This is especially true if the dominant
role does not always pay attention to the safe word. There must be rules in
this type of relationship, and they must be followed for it too will be truly
enjoyed by both parties.
When two people enter into a dominant and submissive relationship it is
commonplace for contracts to be used. This is a set of ground rules that
states what each party consents to. There may be things that, as the
submissive, you are simply not willing to experience. By putting this into
the contract it allows you to be comfortable in the situation and know that
both parties’ wants and needs are being met without crossing a line.
Now that you have a good look at what a dominant and submissive
relationship is, we're going to move on. Next, we're going to discuss sadism
and masochism. Many people don't truly understand what these two words
mean, and they think they are the exact same thing. Obviously, that is
untrue and so we're going to look at each one of them individually.
When someone finds pleasure, namely sexual pleasure, from causing pain,
humiliation, or suffering to another person it is referred to as sadism.
Oftentimes, the person in the dominant role of a dominant and submissive
relationship is a sadist. They find gratification in controlling their partner
and will frequently inflict punishments or other sorts of humiliation on
Some people look at sadists as sexual deviants. This is truly unfair. There
are so many different fantasies and fetishes around in the world and this is
just another one. It can go to a point of extremes in which case the
behaviors could be looked at as deviant. However, for most people, it is just
another way to explore and express themselves sexually. It is not
uncommon and just as the sadist likes to inflict pain there are people out
there that like to receive it.
The ones that do like to receive it are referred to as masochists. Masochism
is when someone receives pleasure or sexual gratification from
experiencing humiliation or pain to themselves. This may seem very outside
of the box; however, it really isn't. Have you ever been spanked and
enjoyed it? This is a very tame version of masochism but one that almost
everyone participates in.
Obviously, masochism can go too much higher levels. It can even become
dangerous. If you are involved with someone that is a masochist you want
to be careful of their behaviors. Them asking to be spanked, whipped,
choked, or humiliated is not completely uncommon nor are they behaviors
that are truly concerning. However, if they're cutting themselves open or
asking you to hurt them in a way that can cause true damage you should be
concerned with their behavior.
Just like sadists, masochists are oftentimes looked at as being sexually
deviant. When it is at an extreme level this may be true. You should keep in
mind that in this area just like sadism it can be completely normal behavior.
With all of the different fetishes of the world it is not surprising that people
take pleasure out of pain, humiliation, and being dominated.
You should also be aware that there are many people that are a combination
of the two. They are referred to as sadomasochists. Not only do they find
pleasure in inflicting pain or humiliation upon their partner they also take
pleasure in it being done to them. It really all does come down to whether
or not it is in an extreme manner. Obviously, if somebody is causing true
damage to another person physically or psychologically it is a problem.
Likewise, if they are taking this type of damage it needs to be corrected.
No matter what type of kinky sexual encounter you are in to know that it is
completely OK. Setting rules and boundaries are very important to maintain
safety in the above types of situations. However, as long as both parties
consent to the activities that they are set forth in everything is going to work
out just fine. Trusting the person’s, you are entering into these encounters
with is also exceptionally important and will ensure the experience is
amazing for both people involved.
Chapter 5: Carnal Confidence, Flirting, &
Dirty Talk
Chapter 5 is going to contain quite a bit of useful information. I'm going to
discuss how to have carnal confidence in the positive impact it can have on
your sexual encounters. Additionally, it can help you choose the perfect
partner for fulfilling your wants and desires.
You will also gain valuable information on how to flirt. There is a
difference between normal flirting and filthy flirting. Depending on your
desired outcome either type of flirting can help you achieve great results.
Filthy flirting; however, can be exceptionally fun whether you are in a
committed relationship or simply looking for a hookup.
Last, but certainly not least we are going to discuss talking dirty. Dirty talk
can be a truly wonderful thing while between the sheets and outside of
them. When you were trying to get your partner in the mood talking dirty to
them can help you accomplish that goal. Additionally, it can help spice
things up in the bedroom. These are only a couple of the key factors that
help to prove the importance of dirty talk.
When you are trying to understand what carnal confidence really is, you
need to look at the two words individually. Something that is related to
crude pleasures or appetites is considered to be carnal. These are pleasures
of the flesh and are oftentimes related to sexual pleasures. Confidence,
which is a term most people are more familiar with, means having a feeling
of being self-assured. It is a firm trust in your own self and your abilities.
So, looking at these words together it is easy to understand what carnal
confidence is. It is being self-assured in your fleshly desires. This type of
confidence can be extremely attractive when you are looking for a mate.
Knowing that you are confident in what you want and what you are doing
well breed confidence in your partner over the same aspects.
Building carnal or sexual confidence is not that difficult. It is definitely
something that is advantageous to work on. It can make you more attractive
to prospective lovers and comma, in turn, make you a better lover. So,
dedicating some time to learning how to have carnal confidence is going to
help you all the way around in terms of picking a partner and the actual sex
that may commence afterward.
There are a variety of different methods that you can use to help improve
your sexual confidence. Learning how to read people is a key component.
Sometimes, a person that is timid and demure prefers someone who is
forceful and dominant. However, that can feel intimidating and make sexual
relations uncomfortable for others. Getting to know your prospective
partner will give you insight as to what type of carnal confidence you
should be showing.
Many people find it extremely sexy when somebody is confident in the
bedroom. This can be prior to or during sexual encounters. The stimulation
that both parties will feel when confidence is involved will absolutely be
heightened. Confidence does not always come easy to some people so it is
something that will need to be worked on.
You need to remember that while confidence is very important inside of the
bedroom it is also very important outside of it. To become more confident
sexually you need to start with becoming more confident with yourself,
personally. This can be very easy for some but extremely difficult for those
that have self-esteem issues. one great way to build your confidence is
standing naked in a mirror and looking at yourself. Sure, there are going to
be flaws, but you need to focus on the things about you that are extremely
sexy. This can help increase your level of confidence.
There is a great correlation between confidence outside of the bedroom and
confidence inside the bedroom. When you have a good self-image and
higher levels of self-esteem you will likely be more confident in your
outside life. This will seep into your sex life naturally. So, working on your
self-image will be a major component in becoming more carnally confident.
Another component of being confident in the bedroom is to understand your
own body. When you know what you like sexually it will be easier to
communicate it with your partner. A great way of doing this is
masturbation. Rather than watching pornography, you should use your
imagination. This will allow you to better focus on yourself and what is
truly feeling great. When you are confident in knowing what turns you on
achieving an orgasm will also be easier when you are with your partner.
We spent quite a bit of time talking about it but one great exercise to ensure
you are confident in the bedroom is communication. When you can easily
tell your partner what it is that you like or what it is that you want you will
become more confident in your abilities. Likewise, when you are open to
your partner's communication you can provide them pleasure with more
confidence. When you understand exactly what they want it takes a lot of
the stress out of the situation.
These are only a couple of the different ways that you can build confidence
inside and outside of the bedroom. Know that it is going to take some work
but, eventually, you will get there. Having a trusting relationship and open
lines of communication are going to be the biggest advantages in having
carnal confidence.
Flirting is a key element in keeping a relationship spicy. It allows a person
to understand when another person finds them attractive. So, it is not only
important if you are already in a relationship, but it is also important if you
are trying to attract a mate. The ability to flirt comes very naturally to some
people while for others it can seem like one of the hardest things on earth to
do. Just like anything else, you can learn how to be better at flirting.
Flirting starts at a very young age. When we are still in school it could look
like hair pulling and chasing each other around the playground. These are
types of flirting that are hopefully grown out of as we leave the adolescence
stage of life.
It's surprising to find out how many people don't believe that flirting is
important. It truly is. When you are trying to catch someone's attention and
let them know that you are into them, flirting is key. We see flirtation
happen throughout all of the animal kingdoms.
There are a wide variety of ways that people can flirt. It can be as subtle as
a glance or the simple grazing of hands. Gestures, words, and looks all play
a part in how we flirt. Women have a tendency of touching the people that
they are interested in an this is a very flirtatious habit. Men, on the other
hand, don't touch their prospective mates as much but they will tend to
move closer to them.
Above you see pretty discreet ways of flirting. However, there are different
ways that people can flirt that are a bit more obvious. When a woman sways
her hips back and forth in front of man it is a pretty sure-fire sign that she is
interested in him. Men tend to stand up taller and puff up their chests to
show that they are interested in the other men should back down from the
lady that they are talking too.
If you find that being flirtatious is exceptionally hard for you there are a lot
of different methods that you can use to become a better flirt. Keep in mind,
the way you flirt with a prospective mate and how you flirt with someone
you are in a relationship with can look very different. We will start by
giving you tips on how to flirt successfully with someone you are not in a
relationship with. Keep these things in mind when trying to flirt:
Prolonged eye contact is imperative
Use your smile to your advantage, smiles not only show we are
interested they can set the mood depending on what type of smile
you present
Don’t be afraid to give compliments
Move your head toward the person you are interested in, this is
especially crucial when they are speaking
Do your best to make them laugh
Offer to pick up the bill if you are out somewhere
Maintain good posture, most find this attractive and it makes you
look more confident
Don’t succumb to using cheesy pick-up lines
Wear red, it is the color of passion and can catch the eye of your
Don’t be afraid to touch them gently
All of these pointers can help you become a more successful flirt. These are
only a few of the many tactics you can use to successfully flirt with
someone you are interested in. So, now we need to look at how you can flirt
with the person you are in a relationship with. Whether it is low key or
filthy flirting, it can help keep things interesting and red hot between you
When you are in a long-term relationship it can be hard to keep the fires of
desire burning. The longer you are together the more difficult this can
become. Oftentimes, we stop flirting, complementing, and in general paying
attention to our partner and this can lead to major issues. Bringing your
original flirtatious nature back into the fold can be truly advantageous in
relighting the spark between you and your partner.
You need to understand that if it has been a long time since you have been
flirtatious with your partner and all of a sudden you start; they might look at
it as suspicious. Here is a great place to communicate with them about what
is going on. Letting them know that you feel that something is missing, and
you want to go back to the roots of your relationship that were flirtatious
and exciting can help them understand why you have rekindled a flirtatious
When we find stability within our relationships, we tend to get comfortable
and complacent. Things like flirting and playfulness go out of the window.
This can have a negative impact on your relationship. Recognizing that
your relationship is in this state is important and can allow you to make the
changes to re enlightened the magic you saw in each other originally.
There are a variety of ways that you can start flirting with your long-term
partner again. Let's take a moment and look over some great tactics to help.
Some tips to help you become a great flirt again are:
Use technology to your advantage. A sexy text message or random
nude picture can truly relight the flame of flirtation between you and
your partner.
Don’t cancel date nights for any reason. Going on dates is a great
way to show your partner you care and want to spend individual time
with them. In addition, it can make flirting much more natural feeling
if it has been a while since you have done it.
Hold eye contact. A longing gaze can really help get the intimate
juices flowing and keep the spark alive.
Touch your partner more frequently. Depending on the situation you
can turn this into filthy flirting by touching their naughty bits. If in
public, you should likely keep it PG.
Talk about the time of your relationship when things were hot and
heavy. These thoughts can help put you both in the mood for an
amazing sexual encounter.
Do something together that you are afraid of. Stepping outside your
comfort zone with your partner will encourage trust and
communication. As we know, these two things are key elements in
successful endeavors.
Flirting in a long-term relationship can help keep it healthy and strong.
Don’t forget what it is about your partner that you truly love and don’t be
afraid to dote on it. When you touch, hug, caress, and kiss them they will
know that you still want them. In addition, learning to talk dirty can also be
Dirty Talk
Talking dirty is another element that can truly enhance your relationship.
And not only provides stimulation but it helps to improve communication.
Regardless of if you are in a new relationship or a long-term one dirty talk
is important. There are a variety of different reasons that this type of
communication is important.
You already know how important communication is not only to the
relationships you hold outside of the bedrooms, but also the ones that are
more intimate. It makes sense that if communication is key prior to
participating in a sexual encounter that it would also be important during
the sexual encounter. It is appropriate to use dirty talk at any point in this
type of experience. It can be used during foreplay or during the actual act of
Some people think that talking dirty is intimidating but it really doesn't need
to be. Being comfortable with your partner is going to make it exceptionally
easy. Most people will admit that they enjoy a bit of dirty talk while in the
throes of passion. It is quite uncommon for somebody to be completely
against talking dirty while participating in sexual activities.
When people talk dirty in the bedroom it helps them to understand what
they're comfortable with. If you are inexperienced in talking dirty it can be
a bit tricky. This is especially true if you have a hard time with
communication or there are simply words that are you are uncomfortable
saying. Keep in mind that there are a variety of different terms for all of the
words that you may find uncomfortable when trying to say them.
There needs to be some understanding that certain words outside of the
bedroom may be completely unacceptable while they really turn you on
while in the throes of passion. This is completely normal. It all comes down
to communication. Perhaps you do not like the word pussy on a day to day
basis but when your partner says it during times of sexual activity it really
turns you on. This is fine as long as they have an understanding of when it
is appropriate to use.
Using dirty talk is a great way to get your partner in the mood. When used
during foreplay it can make the desire that your partner holds much higher.
The enhancement of sexual pleasure can be noticed when the dirty talk is
involved. Don't be afraid to get creative and use words or phrases that
would not commonly occur in your day-to-day life.
Some people find that talking dirty is as important as foreplay. In fact, they
really do go hand in hand. If you're trying to get your man or woman in the
mood starting by whispering some dirty thoughts into their ear is almost
always going to work. It provides them with the knowledge that you're
interested in getting busy and can even help to encourage their sexual juices
to get flowing.
It is commonly stated that people believe their sexual encounters are
enhanced when the dirty talk is involved. It can be a bit surprising to your
partner but it is also, usually, very welcomed. Don't be afraid to add some
dirty language when you guys are in the throes of passion. It really is a fun
way to spice things up and take a step closer to your more adventurous side.
Chapter 6: Getting in the Mood
Chapter 6 is going to provide you with valuable information and how to get
your partner in the mood. Obviously, our sexual clocks are all on different
timers. This can mean you and your partner are on completely different
pages as to when you want to enjoy sex. Having the ability to get their
motor running and put them in the mood can ensure that all times of day are
appropriate for sexual activity. We're also going to take a look at the
importance of being willing to experiment in the bedroom.
It is not uncommon for people to not be in the mood for sex. Life can be
extremely busy and finding the time to participate in sexual activity can
seem like a burden. This is the unfortunate reality of the busy world we live
in today. Regardless of how busy someone is we do need to show attention
and affection to our partners. Regardless of if this is your girlfriend,
boyfriend, or spouse they deserve some of your time allocated to them.
Men, if you were trying to get your lady in the mood for sexual activity
there is a huge number of things you can do. There are some tactics that
will work better than others. Be aware that simply telling her that you want
to have sex is likely not going to sway her opinion if she isn't really feeling
it. You need to be a bit smoother than this. Let's take a look at some ways
that you can be successful in getting your female counterpart in the mood.
You should:
Be flirtatious while out in public
Surprise her in the afternoon with some flowers and a kiss
Leave a love note for her that she won’t see until walking out the
door on her way to work
Set the mood with candles, music, and her favorite smell
Send her flirtatious texts during the day (these can be naughty if the
mood is right)
Ask her to take a shower with you
Offer her a sensual massage after a long day
Pamper her
Treat her to a special date ending in a hotel room
Keep in mind, all women are different. So, some of these tactics might work
exceptionally well for one and they may not work so well for others.
Knowing your partner is the key to being able to light their fire even when
they're not particularly in the mood.
Just as there are certain things a man can do to turn his lady on there are a
variety of different things a lady can do to get a man sexual juices flowing.
If you are trying to get your man in the mood you can:
Greet him when he gets home from work, fully nude
Be the one to initiate sex, we often lean on the man to do this
Go to the bedroom and start a loud masturbation session, he will be
happy to come to join you
Invite him to shower with you
Wear a new piece of lingerie or a bra and panties set
Take your time in stripping your clothes off
Cop a feel as he walks by, this could be squeezing his butt or grazing
his penis
Text him sensual comments or nude pictures throughout the day
In all reality, tends to be a bit easier to get your man ready to go then it is
for him to do the same to you. Be receptive to his feelings and understand
that you are both going to want sexual encounters at different times. Don't
always shut him down or expect him to initiate intimacy. Doing these things
can harm your relationship whereas working on keeping the sexual tension
alive can improve it tenfold.
Once you have gotten your partner in the mood you will then move on to
one of the most critical parts of a sexual encounter, foreplay. Foreplay is
something that holds great power and can truly help enhance sexual
experience. You should never ignore foreplay. Slowing down and paying
attention to what your partner truly enjoys is very important to both of you
have an excellent time between the sheets.
While foreplay is important to both parties it is particularly critical for the
woman. This is because women take longer to reach a climax. They need a
higher level of arousal to be able to achieve it. The foreplay will give them
the time they need to become truly worked up and therefore reaching
orgasm will become much easier.
We tend to fall into a variety of different habits. Oftentimes, when you have
been in a long-term relationship your foreplay tactics can become the same
each and every time. This can become boring and lead you to skip this
critical death. So, it is important that you figure out different ways to keep
foreplay exciting. This will guarantee higher levels of pleasure for both
parties. In addition, it absolutely will make achieving orgasm easier for
everyone involved.
The human body is covered in erogenous zones. Sure, we all understand
that a woman's clitoris is extremely sensitive but what about the inside of
her elbow? There are a variety of different body parts that you should pay
attention to during foreplay. When you do, the outcome will be amazing.
Some places you shouldn’t forget to caress, kiss, and tantalize are:
The inside of the bicep
Around your lover’s eyes
Across the collarbone
Their toes (get permission on this one as many people have very
ticklish feet)
Not only the earlobe but the entire ear
The shoulder blades
Hip bones and pubic bone
The outline of the lips
The pitted area where your chest meets your neck
Outsides of the mid-section
Outsides of the thighs
Obviously, you will have your go-to's. These would include things like the
breasts, nipples, head of the penis, and clitoris. These are extremely
sensitive areas that are not oftentimes overlooked. Keep in mind, that
paying attention to some of the less common erogenous zones can lead to
some of the best sex of your life.
Perhaps you have the erogenous zones down to a science, but you still feel
that your foreplay experience is lacking. This can be due to repetition or the
fact that you simply aren't sure of other things to do outside of your normal
foreplay tactics. If you are stumped on what else you can do, in terms of
foreplay, don't fret. There are a variety of tactics that you can use to help
spice up your foreplay routine.
One great way of doing this is to take the time to think about and talk about
your past experiences with your partner. At the beginning of any
relationship, things tend to be hot and heavy. The passion is at an all-time
high. By reliving those moments that were hotter than any others you can
heighten the experience of foreplay. In addition, it can help you pull out
some of those old moves that you may have forgotten about.
Another great tip to improve the length and intensity of a session of
foreplay is to do it outside of your bedroom. When you start to get frisky
outside of the bedroom it can help to keep your intimate life more
interesting. In addition, it is an unexpected surprise that your partner will
appreciate. When we are in the bedroom we tend to rush through foreplay.
This is due to the fact that our brain relates our bedroom to having actual
These are only a couple of ways to keep foreplay interesting and exciting.
There are plenty of other tips out there like making foreplay an event that
lasts all day and doesn’t forget the dirty talk. Keep in mind there are plenty
of articles, books, and other media outlets that can provide you with more
tips that can lead you to exceptionally satisfying foreplay.
You need to make sure that you are not afraid to experiment. This not only
goes for foreplay but also for your actual sexual encounters.
Experimentation is the key to keeping things spicy in a long-term
relationship. For some people, experimentation can be quite daunting. It
really doesn't need to be.
To ensure that you are open to experimentation you need to have excellent
communication. This has been stated several times because it is a key
element in successful sexual relationships. Keep an open mind and
understand that people want to try all different kinds of things. So,
regardless of what it is, you should be open to giving it a try.
Starting off slow is always key. If one of you is more experienced than the
other, they should have the understanding that you may not be as
comfortable as they are. Their level of expertise may not match yours which
can make experimentation extremely nerve-wracking. Some people have
never experienced the sensation of being spanked while others may have
participated in ideas that are much more taboo. Starting at the lowest level
that the more inexperienced partner is comfortable with will ensure that
your experimentation does not go awry.
It is common for people to try a variety of different things when they're in a
committed relationship. It is less likely for an uncommitted couple to try
any true experimentation. This has to do with comfort levels. When you are
in a committed relationship, you're more likely trusting of your partner. In
addition, the communication that you have is typically better. With good
communication and high levels of trust, experimentation can become
natural and easy to handle.
While you should never be afraid to try things there should be an
understanding in your partnership. Some things are simply off-limits for
some people. This is completely OK. Spending the time to talk about your
sexual interest, as well as there's, can help give you both insights as to what
type of experimenting you should delve into.
Chapter 7: The Kama Sutra
In this chapter, we are going to look at the history of sex. This includes the
Kama Sutra which is a book full of sexual positions and information on
intimacy. We will also be taking a look at how you can ensure that you are
giving your partner a mind-blowing orgasm. A lot of this has to do with the
understanding of the person that you are becoming intimate with.
Obviously, since the dawn of mankind, we have participated in sexual
relations. Having sex is a way to procreate and ensure our species moves
forward. In the beginning, many people believed that you should only have
sex if you were trying to procreate. Things change over the course of time.
It is much more commonly acceptable to simply have sex for fun than it
was centuries ago.
With that being said let's take a few moments to talk about the Kama Sutra.
Many people have at least a vague understanding that this book exists and
that it is full of information in regard to sex. However, most people don't
know much more than that.
The Kama Sutra is an Indian text that was written in Sanskrit. It involved
information on fulfillment in life through sexuality, emotional states, and
erotica. This book was not made to be a sex manual but was written to help
people sustain loving relationships, find a partner for life, maintain
enjoyment in a person's love life, and other facets of the pleasurable side of
our existence.
The actual origin of the Kama Sutra is unknown. There are guesses as to
when it came to fruition, but they are simply guessing. There have been a
plethora of different books published based on the original works. Not only
is the date unknown so it is the place of its origin. There is quite a bit of
debate as to how the Kama Sutra came to be.
The original work holds over 1200 different verses. It is broken down into 7
different books. As with all things, over the course of time, it has been
changed and tweaked. Not all of the original text was able to be saved and
translated. There were; however, 67 different pieces that have been
translated into a variety of different books and pieces of literature.
The Kama Sutra has a mixture of pictures, poetry, and narration. Some of it
is quite fictitious while other pieces are legitimately true. It provides us with
discussions of legends and mythology and helps to teach us a variety of
different things that can make our lives more pleasurable.
This book can help us understand our own bodies as well as our partners. It
provides us with information on how to be emotionally connected and how
to maintain intimacy throughout long-lasting relationships. It also provides
us with information about the different variations of sexual positions. It
does encompass a wide variety of information related to sex, but it also
relates to many other areas of our lives.
When you are trying to look for different positions or practices that can
enhance your sex life this book is a great one to look toward. Many people
have read different versions of the Kama Sutra and have come out with
better lovers because of it. It will help you to enjoy the pleasures of life and
the pleasures of intimacy. Most people are very surprised at the plethora and
wealth of information that they gain after investing some time into this text.
When you decide to delve into the workings of the Kama Sutra you will
gain insight into how you should court another person which involves
things like flirting. Additionally, it teaches us about foreplay and intimacy.
There is even information on adultery within the confines of marriage and
how it should be handled. On top of all of that, it also gives us information
into same-sex and group sex relationships. There is truly a wealth of
information that can be gained by spending some time researching this
Giving Mind-Blowing Orgasms
Investing time in learning the teachings of the Kama Sutra can help you
provide mind-blowing orgasms to your partner. It can be very difficult for
some people to reach orgasm but when you have the skills you need it can
be achieved quite easily. There are some major components to ensuring that
somebody can reach orgasm. In terms of a woman, they need to be
extremely comfortable in their situation should be able to climax. Men are a
little bit easier when it comes to this area; however, sometimes it can be
difficult for them as well.
Obviously, the tips and tricks that you will use to ensure your lady has a
mind-blowing orgasm are going to be quite different than the ones to ensure
that the male counterpart is getting his. There are different tactics that are
going to be used in different situations. It does not have to be difficult to
ensure that your partner reaches orgasm as long as you have the information
and ability to do it. Let's take a look at both sexes and what you can do to
ensure that they have mind-blowing orgasm's each and every time you
participate in a sexual encounter.
We're going to start off by looking at the ladies. There are a variety of
different things you can do to make it easier for her to achieve an orgasm.
Most women admit that they have faked a few orgasms in their life.
Unfortunately, a few is a gross understatement for how many times most
women have faked it. It is unfortunate that they believe that they need to do
this to make their sexual partners feel satisfied. Men, you must remember
that you can't pressure a woman into having an orgasm. It is something that
is going to take time and honestly, there are going to be times she absolutely
cannot get there. This is OK as the experience of sexual intimacy is
fulfilling enough during those times that orgasm cannot be achieved.
The environment that you put your lady and will play a big role as to
whether or not she is going to be able to climax. As noted, women need to
feel comfortable and relaxed to be able to have an orgasm. So, setting the
mood for your woman is more important than ever if you want to ensure
that she has an orgasm every time you enter into sexual intercourse.
We cannot iterate enough how important taking your time and investing it
in 4 play is. This tactic will help to get her warm before actual intercourse
begins. It takes time for a lady to become truly aroused and foreplay will
guarantee that she is. Using your mouth in your hands you can stimulate all
of her erogenous zones and have her reeling when it's time to actually
penetrate her.
You need to keep in mind that for most women it can take an average of
about 20 minutes for them to achieve climax. So, when a man ejaculates
prior to this it can be very frustrating for the woman. If you cannot last
longer to provide her with the time, she needs to climax don't leave her
stranded. You can pleasure her after you have reached orgasm to ensure that
she also gets hers. It can be a little bit messy, but she will certainly
appreciate it if you decide to slide in a couple of fingers to finish her off
after you have climaxed.
Another great tip for ensuring that your lady reaches orgasm is to focus on
her clitoris. Most women cannot achieve orgasm from simple penetration.
The combination of penetration and clitoral stimulation is utterly amazing
from the females perspective. In fact, most women would rather you simply
focus on their clitoris to help them achieve climax. Penetration is fantastic
and most women enjoy it; however, it is likely not going to be enough to
truly get her there.
You also want to make sure to encourage dirty talk. Being naughty before
and during intercourse can be truly stimulating. It turns women on and
allows them to relax. Most women do not want to participate in a sexual
encounter with an extremely shy man. So, be bold and open your mouth to
state all of your wants and desires. She will truly appreciate it.
Last but not least, work on finding her G-spot. Yes, the G-spot actually
exists. It is typically located a couple of inches inside of her vagina on the
front wall. With a little bit of pressure and a circular pattern of movement,
you can stimulate her G-spot. This can lead to female ejaculation and some
of the best orgasms she has ever experienced in her life. If you add to that
some clitoral stimulation you will seriously be driving her wild.
Now that we've looked at a few things that men can do to ensure that their
ladies have amazing orgasm's let's reverse the role. Figuring out exactly
what to do to ensure that he has a mind-blowing orgasm can seem
intimidating for some people. This is especially true if you are lacking in,
experience. Keep in mind that sex is a learning process and you will get
better the more that you do it. In addition, the more you know your partner
is the better level of communication you have the easier it will be to do the
things that truly please them.
While it may be easier to give your man an orgasm than it is for him to give
you one you need to realize that there are definitely different levels. Some
orgasms for men are simply OK while others are completely off the charts.
Obviously, we want to provide our male counterparts with orgasm's that are
consistently off the charts. Let's look at some different techniques that can
help you accomplish this.
Just like women, men need to be relaxed and undistracted to achieve
orgasm. So, setting the mood can be advantageous in helping them push
their daily stresses out of their minds and focus on the intimacy that is about
to commence. In addition, foreplay is almost as important to men as it is to
women. This ramp-up. It allows the sexual tension to heighten and make
intercourse much more stimulating.
When intimacy is done right both partners are focused on each other.
Oftentimes, this leads to a man pushing off his orgasm until his female
counterpart has been satisfied. One way to ensure that your man has a
mind-blowing orgasm is to tell him he doesn't need to worry about you.
Make the sexual session all about him. Allow him to lay back while you
take control. Encourage him to climax whenever he can even if it is quickly.
This can be very freeing for a partner and reduced their level of worry
which, in turn, will allow them to have a mind-blowing orgasm.
Another great piece of advice that can help your man have a mind-blowing
orgasm is to withhold it for a few days. Yes, this can be difficult for both
parties. It is especially true if you have an exceptionally sexual relationship.
By denying actual intercourse you can really ramp both parties up to have
seriously intense orgasms. It will take a bit of willpower; however, you will
both be appreciative in the end.
One other tip that can help your man achieve a mind-blowing orgasm is to
surprise him. In the afternoon quickie is not something most women
initiate. However, it is something that should be initiated more frequently.
Surprising him with a random tumble in the sheets it can really heighten his
level of pleasure and the experience he has during intercourse.
As with all things, the tips that we have given you to help heighten the level
of orgasm for your partner are only a few of the many things that work. If
you have tried all of these things continue to do some research as there are
more options out there. Simply trying to ensure that your partner is
achieving excellent orgasms is a step in the right direction and the more you
try the more successful you will be.
Chapter 8: Sex Positions for Beginners
When you first start having sex, it can seem a bit intimidating. Sure, most
people are familiar with missionary style but where do you go from there
question mark in this chapter, we are going to go over a variety of different
sex positions that are fantastic for beginners. This will include positions that
you can try while laying down, sitting, standing, and kneeling. It should
give you a good basis to get started on you can continue to branch out from
It is important to understand that while some positions may be great for you
your partner may not love them. So, trying different things and having an
Arsenal of different sex positions to try is advantageous in having excellent
sexual sessions. Here again, you need to be open to experimentation. Trying
out different positions can lead you to a whole new world of ecstasy that
you have never experienced.
Let's start out by looking at some of the most basic sex positions that can be
accomplished while laying down and how to actually make them happen.
Many people will be quite familiar with these first positions that we
discussed. However, they may surprise you once you actually give them a
try. So, don't feel as if the basics aren't good enough as often times they
absolutely are.
The first position that we would like to look at is the face to face position.
To accomplish this both parties will be laying on their sides. You'll be
facing each other. The female will be slightly higher on the bed than her
male counterpart. This is so that her hips are above his. One of her legs will
wrap around the top of him and the other one should be laid down straight.
Sometimes this can feel a bit awkward but with practice, it feels truly great.
This is a fantastic position for beginners because it helps you to gain
comfort with your partner. It is a very intimate position that will allow
deeper levels of penetration. The closeness of this position also helps both
to relax and enjoy the experience.
Next, we have one of the most common positions, missionary style. This is
done by the female lying flat on her back and the male on top of her. The
female's legs can be in a variety of different positions. Sometimes, she will
lay them down flat on the bed while other times she may wrap them around
her partner's waist. This simply comes down to what is most comfortable.
Other people prefer to have their knees bent so that their feet are flat on the
bed and their knees are facing the ceiling.
Missionary position is basic but essential for beginners. It is one of our goto moves. It allows for different positioning which can help both parties
achieve orgasm more easily. It tends to be very comfortable for both the
man and the woman. You will be facing each other, and this will allow you
to focus on the level of intimacy that you are exuding. Additionally, it will
make it easy to communicate what your needs are if the position needs to
change slightly.
Spooning is another basic position that offers a great deal of satisfaction for
both parties. To accomplish this, you will lay in the spoon position. The
female's hips should be above her partners. The Top leg will need to be
lifted slightly so that penetration can occur. Sometimes this feels a bit
awkward and you may need to adjust your positioning to find a good level
of comfort.
This position is fantastic for beginners because it allows for stimulation to
the females G-spot quite easily. It can be very comfortable once you find
the right fit. You won't have to worry about doing a whole lot of work but
both parties will be able to move fairly easily. The involvement of both
people is appreciated on both sides and it is likely that you will fall in love
with this basic position.
Now that we have looked at some awesome positions that you can use
while laying down will move on to some sitting positions. Sitting positions
can allow for deeper levels of penetration which can, in turn, offer higher
levels of stimulation for both parties. Sitting positions are usually very easy
to achieve and are a natural go-to for couples that are inexperienced, as well
as, experienced.
The first position that we are going to discuss is a combination of a lying
down and sitting position. This position is most commonly referred to as the
cowgirl style. To accomplish it, the male will lay flat on his back with his
legs stretched out in front of him. The woman will climb on Top and
straddle him. How she chooses to position her legs should be in whatever
position is the most comfortable. From here she will have the ability to take
control and ride her male counterpart.
Beginners love this position because it is easy to accomplish. It is important
to note that if the female puts her feet flat on the bed with her knees facing
the ceiling or the wall it will be a bit difficult to do this for very long. The
motion will be difficult on her thigh muscles. However, this can be
combated by putting one shin down on the bed and leaving the other in the
upward position. It provides great leverage and an excellent level of
penetration. Additionally, it will allow the woman to ride the man's penis in
a way that stimulates her G-spot.
You can modify this position in a variety of different ways. To make it a
true sitting position you simply need to change the position of the man.
Rather than him lying on his back have him sit with his back leaning
against a solid surface. He can bend his knees or leave them straight just
depending on what feels best for both parties. From there the female is
going to do the exact same thing as stated above.
It is important to note that some women will find this position to be
intimidating if they're lacking in, experience. This is due to the fact that
they are extremely exposed. However, as long as you have an intimate and
trusting connection with your partner it is definitely worth giving this
position a try. It can lead to excellent levels of stimulation an ecstasy.
You can alter the cowgirl into another position by simply turning the female
around. This is referred to as a reversed cowgirl. It provides a different
stimulation to both the man and the woman. This is due to the fact that the
underside of the man's penis will now be rubbing the front wall of the
woman’s vagina. This type of stimulation can be fantastic for reaching
climax and providing mind-blowing orgasms.
Now we're going to move on to a couple of basic kneeling positions that
you can easily enter into during sexual encounters. Kneeling positions can
be truly amazing for both parties. This is due to the fact that you tend to
have a good amount of movement and deeper levels of penetration in
positions where one or both parties are kneeling.
The first position that we want to look at is the doggie style. This is one of
the most popular positions for inexperienced, as well as, experienced
people. Many find that this is one of their favorite positions because of the
level of penetration and movement that can be experienced. In addition,
men tend to like the view of their ladies from behind.
To accomplish the doggie style position is fairly simple. The woman will
need to be on her hands and knees or on her forearms and knees. The man
will approach her from behind. Her knees should be about shoulder-width
apart so that her man can kneel between them. He will then enter her from
behind. More often than not the man will hold on to the woman's hips
which will give him some control over the speed and power of his thrust.
However, this position is also good if the woman wants to take control.
There are different variations of the doggie style position. Sometimes, the
woman will lay flat on her stomach and the man will kneel over top of her.
This can be a bit more challenging than a basic doggie style position, but it
is also very exciting. It will make the female feel tighter around her man's
member and heighten the level of pleasure that both parties experience.
Now we move on to some basic standing positions. There are many
variations of standing positions that are very easy to accomplish. However,
you need to be aware that some standing positions are very difficult to
participate in for long periods of time. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t
participate in standing positions for a long time, just keep at it and it will
get easier the more experienced you are.
The first position we are going to look at is a combination of standing and
kneeling positions. In this position, the woman will kneel on the bad like
she would in a doggie style position. The difference is the man will be
standing. He will approach the woman from behind and place his legs
between hers. This will give him excellent leverage. He will also be able to
grab her by the hips and control the speed and thrust at which intercourse is
This position is extremely easy to accomplish and exceptionally pleasurable
for both parties. He will be able to play with depth to tease her and truly
provide her with a variety of sensations. More than likely both parties will
be able to participate in this position for a decent amount of time as it is not
physically demanding.
Another standing position that is great well require the use of a chair. Both
parties will be standing. The woman will face forward and lean over
bracing herself on the chair. She will spread her legs so that they are
shoulder with apart. It is important to note that if you are dealing with a
partner who is much taller or shorter than you, you may need to stand up on
your toes or kneel slightly. The man will then approach her from behind
with his legs between hers wow he enters her. This position can be a little
bit tired so, if you can't do it for very long don't get discouraged.
The next standing position that we're going to look at may not be
considered basic, but it is one that people truly love. It is important to note
that not everybody will be able to accomplish it. There are a couple of
variations but to accomplish this position the woman will have her back
against the wall. You will be face to face with your partner. She will want to
raise one or both of her legs so that they are around her partner's waist. The
man will then position himself to be able to penetrate her. It will require a
decent amount of strength from the man as he will be supporting quite uh a
lot of the woman's weight. This is especially true if she is intending
unwrapping both legs around his waist. This position provides an insane
level of penetration. There will not be a ton of movement, but the sensations
can allow both parties to reach orgasm quite easily.
Once you have experimented with these sex positions, you'll be able to
move into other ones. Understand that there are hundreds of different
positions that you can try out. We have only given you the tip of the
iceberg. There are many other basic positions that are easy to accomplish.
In addition, there are more advanced ones that will take some practice.
When you're comfortable with your sexual partner experimenting with sex
positions becomes extremely easy. Additionally, it helps to heighten the
experience and keep things interesting if you are in a long-term
Chapter 9: Best Positions for Orgasm
Obviously, there are certain positions that are best to help her achieve
orgasm and there are positions that are better for him. Knowing what
positions are best to help your partner climaxes advantageous in a truly
fulfilling experience for both of you. In this chapter, we are going to discuss
the different positions that are great for her and ones that are great for him.
In addition, we are going to look over some uncommon sex positions that
may be a bit difficult but can truly lead you down the path to ecstasy.
The first position that we would like to look at that can help ensure that
your lady has an unbelievable orgasm is referred to as the sideways
straddle. This position can be a bit complicated, but you will find that it is
worth it once you effectively accomplish it. Some people find that they like
to try the actual positioning fully clothed prior to entering into intercourse.
This can make it a bit more comfortable when you try it during the throes of
To accomplish this position, you're going to have your man lie on his back
with his feet on the bed. His knees will be facing the ceiling. The female
will Crouch over him with one leg between his and the other on the side.
She will lower herself on to her knees and one of you will need to use your
hand to guide his member into the female’s vagina.
This position is worth the effort because of your ability to grind on him in
it. When a woman has the ability to grind on her partner’s penis, she will be
able to hit the places inside that feel the absolute best. Keep in mind that
vaginal orgasms can be very difficult for women to achieve. Using a
grinding motion can certainly make it easier.
While many people do find this position to be challenging you can make
adjustments to it. Some people find that it is a bit easier if they lean forward
on to their partner's legs. Others also say that if they make a wider base with
their legs it becomes less tiring. Keep in mind, that all sex positions can be
adjusted for your level of comfort and ability.
The next position that we're going to look at that is truly amazing for a
woman is called the bridge. To accomplish this position, you will start like
you are going to have missionary sex. This would be with a woman flat on
her back. The man well sits up so that his shins are down on the bed. The
female will stay on her back but then put her feet flat on the bed. From here
she will arch her hips while keeping her shoulders and feet on the bed. The
man can grab her by the hips to provide leverage and comfort in this
Many people truly love this position because of the stimulation it provides.
You will get extremely deep penetration. It makes the woman feel tighter
and it provides an excellent position to reach her G-spot. On top of that,
because her hips will be up in the air and provide easy access to her clitoris.
It can be stimulated by either party.
As with all sex positions, this one has variations too. The man can easily
change the height and angle of his position to provide the female with
exactly what she needs to achieve climax. Here again, communication is
important. Ladies don’t be afraid to tell him what you need to make it
better. In addition, some women like to wrap their legs around the man’s
waist. Keep in mind this will make the position more difficult, but it can
also be more fulfilling.
One other position that is fantastic for helping a female reach orgasm is the
scissoring position. Yes, this is a typical position for homosexual women;
However, heterosexual couples can do it as well. The reason that this
position works so well for the female is that the pelvic bone of their partner
can provide clitoral stimulation during insertion.
To accomplish this position, the woman will need to be on her back yet also
slightly on her side. She will kick one leg up and the man well straddles the
leg that is down on the bed. Some women may need to bend their leg at the
knee while others will be able to easily rest it on the shoulder of their
partner. Finding the correct angle for penetration may be a bit difficult at
first. Placing a pillow underneath the females hip can help provide a better
angle. Once the angle is accomplished the man can either put his hands
down on the bed or brace himself with the woman's leg. It will provide a
nice level of penetration an allow her to grind on him as he moves in and
out of her.
Now that we have looked at some positions that are sure to drive her wild
will move on. There are definitely some positions that are going to be
perfect for driving your man wild. Keep in mind, sex should be pleasurable
for both parties but there are definitely possessions that are meant for his
orgasm as well as ones that are meant for hers. Being well versed in
positions is advantageous for everyone involved.
One position that is sure to knock his socks off is referred to as the
butterfly. To accomplish this, position the man will be standing. This
provides him with an excellent view of everything that is happening. The
woman will be laying on her back with her shoulders down on the bed. To
start with her but should be slightly off of the bad. The man will kneel down
and penetrate her. She will place her ankles or calves on the man’s
shoulders. From there, he will stand up completely. This will lift her hips
and buttocks off of the bed. She can place her hands on her hips or butt to
help support her weight. This position provides an insane level of
penetration. It also makes the woman feel tighter which enhances the
pleasure for her partner.
It is important to note that this position can be a bit physically demanding.
Not everybody will be able to do it for a very long time. However, in this
position, it is not very likely that you'll need a very long time to achieve
orgasm. People are insane over how good this feels and the level of
penetration that can be accomplished. In fact, women really love this
position, as the man's penis tends to rub against the front of her vaginal
wall. This can improve the stimulation to her G-spot and allow her to reach
vaginal orgasm more easily.
Another great position that will truly drive your man wild is similar but
easier to accomplish. The woman will lay on her back with her hips at the
edge of the bed. Rather than simply placing her legs on his shoulders she
will cross them so that they look like an “x”. He will approach her in a
standing position. The woman can grab the man’s hips to provide more
movement as he holds on to her legs for support. This position also allows a
very nice level of penetration and makes the woman feel exceptionally tight
around her man's member.
It is important to note that you do not have to do this position while
standing. It can also be accomplished while kneeling on the bed. So, if you
find it more comfortable to have sex in a kneeling position go ahead and
give it a try. There is no wrong way to approach sexual positions as long as
they feel good for everyone that is involved.
One last position that truly drives men wild is a variation on reversed
cowgirl. The reversed cowgirl position is when a female’s back is facing her
partner and she straddles him from above while he lays flat on his back.
Instead of sitting if the woman puts herself into a kneeling position it can
truly stimulate all of the best areas of the man's penis. you need to be
careful in this position so that you do not unintentionally bend his member
as that will cause an extreme amount of pain. So, if you want to assume this
position take it slow and take it easy.
Most of the sex positions that we have discussed so far are pretty basic.
Some have pretty unique variations, and a few can even be challenging;
however, you must understand that these are only the tip of the ice burg.
You will now be provided with a few uncommon sex positions that you can
implement to truly keep things interesting between you and your partner.
Who knows, you may even be able to surprise your partner in a pleasant
and unexpected way!
The first unique sex position that we are going to discuss is commonly
referred to as the snow Angel. It is very similar to the missionary position
but with A twist. The female will lay on her back and have her partner
straddle her while facing the other direction. She will wrap her legs around
his waist so that she can elevate her pelvis. From here the man will be able
to penetrate her. Holding on to the man's butt is going to help with the
movement in this position.
It is important to note that this position can be very hard to accomplish.
This is especially true if your man is not well endowed. However, if you
can accomplish it makes it extremely easy for each partner to trudge other
erogenous zones. It also allows the ability to grind on his penis while
thrusting occurs.
the next uncommon position that we would like to discuss is the standing
wheelbarrow. This is a fairly difficult position to maintain; however, it
provides great levels of ecstasy. The female should be in the doggie style
position to start out. Her partner well approached her from behind and help
her to wrap her legs around his waist. From there he will support her at the
hips while her arms stretched out to their full length. The movement of this
position can be difficult, but it is totally enthralling.
This is not a basic sex position meant for beginners. It takes quite a bit of
practice but can provide you with some amazingly deep thrusts. In addition,
it is likely that the females G-spot will be stimulated helping her reach
vaginal orgasm more easily. Most people are only able to stay in this
position for a few minutes, but it is definitely going to be an experience that
both parties will remember and want to participate in again in the future.
The last uncommon position that we are going to discuss is referred to as
the waterfall. In this position, the female is going to be doing most of the
work. The man will lay at the edge of the bed with his shoulders down on
the floor. His legs will be straightened unto the bad. The woman should
climb on top of him so that she is facing him, but she should be in a sitting
position. Most women will put their feet flat on the bed and put their hands
on the thighs of their partner. This will provide you with the leverage that
you need to move up and down on your partner's member. In addition, the
female can find the grinding action that helps her easily achieve orgasm.
Both partners will truly love this position for a variety of reasons. The
female will have total control which can be quite pleasurable for both
people. In addition, the view from both angles is quite amazing. You will
have an amazing amount of penetration and sensation while in this position.
It truly is one of a kind and one that everybody needs to experience at some
point throughout their sexual escapades.
Chapter 10: Oral Sex
Chapter 10 will cover all things related to oral sex. There will be discussion
to ensure she is enjoying happening when you are pleasing her orally.
Additionally, we will provide you with information on how to please your
man. Oral sex can seem a bit intimidating to some people if they have never
participated in it; however, it is actually easier than you think to provide
oral pleasure.
Your willingness to try is the number one component. Here again,
communication is extremely important. When you can voice to your partner
what feels the best it can help guide them on what to do next. If you are
very inexperienced you may not know what feels good until it is happening,
using your words during any type of sexual play is always encouraged.
One of the key components in ensuring that your lady enjoys oral sex is to
be patient with her. You should always start off slow as it builds tension and
allows your woman to become extremely aroused. Taking your time is
extremely important. Women tend to take more time and need more buildup
than men so patience is definitely a virtue in the realm of oral sex.
Another great tip is don't forget to use your hands. While oral sex,
obviously, is going to involve your mouth using your hands at the same
time can be truly erotic. Our fingertips can provide a lot of sensation and
help to keep things exciting if it is taking a bit of time.
Don't be afraid to ask your female counterpart what it is that she wants.
None of us are mind readers and a man will never understand exactly what
it feels like for the woman when she receives oral sex. If you are unsure of
what you are doing or what exactly it is that she wants simply asking is the
best way to go. Some people are afraid to do this because they don't think
that it is sexy; However, women much prefer you to ask questions then to
simply fumble around.
You must also keep in mind that while the clitoris is an important piece all
of your lady's vagina, is extremely important. Taking the time to kiss and
caress all areas of her nether regions will certainly get her ready to go. This
is another place where your hands should come into play. Taking your time
and slowly working all of the sensitive areas of her lower half will help to
ensure that she will be able to reach a climax when you provide oral
Most women really love the act of being pleased orally so you need to be
enthusiastic about it. Sure, for some people it is not going to be their
favorite thing but if she's going down on you, you should always return the
favor. If your partner feels that you are into the act it will be easier for them
to be truly in do it as well. On the other hand, if she doesn't feel that you are
excited to be pleasing her orally it will be much more difficult for her to
reach climax.
Some people are quite uncomfortable when it comes to receiving oral sex.
This can be due to a low level of self-esteem or simply feeling selfconscious about the act that is happening. Communicating with your partner
and letting them know that you find them genuinely sexy and that you are
excited to please them will help put them in the right state of mind to enjoy
all of the oral pleasure you are about to provide them.
You should also be aware that you don't always need to stop right after your
partner has an orgasm. Keep in mind there are women that will stop you
after one because their clitoris becomes extremely sensitive. However, some
women will be more than satisfied to let you keep going. In fact, many
women will be able to achieve the second orgasm much more quickly than
the first if you continue on.
Now that we've looked at a few things let's talk about the actual process. As
noted, you should start off slow and gradually increase the speed. You can
also incorporate things like humming. It will provide a different sensation to
your female's clitoris and it can be truly amazing. You can work with
different vibration speeds that will resonate throughout her entire pelvic
area. This is a technique that drives most women wild.
Using your hands is important in the beginning and throughout the entire
process. while you were paying attention to her clitoris with your mouth
you should absolutely get your hands involved. Fingering her vagina can
ensure that she reaches the highest level of ecstasy and has a mind-blowing
orgasm at the end of it all.
Another thing you can do that will truly knock her socks off is to get some
toys involved. Obviously, you should clear this with your female
counterpart before you just delve into it. However, most women will be
quite receptive to you using a variety of different toys while you provide
them with oral pleasure.
One last tip that can help you provide great oral pleasure to your partner is
to change up the motion. Licking in a variety of directions is important.
your tongue should move in strokes that go up and down, side to side, and
even in circles. As a matter of fact, circles tend to be a female's favorite
motion as it hits all of her clitoris and helps her to achieve orgasm more
Now that we have looked at some ways you can ensure your female
counterpart has a fantastic time during oral stimulation we're going to move
on. Making sure that the ladies understand how to take care of their men is
equally important. So, let's look at some different ways that women can
ensure that they are pleasing their men while providing oral stimulation.
Just like women, men enjoy it when you start off slow. You can kiss and
suck all over a man's pubic region to truly drive him wild. You must also
understand that oral pleasure for a man is equally as intense as it is for a
woman. It is very likely that regardless of what you are doing he is going to
enjoy it. However, communication here is also key. Listen to the noises he
is making in the things he is saying. This will help guide you on whether or
not what you're doing is working for him.
One of the biggest components as being willing to try. If your man is
willing to please you orally you should be willing to please him. Giving a
blowjob might not be your favorite thing to do but it is something that he is
likely going to love. So, you need to be willing to give it a go at least once
in a while to make sure that there is give and take in your sexual
Keep in mind that men tend to not be quite as vocal as women during
sexual encounters. This is completely fine and does not mean that they are
not enjoying what is going on. One way to combat this is to have a
conversation after you have been intimate. Basically, ask your partner for
review on how things went since they don't make much noise to let you
know what they are feeling as it is happening. Take what they have to say
constructively not personally.
The head of a man's penises one of the most sensitive areas especially on
the back of it where the scar from circumcision exists. This is a fantastic
place to do a variety of different tongue tricks. However, you must keep in
mind that there is a lot more to him than just the head. Paying attention to
the shaft will also help ensure that he is able to reach orgasm.
Not only that, but a man's testicles are also extremely sensitive. So, while
you are paying attention to his member with your mouth you can pay
attention to his balls with your hands. Always remember to be careful,
especially when exploring his testicles, this is an extremely sensitive area
and warning him that this is something you may do can ensure that he is
ready for it and acceptance for the ecstasy that comes afterward.
When you and your man are talking about your sexual relationship you
should ask some questions. Some men don't mind a bit of play in their butt
region; however, some men are completely against this. Ask questions and
make sure you understand what he is OK with before you venture into this
unknown territory. If he is into it you should understand that but play can be
extremely erotic and pause insane levels of ecstasy.
If you want to give your partner experience that is slightly outside of the
box there are a variety of different things that you can do. You can have
your man's stand and face a mirror while you provide him with oral
stimulation. For some reason, this is something that most people find
extremely erotic. It can help ensure that your man reaches climax quite
quickly. Give it a try and you will see how advantageous something so
simple can be.
Another fun thing to do is to play with temperatures. By warming your
mouth up with eh hot beverage before putting him in your mouth or playing
with ice cubes you can cause some truly different sensations. This can be
unexpected in the best of ways. You may even decide to keep a small piece
of ice in your mouth while you are pleasing him so that you can run it along
with the head and the shaft of his member.
While we have already discussed the importance of using your hands as
well as your mouth it is something to definitely keep in mind. If your man
is well endowed providing him oral pleasure can become extremely tiring.
Your jaw muscles will get tense and sore. So, alternating between stroking
him and sucking him can give you the longevity that you need to ensure
that he reaches climax from your oral stimulation.
Chapter 11: Anal Sex
For many people, the thought of anal sex is extremely intimidating. This
simply does not need to be the case. Anal sex can be truly enjoyable for
both men and women. We have stated several times that you need to be
willing to experiment. This is one of those areas that you should really give
a try before you completely say no to it. Communication is extremely
important and there is definitely information that you need to be aware of
before entering into this type of sexual situation.
Once you and your partner have decided to enter into this type of a sexual
encounter you should begin by playing around with the area first. Before
allowing him to completely enter you from behind you need to loosen the
area up. This can be done with toys, mouths, or fingers. Actually, a
combination of the 3 is probably the best idea. This will allow you to
understand what the sensation is going to feel like and it won't be as much
of a surprise when he actually enters you.
One extremely important thing to understand is that our anus does not
lubricate itself naturally. You will absolutely need to invest in a bottle of
Lube so that you will both have a pleasurable time. This experience, when
done wrong, can be painful. Using lubrication will ensure that you do not
cause any damage to your body and that you can enjoy all of the sensations
from the stimulation that is provided.
When you first get started it can feel a bit uncomfortable, but it should not
be extremely painful. One of the biggest advantages of playing with this
area prior to penetration is that it will loosen you up and allow you to
understand what it should feel like. If you are experiencing pain, you need
to stop doing what you're doing. Pain from anal sex could actually be
damage to your rectum. Obviously, this is something you'll want to avoid.
You should be prepared, especially during the first few encounters. There
could be a small amount of bleeding, but it should not be a large amount. It
is not abnormal for the anus to bleed a little bit after intercourse. Small tears
are known to happen. If there is a lot of blood it is not OK. In fact, if you
feel there is an extreme amount of blood you may want to seek medical
attention. It is very uncommon, especially when you take your time and
make sure to loosen everything up.
Remembering to use your voice during this type of stimulation is also
important. Regardless of if you are typically quiet or not this is the time to
speak up. It is most pertinent during the first few sessions of anal play with
your partner. You need to let them know if you are in pain, they're going too
fast, or if you feel extremely uncomfortable and want to stop. Likewise, you
should inform them of what they're doing that feels fantastic. Feedback is
crucial in making this a good time for both parties.
Once you have figured out the basics don't be afraid to stimulate other areas
of your body. While participating in anal sex you can also pay attention to
your clitoris or your vagina. These can add a lot of extra stimulation an
allow reaching orgasm to become easier.
While you should always warm this area up with a bit of play you may
experience a small amount of pain as your partner puts the tip in. The tip of
a man's penis is the widest part and therefore can be a little bit painful.
Using extra lube and taking your time is the best way to combat this.
You also must keep in mind that you need to be relaxed. When you tighten
this area because of anxiety it's going to make it much more difficult for
insertion. So, taking the time to relax and breathe throughout the entire
process is extremely important. Don't be afraid to ask your partner to slow
down or stop completely while you relax as it will be advantageous and
more comfortable for both parties when you are completely relaxed.
Many people get unnerved about this type of sax because they are afraid of
having a bowel movement. Sometimes, it is definitely going to feel like you
need to poop; However, it is unlikely that it will happen. You must keep in
mind that when you participate in this sort of sexual stimulation poop is a
reality. It washes off very easily and it's nothing to be extremely freaked out
about. If you or your partner is feeling uncomfortable about it, you can use
a condom during anal sex so that you don’t have to worry about it being on
his skin.
When it comes to positioning most people to find that laying on their
stomach or putting themselves in the doggie style position are some of the
best ways to go. A missionary position with the woman's legs raised can
also work out quite well. These positions will hurt less than others. Starting
out flat on your stomach is probably the most advantageous way until you
start to become more acclimated to this type of intercourse.
While experimenting is awesome you may find that you truly don't like the
sensation of this type of play. That is OK too. It's all about communication
and experimentation. Sometimes people will only have this type of pleasure
on special occasions because it's not their favorite thing to do but it is
something that their partner loves. It really is all about the give and takes of
your relationship. It is OK to say no even if you say yes on occasion.
We have looked at this basically only from the females perspective.
However, keep in mind that this type of play can be truly erotic for men as
well. Obviously, you need to speak with your male counterpart before you
decide to start playing in his anal region.
This area of the human body is filled with nerve endings. This is what
makes this type of play feel so good. It is especially good if a man allows it
due to the fact that his prostate can be reached from inside his anal cavity.
Always remember that slow and steady wins the race. Just like you are
going to need to be warmed up so will he. Don't do anything without
discussing it first. Encourage him to step outside of his comfort zone and it
could lead to a mind-blowing experience for both of you.
All of the rules that apply to penetrate a female in this area also apply to a
man. You'll want to make sure to use a good amount of lube and to take it
slow. Starting by playing with the area and then working your way up to
penetration will ensure that you don't cause any major pain or cause any
harm to this extremely sensitive area.
Some people think that this type of intercourse is taboo or dirty in some
way. This is unfortunate and absolutely not true. This type of sexual
intercourse happens on a daily basis and it can be truly pleasurable for both
parties involved. It can be pleasurable regardless of if a woman is
performing it on a man or vice versa. Don't be afraid to try things just
because of other people’s opinions.
Chapter 12: Less Common Sex Positions
In this chapter, we are going to look over a variety of different sex
positions. This book has already provided you with quite a few but we want
to take it a step further. You will find information on positions that require
strength and ones that require flexibility. We will also discuss positions that
can be truly relaxing for one or both parties. Lastly, we will include
positions that are extremely sensual and can increase the level of connection
you have with your partner.
We're going to start off- by discussing some strength positions. A lot of
people won't be able to do these. However, if both you and your partner are
incredibly physically fit these positions can be utterly mind-blowing. Feel
free, regardless of your fitness level, to give them a try. It can be a good
workout and lead to awesome levels of pleasure.
The first position we are going to look at is commonly referred to as the
swing. To accomplish this the man will start off on his back. He will place
his feet on the floor or on the bed with his knees up. From there, he will
raise his hips off of the floor but leave his shoulders down. The woman will
be seated on top of him and do a lot of work. For the man, this position can
be very difficult to sustain. However, when you can do it, it allows for an
amazing level of penetration and grinding action from the female.
Next, we have a position called Amazon. This truly does put the woman in
control. She will have more difficulty in this position than the man well.
The man will lay on his back with his legs pulled up toward his chest. The
woman will then squat over top of her partner and basically sit on the back
of his legs. The female can either face toward him or away from him. She
will then be able to move up and down as well as back and forth. It is
extremely hard on the female's legs. However, if you can accomplish it for
more than a few minutes it will provide an excellent amount of stimulation
and a nice angle for both parties involved.
The last strength position that we would suggest is frequently referred to as
the lap of luxury. This position is not quite as difficult as the previous ones
we have mentioned. To accomplish it the man will sit down on the bed
bracing himself with his arms behind him. His legs will be facing forward
and flat but should be spread about shoulder-width apart. The woman will
then place her legs on the man's shoulders or work them up toward his
shoulders. She will place her arms behind her to brace herself. A good note
to make this a bit easier is to have the man lean back slightly while the
woman gets into position. From here you may need to try a couple of
different angles to accomplish insertion.
Now that we've looked at a few amazing strengths positions we're going to
look at some positions that require a fairly high level of flexibility. These
are positions that can be worked on over the course of time. When you
spend a few minutes, every day stretching it can make these positions much
easier to accomplish.
The first one that we're going to share with you is called the Libra. To do
this position it will require you to be able to do a split. The man will have
an easy time as he will either sit or lay down on the bed. The woman is
going to have a much harder time. She will lower herself down on Top of
the man in a side split. One hand should be around her partner's neck for
support and he should hold on to her at the waist to help with leverage. This
position is fantastic for some of the deepest penetration you have ever
experienced. In addition, it will stimulate her clitoris which can lead to an
outstanding orgasm.
The next position we will discuss that requires flexibility is called the
ballerina. Stretching before attempting this is advantageous. The female
will stand facing the wall and lean her body forward. Her forearms and
elbows should be resting against the wall. This offers a good level of
support. One leg should be straight and the other should be outstretched
behind you as high as you can accomplish. The man will approach her from
behind and the female can rest her leg on his body. He can also hold on to
her leg for added support as he enters her. It can take a bit to get situated but
once you do the level of penetration that you experience is unreal.
You can alter this position if you are flexible, as well as, strong. To alter it
once the man is in position, he can help the female bring the other leg up
and she can wrap them around his waist. This will be physically demanding
on both parties, but many find that it allows both to achieve orgasm quite
One last position that is amazing and requires a decent level of flexibility is
called the barbell. This position will have you facing your lover which
promotes high levels of intimacy. The man should be standing. His legs will
be about shoulder-width apart and his knees will need to be slightly bent.
The female will start on her back. One leg will be on the man's shoulders
and the other will wrap around his waist. From here she will wrap one or
both arms around his neck and pull herself up. The man will support her by
wrapping his arms around her hips or waist. The level of movement will not
be the best, but the penetration will be excellent and provide great
stimulation and closeness for both parties.
Now we will move on and provide you with some sex positions that are
relaxing. Sex can be quite a chore and sometimes we simply don’t have the
energy for it. When you know a few sex positions that are relaxing it can
make entering into sexual situations less exhausting. Just because you are
feeling lazy does not mean you need to cut your partner off, it simply means
you need to find positions that you don’t need to do a ton of work.
One great position when you are feeling less than energized is called the
dangle. To do this the woman will lay on the bed backward with her head
and shoulders dangling off the edge. The man will mount her in missionary
position. He can also hang off the edge of the bed placing his hands on the
floor for support. Neither party will have to do a lot of work, but it offers a
bit more excitement than a regular missionary position. In addition, it
allows for deeper penetration.
Another excellent position when you are feeling a bit lazy is also uh altered
version of a missionary. The man or the woman can be the one lying down.
You will then put pillows underneath the hips of the party that is on the
bottom. Their legs should be spread nice and wide. Typically, the woman
will be on the bottom. The man will then mount her like he would in a
missionary position. this position offers a lot of variety. The woman’s legs
can easily be wrapped around him or even put upon his shoulders. From
there it will be standard thrusting and movement which won't be a ton of
work for either person. One of the benefits of this position is that the level
of penetration you receive will be better than with many others.
The dragon is the last relaxed sex position that we are going to discuss. In
this position, the female will lay on her stomach and prop her lower back,
hips, and thighs up using pillows. The man will then be able to mount her
from behind. This is very similar to the doggie style, but it takes less work
for both parties. The man can lay flat on the back of his female counterpart
or if he is feeling a bit more energized can approach her while kneeling.
The movement of this position is quite easy on both parties and will not
require a lot of energy. It allows for good thrusting action as well as the
grinding component that really drives women wild.
To round this chapter out we are now going to move on to sensual sex
positions. Sometimes you truly want to have a high level of intimacy with
your partner. While some positions are great when you're just trying to have
a quickie, others are made to allow you to truly connect with the person you
are making love to. Sensual sex positions are going to allow you guys to
look at each other, kiss, and caress one another throughout all of your
session of intimacy.
The first sensual position that you absolutely need to try is frequently
referred to as the rocking horse. This position will allow you to face your
partner which, in turn, or make kissing and caressing each other much
easier. This position is fantastic when you want to take things slow. To
accomplish it the man will sit Indian style with his back being supported by
a wall. If you are not in a place where he can lean against a wall, he can use
his arms to support him. The woman will kneel over top of him and wrap
her thighs around his midsection. If she does not feel comfortable wrapping
her legs around him, she can brace herself with her feet against the floor or
the bed. If she doesn't with her feet on the floor or the bed it will give her
control over the depth of penetration and the speed at which things occur.
One last sensual position is oftentimes referred to as the peg. To accomplish
this, position the man will lay on his back with his legs stretched out in
front of him. The woman will climb on top of him and allow entry. Once
insertion has occurred, she will then stretch her legs out behind her. The
motion of this will be great when trying to move back and forth but it is not
awesome if you are trying to get a good grinding motion going on. This
position is truly central because your entire bodies will be in contact. In
addition, you'll be able to kiss and touch each other quite easily.
While the positions in this chapter may be a bit difficult for some people to
accomplish, they're definitely worth a try. They will provide heightened
levels of ecstasy for both parties. Keep in mind, some may be difficult in
the beginning but with continued practice, it can become easier. These are
only a few of the many positions that you can get yourself into that can lead
to some of the most amazing orgasms that you have ever experienced.
Chapter 13: Sex Positions for Insecurity,
Anxiety, and Premature Ejaculation
For many people, sex is a natural and easy thing. However, some people
have a hard time enjoying it due to the fact that they are insecure. This
could be insecurities with their level of experience or with their bodies. In
addition, anxiety can truly ruin a mood. It can make it so that one or both
parties are unable to reach orgasm. Premature ejaculation can also be a
problem in many relationships. In this chapter, we are going to review
different positions that can combat all of these negative aspects. With the
right positioning, sex can become truly enjoyable without insecurity,
anxiety, or the worry of reaching orgasm too soon.
Feeling insecure during sex can make it extremely difficult for you to reach
orgasm. Obviously, come with a more relaxed and confident we are the
more successful are sex adventures can be. So, finding some positions
where you feel truly comfortable is advantageous, especially when you're
feeling a bit insecure.
Having sex in a chair is a great position when you are feeling a bit insecure.
The man will sit in the chair and the female will simply straddle their legs
while facing them. It will allow the person on top to move up and down and
grinding will also be possible. This is a very close and intimate position. It
will make you feel secure because you'll be facing the person you trust, and
your bodies will be tightly wrapped together. It is quite reassuring and will
also allow you guys to communicate through the session when you need
One other great position is going to happen when both parties are laying on
their sides and facing each other. To do this is very simple. The female will
need to be slightly higher than the male counterpart. She will have one leg
outstretched and one leg draped over his hips. He will then be able to move
him closely for insertion. Both parties will be able to move their hips and
get a nice rocking motion happening. It allows people to feel extremely
secure because you are close enough to talk, kiss, caress each other, and
make eye contact. Your bodies will be touching each other completely. It
helps both parties feel comfortable and secure.
Basically, any sex position that allows you to face your partner and puts the
majority of your body into contact with yours is going to help you feel less
insecure. Eye contact is extremely important. In addition, the ability to kiss
and caress your partner is also important. So, when you are looking for
positions that will reduce your insecurity it is best to choose ones where you
are facing one another.
Having anxiety about sex is not uncommon. Unfortunately, many people
feel this way from time to time. There are a variety of different sex
positions that you can enter into that will help reduce the level of anxiety
that you are experiencing. Obviously, being open and communicating with
your partner about the fact that you're feeling anxious is a key element in
helping you release this negative feeling.
The first position that you should try is commonly referred to as the
connected hearts. This is very similar to the cowgirl style. The difference is
instead of the man lying flat on his back he will prop himself up with his
arms. This will allow you guys to come into contact with one another as the
woman rides the man. Your eyes will be able to lock, and you will easily be
able to cross each other’s bodies. It also will provide you with a good
amount of eye contact. This can be pretty intense. If you find that this
position increases your anxiety turn the female around so that her back is
facing her partner.
Doggie style is another great position when you're feeling anxiety. It allows
for a good amount of contact, but you won't have to look each other in the
face. Sometimes, staring at your partner in the eyes can be too intense an
increase in the level of anxiety that you are experiencing. Doggie style puts
both people in control but allows for a higher level of comfort. The view for
the man is very nice and the woman has the ability to concentrate on the
sensations at hand rather than the intimacy that can come when facing your
Premature ejaculation can be a serious worry for a lot of men. When you
are experiencing sexual interaction the last thing you want to do is blow
your load too early. It can become such a bother that it negatively impacts a
man's performance. Many people don't know that there are a variety of
different positions that you can try that can help slow down premature
ejaculation. Let's take a few moments and look at some different positions
that can help you last longer and ensure that you have what it takes to get
your lady to the point of climax.
Any position that has the female on top is fantastic in helping delay
premature ejaculation. It can be performed while sitting up or laying down,
it really is up to whatever is most comfortable for both of you. She will be
able to control what is happening. The man will have some motion that he
can add but it really will be up to the woman. This will allow her to decide
when it is time for him to have an orgasm. When she realizes that he is
almost there, she can completely remove herself from his member or
change the speed at which she is moving. This is excellent in helping to
control when the man’s orgasm will occur.
Side-by-side sex positions are also fantastic in controlling premature
ejaculation. This is due to the fact that you will not be able to get as deep
during penetration. To accomplish this both parties will lay on their side and
the man will position his body between the woman's legs. The tighter she
holds her legs together the less insertion he will be able to accomplish. Both
parties will be able to move but there will not be as much movement as with
positions such as doggie style. When you are trying to last for a good
amount of time this is a position that will be advantageous.
The spooning position is another great one when trying to hinder premature
ejaculation. It is also a position where you are on your side so it limits the
amount of penetration that you can accomplish. Basically, any position that
will not allow you to thrust hard and fast or accomplish an extremely deep
level of penetration is going to help you Ward off a fast orgasm.
It is important to note that premature ejaculation is typically more of a
burden for the man than it is for a woman. If you do find that you suffer
from this issue there are not only sex positions to help you but there are
other things you can do to ensure that your partner is satisfied. If you reach
orgasm more quickly than you would prefer it doesn't mean that your sex
session has to end. It may be a bit messy but fingering your lady after you
have reached climax inside of her can be truly erotic. It can allow her to
reach orgasm without you needing to worry about the fact that you
ejaculated fairly quickly.
While we like to provide you with sex positions that will help you, we also
should warn you that there are some that you should avoid. Doggie style, in
particular, is a position that you will not want to enter into if premature
ejaculation is a problem. Not only is the view from behind extremely
arousing to a man the level of control is, as well. Doggie style allows for
extremely deep levels of penetration and movements that can be hard and
fast. Hard fast movements combined with deep levels of penetration are
guaranteed to make a man ejaculate quickly. So, if you are trying to avoid a
quick climax you should avoid this position at all costs.
Keep in mind, that we've only given you a look at the variety of different
sex positions that can help with insecurity, anxiety, and premature
ejaculation. If none of these seem to be working for you do a bit more
research and try some new things. You never know what is out there that
will work better than the guidance that we have provided. However, most
people find great success in the positions that we have provided and it leads
them to more fulfilling sex life. This goes for not only you but also for your
Thank you for making it through to the end of Sex Positions, let’s hope it
was informative and able to provide you with all of the tools you need to
achieve your goals whatever they may be.
The next step is to Put what you have learned into action. Don't ever be
afraid to experiment and always remember that communication is
imperative to healthy sex life. Regardless of if you are making love or
simply having sex, there are a lot of things to learn. Taking the time to
understand what works for you and what works for your partner will lead to
mind-blowing orgasms for both of you.
There is so much more to sex than simple insertion. Taking the time to
explore each other’s bodies and never forgetting how important foreplay is,
this will be a key component in how people view you as a lover. You need
to always remember it is not only about you but also about your partner.
Making sure that both people are interested, excited, and into what is going
on is imperative.
There are a ton of different sex positions that you can try. This book gives
you a great look at a huge variety of them. While many of them will work
great for some people others may find them to be a bit challenging. Never
be afraid to tweak the way a position is listed so that it can accommodate
your particular situation.
Finally, if you found this book useful in any way, a review on Amazon is
always appreciated!