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Vocabulary Lesson Plan

A. tutor: a private teacher that helps
ALAN: Be right there! Ok, that’s Jake’s
tutorA so could you please go read some- students get higher grades, or prepare
for tests.
where else?
CHARLIE: You got him a tutor1?
ALAN: Yeah, I want him to2 graduate
high school.
CHARLIE: Why? So the other roadiesB
don’t make fun ofC him3?
ALAN: Yeah, like anyone’s going to let
that kid work around electricity. Hello?
B. roadie: the profession of setting
up stages and lights for bands (we say
roadie because they generally travel ‘on
the road’ with the band).
C. make fun of: to ridicule or tease
someone in an unkind, or even playful
way. >> he made fun of the kid for making a mistake.
Make fun of
D. how that saying goes: a ‘saying’ is
STU: Oh, hey. I’m Stu, the tutor. Are you an expression which usually has a moral, or an inspiring message.
ALAN: No, I’m his father.
STU: Oh. I’m Stu, the tutor.
ALAN: Right. Have you been4 smoking
STU: No, sir. Not at all. Perhaps you’re
smelling my cat.
ALAN: Your cat?
STU: Yes, sir. He’s an outdoor cat.
ALAN: Ok, well ahh, well come on in5.
STU: As an educator I always tell my
students just to say no to drugsI.
ALAN: Right
STU: And you know how that saying
goesD, a mind...
A common English saying:
Don’t put all your eggs in one bakset.
Pot = Marijuana
See deinition
1. You got him a tutor?:
you goh-dima-too-der?
2. I want him to: I-wan-im-duh
3. Don’t make fun of him:
4. Have you been: ha-view-binˌ
5. Come on in: cah-moh-ninˌ
Note: Eyedrops are
I. Just say no to drugs: this is a popular used a lot by pot
saying from an anti-drugs campaign in smokers because
their eyes get really
the US.
ALAN: A terrible thing to waste.
A. high: to be experiencing the efects
of marijuana.
Anti drug
STU: Yeah that’s it. his is their brain on
drugs, and this is an eggPIC.
B. cops: an informal way to say police.
ALAN: Got it. Um, uh, Charlie, this is
uh Jake’s tutor, Stu.
C. the heat: another informal way to
say the police.
D. clown: someone who is not being
professional. >> I am not going to buy a
car from that clown.
STU: I’m not highA, man, it’s my cat.
CHARLlE: Relax, Stu. We’re not copsB.
STU: Oh, really? He sure looks like the
ALAN: Ahh please, make yourself comfortable. Jake your tutor’s here!
CHARLlE: Where did you ind this
ALAN: CraigslistE, his ad says he has a
E. Craigslist: a very popular online
advertisement forum, here you can ind
literally anything.
to feel high
F. PHD: a doctorate in any disipline
except medicine, Doctor of Philosophy
G. big deal: used to show that you are
unimpressed, oten with a sarcastic
H. ad: advertisement.
CHARLlE: Big dealG, I have an adH on
I. I’ll pass: expressions to say you are
Craigslist that says I have a private plane not interested when someone ofers
and a 12 inch penis.
you something. >> A. Wanna come to
the movies? B. I’ll pass.
STU: Guys I got bananas, are you hungry?
ALAN and CHARLIE: Ahh not thanks,
I’m good.
his was a famous
comercial using an egg
frying to say this is
what happens to your
brain with drugs.
1. How about a:
STU: How about a1 Hot PocketI, actualReferences
ly this isn’t hot anymore.
I. Hot Pocket: a popular microwave
snack in the US, generally illed with
ALAN and CHARLIE: Ahh no,
cheese, meat, or vegetables.
I’ll passI.
Hot Pockets
STU: Pita breadA? HummusB?
A. pita bread: a lat piece of bread
originating in the middle east.
Pita bread
ALAN: Again, no thank you.
CHARLlE: You got anymore pot?
STU: Not for 9 dollars an hour I don’t. I
mean, I don’t know what your talking
B. hummus: a thick paste or spread
made from ground chickpeas and sesame seeds, olive oil, lemon, and garlic,
made originally in the Middle East.
C. inals: the end of year, or semester
tests in highschool and college.
D. X: even though Stu is referring to a
ALAN: Oh Jake, Jake, here let me intro- math equation, X can also be another
duce you to Stu. He’s going to help you3 name for ecstacy.
get ready for inalsC.
E. self loathing: the feeling of hating
STU: Hey little dude, are you ready to
yourself, and feeling depressed.
have some math fun?
F. give something away: to reveal a
JAKE: No, but I’ll take a Hot Pocket.
surprise or an answer while someone is
still trying to discover it.
STU: Oh alright. If three Hot Pockets
minus X equals 1 Hot Pocket, what does
X equal?
CHARLlE: In my experience XD usually
equals an all night party followed by a
headache and self loathingIE.
STU: Hey man, I can’t do my job if
you’re going to4 give awayF the answers.
1. I don’t know what you’re talking
I-dunno wuh-yer talking about
the munchies
2. Let me:
3. He’s going to help you:
he’s gonna-hell-pya-geh-redyˌ
4. If you’re going to:
I. followed by a headache and self
loathing: Charlie is talking about the
ater efects of taking ecstacy.
Note: to have ‘the
munchies’ is when
you get really hungry
from smoking pot. It
seems Stu is experiencing this with all
his food.
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