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Copia de Classroom Observation Guide 1

Classroom Observation Guide
Institution: _______________
Date: ____________________
Lesson Structure
The way the lesson opens,
develops, and closes
The number of activities that
constitute the lesson
The links and transitions
between activities
Main notes
A simple introduction
asking for good
morning. The date is
skipped 3 activities a
day. One or two pieces
of paper for material.
Checks with all group
before jumping to the
next activity
Classroom management strategies
Setting up groups
Maintaining order
Time management
Seating arrangements
Types of teaching activities
Students sit
Students talk a lot but
some students help
the teacher maintain
order. Students
complain a lot about
working. One activity
is not able to be
Key aspects
Whole-class activities
Pair and group activities
Individual activities
Individual activities
Teaching strategies
Presenting tasks
Organizing practice
Teaching techniques
Explains the topic first
with the whiteboard,
the warm up is related
to the day’s topic.
Teacher’s use of materials
Use of the textbook (if any)
Use of other resources
Uses copies
Whiteboard and
Teacher’s use of language
Use of instructional language
Use of questions
Feedback techniques
Explanations of pronunciation,
vocabulary and grammar
Asks students in
English and then in
Spanish if they do not
Explain vocabulary and
grammar only.
Students’ use of language
Use of language in groups
Use of the mother tongue
Problems with grammar
Problems with pronunciation
Spanish almost
Student interaction
Time on task
Questioning behaviors
Student-to-student talk
Students get ahead a
lot of the time.
Students talk about a
lot of topics and use
spanish exclusively.