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Definition of Terms

Definition of Terms
ABM. Accountancy, Business, and Management is an academic track in senior high
school for students who are interested in business.
AFA. Agri-Fishery Arts is a senior high school TVL track for students interested in
agriculture and aquaculture.
HUMSS. Humanities ans Social Sciences is a senior high school academic track in which
students examine social trends and human behaviour.
HE. Home Economics is a TVL program for students interested in home management.
ICT. Information Communication and Technology is a TVL track for students who are
interested in various technologies that enhance communication.
STEM. Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics is an academic track for
students who are interested in computations and scientific theories.
SMAW. Shielded Metal Arc Welding is a senior high school TVL track for students who
want to improve their technical skills.
SELF-ESTEEM. It is the confidence in one’s own worth or value.
LOW SELF-ESTEEM. Is characterized by a lack of confidence and feeling badly about.
NORAML/HEALTHY LEVEL. Is characterized by knowing and celebrating one’s
HIGH/EXCESSIVE LEVEL. It is characterized by an overstimulation of one’s skills,
abilities, and importance.
USAGE. It is the use of something the way in which it is used, or how much it is has
been used.
SOCIAL MEDIA. It refers to the means of interactions among people in which they
create share, and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and network.
SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS. Are online tools that enable people to connect,
communicate, and share information and media content with others based on shared intersects
and experiences.
SOCIAL MEDIA USAGE. With regards to time of use and the number of platforms,
refers to the amount of time individuals spend using different social media platforms to interact
with others, create and share content, and consume information.