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Statement of the Problem

Statement of the Problem
This study aims to assess teachers’ job satisfaction, commitment and problems of TVL
teachers in private schools. Moreover, this study also would like to identify how these
variables correlate with each other. This study will be primarily conducted at Private Secondary
High Schools in the City of Tagbilaran in the academic year 2021-2022.
Specifically, the study attempted to answer the following problems:
1. What is the job satisfaction of TVL teachers in terms of?
1.1 teaching environment;
1.1.1 Infrastructure; and
1.1.2 tools and equipment
1.2 teaching responsibilities;
1.3 renumeration and benefits
2. What is the level of commitment of TVL teachers interms of: Maybe you should base this
on the specific VMGO of the school.
a. collective self-efficacy (unsa ni day?) level of commitment?
c. emotional exhaustion (kani sad day? What is this?) level of commitment as pagka
3. What are the problems faced by the TVL teachers in terms of:
a. financial
b. mental ; what is the difference between mental and psychological day?
c. emotional
d. physical; and
e. psychological? Isaha rani sa mental kay maglisod kag gama sa questionnaire.
4. Is there is a significant relationship among the variables:
a. satisfaction and problems
b. problems and commitment
5. What solutions could be recommended based on the results of this study?