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Sump Pump Detail
AAV on Sanitary Sump Basin
Because air admittance valves are one-way valves, they only let air in. When a sump is vented with an air admittance valve and there
is flow entering the sump, the sump will be pressurized as flow is coming into the p-trap and into the sump. This creates a sluggish
drain flow into the sump or air binding. There is a special way an air admittance valve must be piped if you intend to use an air
admittance valve on a sump pump basin.
Drain pipe sized to be no more than
half full when pump is discharging
AAV can be located
anywhere in this
riser. AAV must be
Air Adsmittance Va. (AAV)
Mini Vent can Serve 1 - 1/2"
or 2" pipe
Isolation Valve
Sump Vent Line
Sump pump
Sump Basin
Vent pipe must be connected
to top portion of horizontal
drain pipe at least 20 pipe
diameters downstream of
pump connection.
Check Valve
Sanitary drain
Sanitary pump selected with
discharge head pressure to reach
overhead pipe at a flow rate that
does not pressurize the horizontal
sanitary drain.
Not to Scale
500 Distribution Parkway, Collierville, Tennessee 38017
PH: (800) 888-8312 | FX: (901) 853-5008
Studor Sump Pump_071420