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Plastics are everywhere in nature and society

Plastics are everywhere in nature and society. We cannot live without them, but at the
same time they impact our environment. Plastics could become one of the most
important environmental problems facing our society this century.
Microplastics have been found in urban water, air, and soil, as well as in once pristine
environments like the Arctic. Of concern is the fact that plastics break down into smaller
particles (micro- and nano plastics) through physical and chemical reactions and are not
How much of a risk do these particles pose to the environment and to human health is
the crucial question.
Compared to other pollutants, microplastics are different.
There is evidence that most of their effects are mediated by physical parameters, such
as particle shape and size, rather than by overt chemical mechanisms.
Furthermore, their effects are usually sublethal (and may even be nominally positive in
some cases).
What is it about?
How to deal with this wicked problem?
From nano to macro, and from society to sea.