Zharalou A. Antonio
Malabon National High School
Insight of What Happened During the TIP Kumustahan
September 16, 2020
It's been two years since we started attending on Teacher's Induction Program
(TIP). As to being a new public teacher on TIP, we are learning everything we
need to know for us to become an effective educator to what we call now the
21st century learners. In two years’ time, we were able to put into action those
we have learned on the said program and still keeps on doing it. If there's no
stopping for the students to learn same goes with us teachers to teach.
Then COVID-19 enters the picture and put everyone into shock. It was like time
stops running so as the teaching and learning. But despite the odds we been
able to adjust and get through with it.
Last September 16, 2020, the Division Office conducted a virtual "TIP
Kumustahan" thru Google Meet. Inductees were virtually gathered to witness the
progress they have been made for the previous years they have attended the
program presented by the focal persons. Random questions were asked by the
panelist answered by the inductees that were randomly picked via spin a