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What is the difference between a power chair and an electric wheelchair

What is the difference between a power chair and an electric wheelchair?
Modern electric wheelchairs, also called powerchairs, come in a wide variety of styles and are
built for use in various settings; however, it is not always clear what distinguishes wheelchairs
built for indoor use from those built for outdoor use.
Should I get a smaller or larger powerchair, and how do my weight and height factor in?
You should base your choice of electric wheelchair size and style on the user's height and
weight. Portability is a major factor to think about as well. The ability to easily transport your
powerchair is crucial if you plan on taking it with you on any future trips. Most lightweight
power chairs can be folded up into a more manageable size for transport.
Some models can be folded up or otherwise disassembled to fit in a suitcase or the trunk of a
car. The ease with which one can work at a desk, for instance, is affected by factors such as the
front height. To be comfortable in this position at the desk, the front needs to be low, and the
armrests may need to be flipped up.
Power chair and an electric wheelchair Difference
There is a wide difference in electric wheelchairs, but they can be broadly classified as either
indoor or outdoor models. Many electric wheelchairs can be used in either situation, though
their performance may not be as high as that of a chair designed specifically for one.
It's important to consider your body size when purchasing an electric wheelchair.
Size and manoeuvrability are the two main features that set apart electric wheelchairs designed
for indoor use from those designed for outdoor use. It's important for users to feel comfortable
navigating their homes at a leisurely pace and in tight spaces.
Therefore, indoor electric wheelchairs are smaller in size and will typically use a different drive
method than large outdoor electric wheelchairs.
Benefits and drawbacks of power wheelchair wheel configurations
Wheels for power wheelchairs can be set up in a variety of ways. Some vehicles have four
wheels, while others have six.
Powered wheelchairs with six wheels and a motor mounted in the centre are ideal for indoor
use because they can be turned on a dime, making it much simpler to perform tasks like turning
around to put dishes in the dishwasher or food in the cupboard across the room.
Battery life for an electric wheelchair
Several factors influence an electric wheelchair's range, including the wheelchair's weight, the
user's weight, and the strength of the batteries and motors. Simply put, if you're considering an
outdoor powerchair, it's because you want to cover greater distances. Inclines are more
common on the road, and they'll force you to exert more effort than you would on level
ground. In order to store the additional energy needed, it may be necessary to use multiple
Investment in a powered wheelchair
The final consideration in selecting an electric wheelchair is usually the price. Some of the
newest models, like the Freedom chair shown above, give you the option of purchasing
additional batteries to increase the wheelchair's range, but this adds to the chair's overall