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Do people have difficulties in intercultural marriages?
People have difficulties in intercultural marriages.First,mixed couple may face parental
disapproval.Because it is not common at all, and parents may be worried about whether their
children will carry on their cultural traditions.Therefore,parents may feel upset and refuse to
accept.As the result,intercultural couples eloped,that is ,secretly married,and caused a lot of
stress sometimes before weddings.However,family is important to everyone,so it’s important
to obtain approval from them and receive their blessings.Second, religion different may
become a challenge for cross-cultural marriage.Since they have different religious
practices,they may lead to the problem such as how their children will be raised,or special
diet habit,which may contribute to quarrels.That is,interfaith marriage lead to some
misunderstandings.Last but not the least,different cultural values are also a determined
factor.Having different ideas about what it right or what is important is a problem,For
example,Chinese place a higher importance on social status or education than many other
culture.Therefore it may not only influence themselves but their family.To sum up,people
have difficulties in intercultural marriage.However,we can make effort to deal with these
problems so we can understand each other deeper.