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Why is testing necessary?
The process of developing a high-quality product must include testing. It supports the creation
of items that are dependable within specific technical parameters by producers. In other words,
testing is a process that product development teams must take in order to produce highquality, long-lasting goods. The necessary tests should be put in place to guarantee the quality
and dependability of a product. Manufacturers can establish technical standards for their
products through product testing, enabling them to generate high-quality materials that are
secure for consumer usage.
The difference between a developer and a tester:
Our world is becoming more and more digital, and there are more applications being created
for different platforms. Every one of these apps, whether they are for a desktop, laptop, TV,
refrigerator, car, or mobile device, needs a team of testers and developers to verify that it is
finished on schedule, within scope, and under budget. The distinction between a developer and
a tester is that a developer must be skilled at producing code and have knowledge of
programming. Typically, development involves building prototypes and testing them until they
are usable.On the other side, the tester reports back to the development team with a summary
of the bugs found and the sequence of events that resulted in that specific problem.
5 Software Failures:
Medicine infusion pumps recalled for deadly flaw
Manufacturer of medical equipment CareFusion has had a number of urgent recalls in recent
years. The CareFusion Alaris Pump, which is intended to autonomously give medication and
fluids to hospital patients, was recalled in 2015 due to a software flaw that caused an infusion
to be delayed. The results, which might range from medicine not being given at crucial times to
unintentional overdosing, can be fatal. Four days later, CareFusion issued a Class I recall for a
different line of ventilators due to a software vulnerability that could result in patient
Software glitch in F-35 fighter planes causes target detection problems
A severe software flaw in the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft this spring attracted much public
attention. The software flaw that enables the planes to detect targets inaccurately when flying
in formation has been found by the developers of the aircraft. The software is purportedly
unable to determine if there is simply one target or several targets because each of the planes
in the formation detect a target from a different viewpoint. The F-35s are, in the words of one
news organization, "seeing double."
Software bug assists in bank heist
There are two sections to this story, one about a software bug and the other not. The first
portion of the story, which broke in the middle of March, described how certain hackers and
thieves took control of the Bangladesh Bank system and stole money. Before a spelling mistake
alerted the bank and caused another $870 million in transfers to be canceled, the gang
successfully transferred $81 million in four transactions.
Software glitch causes SolarCity Corp to be undervalued by $400 million in acquisition
In order to help sell SolarCity Corp. to Tesla Motors Inc., the firm hired an investment bank.
However, the investment firm Lazard Ltd. found that it had undervalued SolarCity Corp. by
almost $400 million after the $2.6 billion agreement had been inked. Whoops. For the
stockholders of SolarCity, the error was unfortunately revealed too late, but Tesla did offer to
make up some of the difference in stock.
Frenchman sues Uber over a software bug
Although it is rare to hear of a software issue causing a divorce, the times we are in are special.
Due to a typical Uber app problem, a man's affair was discovered by his wife, resulting in a
divorce and a lawsuit against Uber. Even if you log out of your account on a device, the problem
results in Uber alerts being pushed to that device. In this instance, the "cheating Frenchman"
was discovered when his wife received notifications that he had used Uber to see his lover. He
had once called an Uber using his wife's phone. The enraged ex-husband is currently suing Uber
for alleged damages of up to $45 million.