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UBER Analysis

Uber “Where Lifestyle meets logistics”
-Uber is Dynamic
-They adjust to each city they operate in to appeal to their market for better understanding of the
culture in each city.
-Uber is innovative; they love to be more look to the future
-Started as a car transportation service
*But they soon leveraged its logistics and technology capabilities to turn uber into a lifestyle and
experience brand.
-pushes the limits of the transportation industry to create simple, more efficient, and more
enjoyable service experience.
Unique experience provided by uber enabled rapid growth and international expansion created
on 5 major focal points:
*Commitment to on-demand service
*efficient supple of luxury vehicles
*easy accessibility through its app
-Uber received a 250 million investment from google ventures, this attributed to their global
-Uber, unlike taxis, have very low overhead costs. Taxi companies where they own the cars,
uber uses cars of drivers. Taxi companies have employees, uber has contracts which makes
your own hours very attractive.
-Uber’s rapid growth is due to a philosophy but in an industry where copying is so easy, they
wanted to move fast and state their claim on the global stage to push away competitors.
Uber business model in a nutshell:
-they describe themselves as not a transportation service, but a technology company that is a
match calculator that connects the people who want to be in cars that they can be driven in.
-Uber business model is able to thrive because of 3 core features of their business:
1. non-ownership of physical assists
2. Price control
3. rapid scalability
-Uber moves into something called “phase-two” becoming a lifestyle and logistics company
focused on delivering items to people, using its existing network.
*translates to our idea of having our own distribution and using our technology and distribution
logistics to provide business for all sorts of companies.
-Uber’s business-model is multisided, allowing them to expand into different things while
maintaining their exact same platform
Gaining Traction and knowing your market
-Uber knew that launching in San Fran meant they would be interacting regularly with the tech
community that are always looking for new tools and services that improve the quality of life and
convenience. They took aim at this community by sponsoring tech events, providing free rides,
and in general driving awareness among its audience.
*event sponsoring was a huge factor in reaching early adopters.
*Uber was highly active in local tech areas and venture capital events providing free rides to