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Which Book Has Inspired You The Most

Which book has inspired you the most and why? Describe which character you relate to
and what you learned from this book.
We must concede that some great books can regenerate our beings and reshape us into
better people. For my part, I've always been an aficionado of Antoine de Saint-The Exupéry's
Little Prince. The simplistic story follows a young boy, the little Prince, as he travels the
universe in search of discernment. The Little Prince has captivated reader’s attention all over the
world, including me, since his first appearance in 1943. "The Little Prince" is a story that makes
you reflect on the known universe, people, emotions, and abilities. You can see and feel the
personalities of each persona in this story; personalities that we see daily. Every character is
unique, a symbol, and they are vastly different from one another. It's a complicated story that
demonstrates how the truth is revealed and how much you still need to learn about life.
I admire the fox because he teaches the most valuable lesson in the book to the Little
Prince. When the Prince is disappointed and lonely, the fox meets him. He had just returned from
the rose garden when he realized that his flower was not as rare and valuable as he had
envisioned. The fox, on the other hand, teaches the Prince that one cannot judge another by
looking at them; rather, one must look at them and judge them with one's heart. As a result, the
Little Prince realizes that his flower is truly unique, as he has nurtured and cherished it.
Grace 1999
Here are a few key life lessons I gleaned from the book that I will plunder and apply
throughout my life:
“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”
This is what the fox shared with the Prince. This quote had a significant impact on my life. After
hearing this profound line, I've come to several conclusions. This implies that one can only see
and understand the true nature of things if they are perceived with sentimentality. It's possible
that what's important is something we can't see, but it's also possible that it's something we
experience. Things should not be taken solely based on how we see them, but rather on how we
value them as people, locations, and things.
“Compassion is an action word with no boundaries.” This is according to the Prince. The
message simply conveys to ignore the naysayers. Completely disregard those who criticize your
mistakes, but don't notify when you succeed. They're weighing you down because they lack the
spine to stand up and fight for themselves. You have nothing to gain by disregarding them and
everything to gain by learning from them.
Grace 1999