The Little Prince

The Little Prince
A Visual Introduction
“Here is the best portrait I
managed to make of him, later
on.” pg: 5
“I showed the grown-ups my
masterpiece, and I asked
them if my drawing scared
them.” pg: 1
“But no one had believed
him on account of the way
he was dressed. Grownups are like that.” pg: 9
“He carefully raked out his
active volcanoes.” Pg: 26
“The Little Prince on
Asteroid B-612.” pg: 11
“One sees clearly only with
the heart. Anything essential
is invisible to the eyes.”
pg: 63
“Don’t hang around like this;
it’s irritating. You made up
your mind to leave. Now go.”
pg: 27
The Baobabs
pg: 17
“He didn’t realize that for
kings, the world is extremely
simplified: All men are
subjects.” Pg: 28
“To vain men, other
people are admirers.”
pg: 33
“This visit was a very brief
one, but it plunged the little
prince into a deep
depression.” pg: 34
“Oh, of those little things
you sometimes see in the
sky.” pg: 37
“Orders are orders.” pg: 42
“A geographer is too
important to go
wandering about.” pg: 45
“The seventh planet, then,
was the Earth.” pg: 47
“Anyone I touch, I send
back to the land from
which he came…” pg: 51
“But if you tame me, we’ll
need each other.” pg: 59
“Then I’m happy. And all
the stars laugh sweetly.”
pg: 81
“He fell gently, the way a
tree falls. There wasn’t
even a sound…” pg: 84
“It’s all a great mystery. For you,
who love the little prince, too. As
for me, nothing in the universe
can be the same if somewhere, no
one knows where, a sheep we never
saw has or has not eaten a rose…”
pg: 83