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Linear Momentum (Momentum, Impulse and Collisions)

Linear Momentum (Momentum, Impulse and Collisions)
Helpful equations
Force vs. Time graph
F- Force (N)
p- momentum (kg*m/s)
m- mass (kg)
v- velocity (m/s)
j- impulse (N*s)
t- time (s)
Σ- sum of all
net- sum of all
∫- Integral
Δ- change in
➝- vector
Inelastic collision
An Inelastic collision is when Kinetic energy is not
conserved and the colliding objects stick together. In
this scenario the two cars stick together after they
Practice problem
This is a graph of the force vs. time
relationship. Since impulse is the integral of
force with respect to time, the area under this
graph will be the impulse.
Recoil Problem
This is an example of a recoil problem. What
characterizes this example as a recoil problem is that
the total momentum of the system begins at zero and
then the object splits into two pieces that travel in
opposite directions. To solve problems like these
simply set the net momentum equation equal to zero.