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Aseef Waleed's Assignment

I started a new venture by the name of phonecases.pk and it gained an overwhelming and positive
response. However, what I was not aware that doing such a hectic business would require more human
capital and my confidence of doing everything by me went futile, when you run a business you have to
invite more guests to the managing party otherwise the sole burden kills you drive to think and congest
your thinking process. In future, I would take special care that whenever I have to start a business there
should be more people involved in the management and more stakeholders in the business so that
business gets more credibility and there should be contracts made amongst the stakeholders so that
nothing at all would backlash on the repute and success of the business. Lastly, in future I would like to
learn more debating and convincing skills that how at many stages while doing business you have to
bargain for your own benefit and having the convincing communication skills let you believe that you
can have the fruit of patience and success at any moment in your life.