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Chinese Quiz

Chinese Quiz
What is the capital of China? (Beijing. Peking is acceptable)
What is the current population of China? (1.4 billion)
What was the name of the last Chinese Emperor? (Puyi (Poo-Yee))
When was the Handover of Hong Kong back to China? (1997)
How long does the new bullet train take to get from Beijing to Shanghai? (between 4
and 5 hours)
6. How long did the slow train used to take before the bullet train came in 2007?
(between 12 and 14 hours)
7. Which city has an old town known as the “French Concession”? (Shanghai)
8. When did Beijing host the Summer Olympics? (2008)
9. And when will Beijing host the Winter Olympics? (2022)
10. What Chinese Zodiac Year are we in now? (Ox / Cow)
11. What does this Mandarin phrase mean “Xin Nian Kuai Le”? (Shin Nee-en Kwai Luh)
(Happy New Year)
12. How do you say “Hello” in Chinese? (Ni Hao)
13. What is the name of the area in China that once belonged to Portugal? (Macau)
14. What is the name of the world’s largest dam that is located on the Yangtze River?
(Three Gorges Dam)
15. What is China’s currency called? (Ren min bi / or Yuan)
16. What does the giant Panda, China’s national animal, mostly eat? (Bamboo)
17. Which Chinese actor from Hong Kong appeared in the films: Rush Hour, Shanghai
Noon, The Tuxedo and Rumble in the Bronx? (Jackie Chan)
18. What is the English for the dish “Beijing Kaoya” (Cow-Ya) – Crispy Duck / Peking Duck
19. Where was the first China Town in the USA established? (San Francisco)
20. In what decade were the Terracotta Soldiers discovered underneath a farm in Xi’an?
21. What is the Chinese system of arranging furniture in the home to create “harmony”?
(Feng Shui – pronounced Fung Shway)
22. How many stars feature on China’s flag? (5)
23. According to the Katie Melua song, how many bicycles are there in Beijing? (Nine
24. Who was the most influential Chinese philosopher, born in 551 BC? (Confucius)
25. How many countries border China? (14)
26. How many time zones are there in China? (Just 1!)
27. Which has more speakers, Mandarin or Cantonese? (Mandarin)
28. Which number is considered lucky in China? (8)
29. What do Chinese people eat on their birthdays that is a symbol of “long life”?
30. In which Olympic sport is China the most successful? (Ping Pong)