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Barclays 2022 Cover Letter

Olivia McBerry
855 Emory Point Drive Apt. 3368, Atlanta, GA 30329 | olivia.mcberry@emory.edu | 513-444-9174
July 1, 2022
3344 Peachtree Rd #950
Atlanta, GA 30326
To Whom It May Concern,
It is with great enthusiasm that I am applying to Barclays. The type of work that Barclays analysts tackle
every day is exactly what I envision myself doing as a summer analyst and beyond. I am drawn to
Barclays strong emphasis on a collaboration, respect, service and excellence. Due to my prior experience,
I believe I will succeed in Barclays fast-paced environment with my ability to work effectively in teams,
learn new skills quickly, and work on multiple tasks at once.
I have the tools necessary to work at Barclays as a result of my prior experience. As a former Consulting
summer intern at Relevance Advisors, I quickly learned how to use Excel, PowerPoint, and Word in a
fast-paced environment. I worked and provided support to the team on Pay Per Click, Search Engine
Optimization, and Web Analytics for clients. I also prepare regularly scheduled and ad hoc reports for
clients as needed and assessed client websites and develop prioritized SEO technical and content
recommendations for each client. With that I conduct competitive analysis and benchmarking in different
industries using a mix of industry-leading tools and Google searches for clients like CVS and Fifth Third
Bank. Finally, I got to maintain Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics dashboards, reports and reporting
tools, and highlight key areas of opportunity in accordance with client goals and objectives. I thus have
the financial and strategic skills to work at Barclays.
My role as a player of the Emory Varsity Women’s Soccer Team has taught me how to work hard and
manage my time. I spend fifteen hours a week the entire year playing soccer and I still am able to do well
in my classes. This is because I carefully structure my day to create time for schoolwork, soccer, and
adequate sleep. As a result, every time I step on the field, I give it my all till the practice is over. In
addition, I always help my teammates out whenever they are struggling, and I would have that same
mindset if I worked at Barclays. At Barclays, I would be successful in assisting the firm in providing
advisory services to its clients because I know how to time-manage while still putting my best foot
Ultimately, my natural inclinations to solve problems systematically and work with a team, as well as my
sharp analytical abilities have drawn me towards the field of investment banking. Given the breadth of
clients Barclays works with, I feel that it will give me the chance to learn from other analysts and clients,
while working with the best and brightest in investment banking. I believe I demonstrate the
accountability, initiative, and passion to be a valuable team member of Barclays.
I am eager to work for Barclays anywhere I could be needed. Should you require any additional
information, I may be reached by mobile phone at 513-444-9174 or by email at
Olivia.mcberry@emory.edu. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Olivia McBerry